A Delivery Woman Who Offers a Prayer || STEVE HARVEY

– While on her delivery
route, Amanda Riggan, encountered a stranger in
need of a healing prayer for a sick husband. So she did the only thing she knew, she prayed with the woman. – She had tears in her eyes
when she saw it was me, she smiled and I said
ma’am can I pray with you? And she just broke down, she
came out on the front porch and squeezed me so tight,
this lady I’ve never met. She held my hand so tight and I prayed for her and her family
and for her husband. (applause) – Why was it important for
you to post what happened? – I ask the Lord to use me
everyday, like every single day. (applause) And I do believe, I believe
that we cross paths with people for a reason and there was a reason I had that delivery at 9:00 a.m. that day. – Right. – And I couldn’t keep
going, I wanted my friends and family to see the
encounter that just happened and I moved my feet and
I raise my daughter. When the lord is pulling
on your heart strings, do you move your feet? ‘Cause sometimes we
don’t and I did that day and I had no idea that
it would go viral at all. – Wow. (applause) Well, in addition to
being a delivery driver, you also run a nonprofit
called Hungry Heroes where you feed first
responders in your area. (applause) What made you want to start this program? – January 2018 we had a
bad tragedy in York County. Four officers got injured and one died and I saw our whole community grieving. I kept praying like how can
I help these men and women? Like I’m not in the services,
I’m not in the agency but how can I help them? And I love to grill and
cook and it just came to me, feed ’em. So I called up the local agency
and I started from there. And we have fed over like
2,000 since last April. (applause) I’m a single mom, I have a 13 year old and I always try to tell her
to be Jesus with skin on. Like he’s not here, he’s not tangible but if we can be that for him, that’s how I try to raise her. That’s how I try to live. (applause) I used to be scared to pray
out loud or pray in front of people ’cause I didn’t
think I had the right words or my words weren’t big enough
or I don’t know the words in the bible or how to pronounce ’em. But at the end of the
day, it’s communication between you and the lord. – Yeah. – So. (applause) – Yeah, it ain’t got
nothing to do with it. – Yeah, I didn’t wanna go
back, I didn’t want to go back but I had to go back,
you know what I mean? – I get it, man, see this is
cool messaging for people. People think, man, to be a Christian you got to learn the bible,
you got to know all this, and you got to get on this lil white line and stay on this line. You can’t stay on that line,
you ain’t walking that chalk line to heaven, naw pardner. Sometimes I just walking
right next to the line. I see it, I just can’t get on it today, you know what I’m sayin’? You just gotta understand
that it’s that way. And at the end of the
day, man, God love you. God love you anyway,
that’s a cool thing, man. This is great. – Thank you. – Hey Amanda, now we also learned that you a brand ambassador for Traeger Grills. – Traeger Wood Pellet Grills. – Really? – Right. – And which carries the original
and best wood pellet grills in the market, that’s
what you like cooking on? – Yes, smoking Boston butts. – Do you? – Yes. – How long you like? – Overnight, it’s about 8-10 hours. You usually do eight pound butts. – So it’s about an hour per pound? – Correct. – That’s what I try to
tell people, that’s how you smoke a butt. – Right. – I mean a Boston butt. – Right. – Or Atlanta butt or L.A. butt, whatever butt you wanna call, if
you smoke it, anyway. I found out that they
really love all the work that you’re doing for
Hungry Heroes and they want to make sure that you
continue this great work so guess what, they’re donating
$5000 to your organization. (cheers and applause) That’s for you, you know
what, you a bad girl Amanda. You a bad girl. – Thank you. – Hey, for more information
on Amanda’s nonprofit, Hungry Heroes, head over the stevetv.com, we’ll be right back, y’all. (jazz music)

50 thoughts on “A Delivery Woman Who Offers a Prayer || STEVE HARVEY

  1. Wow great example for everyone and we represent Christ in here we got to do it in every way. God Bless her and you uncle Steve. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story.

  2. Prayers for Amanda also, she is truly an inspiration to me in her journey of willingly praying and helping others I definitely aspire to be like her, caring and bold for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Be Jesus with skin on wow love that I use to be afraid to pray for others or say what I want to publicly speak about my faith also just like her but Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Courageous is what I tell myself for Jesus.

  3. Love her and her boldness for Christ. What an example. God used everyday people in the Bible. He's using ordinary people in today's times, too. <3 God Bless her and all her endeavors. <3

  4. Christians, this is not a true display of Christianity!!! This is lukewarm Christianity, what GOD tells us to stay away from in the book of revelation. You DO need to read your bible everyday. You DO need to walk on the narrow "chalk" line. Steve said the you dont need to know your bible to be a christian but YOUR BIBLE IS YOUR WEAPON AGAINST THE ENEMY! You cant go against the enemy and his strikes to destroy YOUR soul without the full armour of GOD!!!! She might be a great person and everything but you cannot be "Jesus In the flesh" if you look for praise from others for your acts of good. ADONAI could have pulled on her heartstrings to pray for the woman but just as that is true, he was also pulling on your heartstrings not to post this on social media and not go on Steve Harvey to accept money just for praying for someone. It is true that you don't need to have extravagant words to pray but you do need to have a steady relationship with GOD. If you find yourself walking next to the narrow line, then you're not on it!! There is no gray area. It's only black and white. Christians, make sure you are praying and fasting continuously so you don't fall for traps like these!! Steve is basically saying that it's okay to be of the world a little bit as long as you pray sometimes. This is outright blasphemy. Stay woke, everyone and GOD bless!!

  5. Mmmm This Steve Harvey Christianity though?? Displaying good deeds is inspirational sometimes, its not just about showing off.

  6. This was beautiful!! I ❤️ her energy and positivity that she carries!! Great woman! 😁🙏🏾🦋

  7. Steve says that sometimes he is walking next to the white line (Christian life) he sees it, but decides he's not walking it today. 🤔

    This is very saddening. Being a believer and practicing God's love on Earth is not about living in a one-track, human mind; Love Him above all else and love your fellow brother/humanity. That's it. It's not about a list of rules to memorize. It's not about forgetting to take care of yourself as you help others. Yes, reading the bible is necessary as it it brings wisdom to be loving to others in every way. No, it's not about becoming a mindless robot, repeating chants, imposing your beliefs on people, nor being purposely sinful because God is forgiving.

    I like that you mention God in your work, Steve– but be careful with what you say! Christians are being attacked for those who walk lukewarm. Please don't lead someone astray by saying it's okay not to give their best each day. We really do have to give our best each day! It doesn't mean we won't have battles or struggles or that we won't trip or fall or feel so tired that we want to give up. It's continuing through adversity. Even when you cry and feel like there's no hope or justice. You give your best to live your best. One very important weapon for that is using the Word, which you can't do if you don't read it. It's not a straight jacket sort of routine; it's an enritchening discipline. And once you see its fruits you would never feel it as a burden.

    (Of course, memorizing scripture but not walking in God's love doesnt work, either, and this confuses people as to who you really serve)

    The woman's face changed once Steve spoke about not walking the "straight line" every day. I made the same face. Life is not a line. It's the sum of the choices we make every day.

    God bless you all! Stay strong! Stay firm! Keep showing love. ^_^

  8. Just the way this angel said yes after saying Boston butts . . . angelic. You and Mr Hightower stay immensely blessed and here's my positivity going out to you'll 🙏✌️💗

  9. This woman is amazing, praise God and she cook bbq on the best grills ever for charity, wow what a beautiful woman of God.

  10. These are stories that need to be shared! Especially in the these days that we live in because people seem to think that prayers dont work! But they do work!

  11. You are a total inspiration to all. I love the way you think and express yourself. Keep on doing what you do. And a beautiful daughter. You are a great model for her!!!

  12. I'm watching the Steve Harvey Show in Philadelphia at 2:54 pm… This interview will touch my heart forever. I remember when I was homeless and living in my car with my son, after leaving my husband… You see my husband has been very aggressive with me ince our 2nd month of marriage but it became phsical when I became pregnant. First it started with throwing boots at my head, the result was a concussion. Then he threw keys at my stomach when I was 6 mo. preg. Then he put me up against the wall, and two weeks later slamme my against the bathroom wall, leaving a 2 inch bruise on my back. The judge placed him under arrest on 50,000 bail, but he was bailed out by his mother 2 mo. later.
    Nearly one later he saw his son and I only three times, and when he got a new appartment he begged me to move in with him, and we did… sadly.

    1 year later he had kicked us out at 1:30 am on Saturday and it was raining. I called the police and they allowed me to get two bags. I drove to my mother's house and my grandmother told me to stop going back to my husband and all this about my mom didn't want me to keep going back and forth, so, I left to a shelter with my so. Later on my mother filed for custody, and court is next month. My husband stop buying diapers and I had to walk to welfare offices and apply for work again and I never got a chance to even get housing before my mother and father showed up at the place I was assigned to earch for work. I called the police and they prevented my parents from following me to pick up my son, then we left for pittsburg that night.

    So now we have been back in Philadelphia since November, but again are living with my parents. They both are very controlling, and I can't stop them from making my son seek their approval instead of mine. I wish that I had more friends, but recently the prayers of some has given me strength to truly leave my husband and find the courage to keep training my son how to act correctly. Prayer is powerful. I will always feel that praying for others even when I feel weak helps me take my mind off my problems and focus on others.

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