A Crazy Tip to Improve Your Martial Arts

Hey. Ando here from SenseiAndo.com and
Happy Life Martial Arts. Just drove here to the park to get a little workout in.
Now, you might be thinking, “Oh, yes. Wise Ando. He goes to the park seeking to be one with nature. I’ve come here to root my feet into Mother Earth. I’ve come to
meditate under a tree. Absorb some Chi from the Yellow Sun.” No, I’m not that kind
of guy. Actually, I find the sound of birds chirping kind of annoying. But
there is a reason that I’ve come to the park. A very specific reason. Actually,
it’s kind of a crazy reason and I’d like to share that reason with you right now. Okay. So, why am I in the park? I’m in the
park because I think too much. If I just go to classes, it’s so easy to get swept
up in details. Now, don’t get me wrong. As you stay in the martial arts, you find
out that the devil is always in the details. And by the devil I mean success
is in the details. You see some world champion just turn his wrist a little
bit differently than you do. You watch some master and his ankle flexes in a
way that you never noticed before. You start collecting all of these little
subtleties and nuances that really open up success. However, that’s only one end
of the training spectrum. That’s the mind end, let’s say. But the other end of the
training spectrum is spirit. Gross motor, caveman, primal, rage-fueled, wild man
fighting. And if you’re not exploring that side of martial arts, then you’re
gonna end up getting killed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into class
with my clever ideas and my good notebook full of nuance and subtlety and
then some brute white belt comes in on the first day and he just throws me
around, because while I’m thinking of all my 100 tricks, he’s just thinking, “Puny
human. Must smash.” I lose. So, that’s why I come to the park. The park is an open
space, right? I mean, take a look. There’s no walls. There are no ceilings. There’s
nothing in my way. You are just wide in space. And when you’re in a wide open
space, you feel very small. When you feel small, you feel vulnerable. So, now, put
yourself into this mindset. You imagine that you’re standing the middle of a
battlefield, right. The way most wars were fought throughout history. And over there,
there’s like five hundred people, a thousand people. They’ve got
clubs and swords and spears, and they’re running this way. And on my side,
hopefully, behind me I’ve got a couple hundred guys. Now, we’ve got some spears and clubs. And what’s gonna happen here? We’re gonna go charging or running
at each other and that’s it! You’ve got just seconds to start swinging and
kicking and punching or whatever you have to do to live. As you go running
into this crazy battle, you’re probably not gonna suddenly wonder, “Hey, when I
throw my jab, should I completely rotate my hand or just halfway rotate my hand?
And what knuckles are we talking about again? There are so many little
things that just go right out the window when you’re fighting for your life and
you’re just in the middle of complete mayhem. Now, that’s again, not to say that
that information isn’t important, but this is about context. If I’m on the mats
and it’s one-on-one, and I’ve got a ten minute round, I’m rolling with some guy,
that is perfect. There is so much room for detail and subtlety and being clever.
You have time to unfold a huge gameplan. That’s a beautiful thing. But if you’re
out here in the middle of a battlefield and you got a hundred guys counting on
you, and there’s 500 guys coming in to take over the village and take all the
kids away, turn them into slaves, whatever is gonna happen, I don’t think you’ve got
that kind of time to play with that kind of subtlety. I think you got to get
things done quickly. So, my tip is come out to an open space, get a little crazy.
Go into your mind and imagine that you really are back 500 years. There’s no
guns, there’s no heavy artillery. It’s just you and your body, maybe a weapon
in your hand, and just go charging through the park. I mean, go running here,
and just start thinking about these trees as bad guys, and just run up on
them like, you’re almost just half-crazed. Like you’ve got to kill that guy right
now. And just see what comes out of your body. It’s not so much that you have to think about technique when you do this. It’s
just building up that feeling of being completely let out of your cage and in
the mindset of pure warfare. When you go back to your class, when you go back to
normal training, indoor training, civilized training, take that feeling
with you. This is going to be the key, I think, to your ultimate success. That
you’re the kind of martial artist that isn’t just paying attention to detail on
the nuance and the subtlety– you’ve got a good eye, you ask good questions you feel
things when you’re rolling with people who are better than you, you keep a
notebook, you review– this is perfect. That’s a great student. And I believe all
that work pays off. But all of that work will still get you killed if you’re not
balancing it with the big, gross motor, caveman, primal, running through a field
with 500 guys trying to kill you at the same time type of energy. You need both.
That’s the balance. That’s the yin and the yang of being, I think, a complete
martial artist. So, that’s my tip for you today. It may sound a little crazy. I’m
sorry I’m ranting here and I didn’t have a lot prepared, but I really think it’s
important that you get outside. Not just to breathe fresh air, not just to admire
how the trees keep growing and, gosh, so do we. No. You’re out here to really tap
into that primal feeling of being a human being who may need to kill
somebody. Who may need to defend themselves. Not against one guy under
controlled circumstances, but out in the middle of a jungle, in the middle of a
field. Tap into that power. Bring it back into your practiced martial arts and
then, I think you, will be a fully enlightened and fully empowered human
being. All right! That’s it. If you liked this tip, please do me a favor–
how about a thumbs up? If you haven’t subscribed to the channel, I hope you
would do that, too. Until next time, keep it a little crazy, my friend. And keep
fighting for a happy life. Die, die, die!

100 thoughts on “A Crazy Tip to Improve Your Martial Arts

  1. "Fully empowered human being" and "complete martial artist" – well said! I agree. Totally get your point. That tapping into primal power is exactly what I so often miss in class – I often find trainers to be only in their analytical mindset (which is of course important, too) and even to try to suppress that intuition in students, because it's not precise and within the system. I often feel their way of teaching is not complete. Totally agree with you. Don't suppress that power, understand and use it in a positive way!

  2. I count my whole life on energy controlling, … transforming … and … passion …. to do things halfharded … or in a "esoteric" mindset is the way zo loose … to see all on physical level let you understand nothing … todays quantum mechanic shows how "mind" … focusing of awarness effect physic … so … a combined training of propper meditation, … and I talk about minimum 3 houres per day .. disciplin is essencial by that … the will to it … assk yourself "WHY" you do that … all … proofe yourself … >the most failing by martial arts and warrior mindset is your reason … why xou do … people what was born with deseas and heald themself with tai chi … are x thousands of … but … they did with passion .. reasion … no pain … THAT IS A VERY MUCH MORE CAUSE … and you discover by that simply because you HAVE TO work with the pain a fully different way of access in it … right … >IN IT< … Im stubborn … I say … that where I stand … is exept there are any real security reason and so on … my damed good right to stand … (specialy IN MIND) … and I have always a damed good REASON why and HOW I stand or go there … so … that is the flowing energy=bloodcircle of LIFE … who and what interuppt that makes sick … SO … WHAT makes a HEAL immunsystem?… chupie chupie boing BAM … or only BAM … comes on it … somtimes only one "chupie" … sometimes two are needed … sometimes I do nithing because its not worth or anyone have actually the duty for it … karmic watch is a very important thing … you need to know for what you fight … I dont allow madness simply to bring suffering and death for all … it have not the right for it … the difference of a real worrior and a solder is that a solder is not set so depply in cause … in connection with real living energy … trained intuitive fighting and have to live to can protect further is a different mindset then the will to die even … dont play games in real battle … when you hit … hit good as you can and addapted on situation and condition. when you are able to set punshes, hits, kicks, … so controlled that a hit for example would kill with more then 8 kg on one point … and you are able to set 4 to knick him out … and that with a speed where his eyes are to slow … then you have you first oponion cleared  … the problem on a battlefield is the time how long it needs … that is not done in some seconds or minutes … that can hold for houres if bad shit … so … WHERE IS YOUR CONDITION?!!! .. or .. what on stupid movements you made that xou are fucked down  now and the last stupid ashole can kill you because you are not able to move anything … game … over … and out … so … ENERGY-CONTROL .. IS THE KEY IF YOU OVERLIVE OR NOT … and when and how to retreat … dead on the battlefield you are useless … but when you have seen the enemies way to fight … xou can develop way how to break … sun zu in action … so … by all that regodniced … I would act very different on a battlefield … no move what is not needed … kill that what comes in your range … only focus on efficient … all what gives you space is to prefere … bow, speer, swords, schields … and all what is to use in any way as weapon … train hard snd powerfull with regodnicings what will do that moves by longer using … hurts it?!!! … how to bring what under control that you can do that long long time without problem … the next are the tactical aspects of when you HAVE TO USE MORE ENERGY FOR TACTICAL NEEDS OR ADVANTEGES … like the "hot run" from the spartians by platei … I would say …. THAT are the aspects who ANY warrior should train … or he will fall soon … to soon … if in their heart is a flower of love … and understanding of a bigger thing… one mistake … no human mindset … the limuting of human mindset is a prision … many souls in human bodys are no humans … let that human mindset shit … I see galaxies … fogs, … coming snd going of verses … there are spieces around xou … and xou rott already over 200 000 in the last 100 years … all that life had the right to exist … had his life … and right … to it … do you know WHY that happens?!!! … HUMAN MIND-SET SHIT!!!! "crone of creation" … or replaced now euth "homo sapiens" … but realy "sapiens" would mean to regodnice his iwn population on the surounding and what all on life it effect it how … I see no much need in grow up in numbers snd destroy all and speak about human rights what even that is in real treated like toilet paper. So … first is information … bring knowledge … second … be able to stand that shit what criminals will bring to you … but I prefere to loose some existences then to corrupt  … when you loose your soul … xou looses the sences … for what to fight for … but … for tgat you need to see beyond one life … much much beyond …

  3. o.k…. first I have to say … you addaped and how you do very good … when you are possible to do that in realtime in battle … very cool … my honest compliment….  second … a very good teacher and psychologic analyser … well … I senced the energy before … it was a way … but very good … 3). what is if: … your mindset is not the warrior emotional level … if it es a efficient killing machine … all hate is transformed in speed, targeting (points/technics) and efficient destructiones … 4). EVEN when you do that what you told you got the police very soon on your ass … here in holland/northwest of flevoland for shure … they called three times the police because nothing … so … I support that mindtraining absolutly … but there are places on that sick planet where you get troubles …

  4. That "spirit & mind" makes sense to me if it's said in neurologic terms, something like training ALL your brain, that's the prefrontal cortex which is the newest part of it (learning those "small" details, rationalising and so forth) but also the most primal parts (the reptilian brain if you will). Really cools stuff sensei!

  5. When I was preparing for the marathons the long run days were the hardest sessions of my training program. The last kilometers challenge every runner mentally. During these last kilometers I always imagine that I'm running to beat bad guys trying to kill my son. Remember the final scene of "Last Of The Mohicans". If you are a father try this in your training whatever you are training for. Cycling, swimming, boxing, powerlifting it doesn't matter. Nothing can boots your stamina and rage like this.

  6. I kinda already do this wit( my punching bag in the backyard. I train like this and in a few other ways a lot. It is fun 😀

  7. Today I was running in a park nearby my home, when I was done I just picture in my mind I have to keep running for my life (chased by a predator or something) and worked great! I was able to squish an extra couple miles! Very simple tip, yet effective, thanks for the advice sensei, keep it up!

  8. No dislikes is fitting for your videos keep up the good work Sensai, or don't. you don't have to do what some random person on the internet tells you to! EDIT: also I was thinking about this concept recently too after watching Mike Tyson videos he was arguably the greatest boxer of all time and he repeatedly said that he was trying to literally kill people in the ring so, I'm a very easy going guy who will usually let people push me around just to avoid conflict; I've been telling myself in my head if you have to fight you better fight mean or you're gonna get hurt

  9. That's a really grett tip. I don't have a lot of experience in martial arts (1 year of boxing and almost 1 year of muay thai), but when I spar, I notice that I am that kind of guy who is always in the "training" mindset". In my mind I consider that since most of the students don't want to go pro, I should not go for the kill, but some guys just go wild in training. In some cases, I can almost feel their fighting spirit and it really disturbs me. I spent some time thinking "why can't I fight like that, even though I search a lot about techniques and practice it a lot". Now I know why. Thank you, Sensei.

  10. Awesome advice! but be careful running around the park Pretending you are in a battle you just may end up being arrested 🤣

  11. when i am in open air alone training i got this desire to express myself in a virtual fight but i keep myself to do so if someone looking at me would say i am crazy.May be one day i will got this opportunity to do so.

  12. I never really thought of martial arts as a grand melee because it seems that wars are more complex that that nowadays. However, the weaponry that is used nowadays isn't always available. I usually think of martial arts as way of preparing for getting robbed, or jumped, or finishing a fight that is brought to me by an angry person. If I ever go to war in real life, I would want a weapon. I don't own a gun and I don't carry a knife, but I can disarm, temporarily disable or distract an assailant, and that's enough for me to survive better. That's all that I really expected from martial arts. For me, it's self-defense for myself and my loved ones. Sometimes, I feel the urge to defend others and I have been in situations in which I had to do that. However, in many ways, I am more of a fan than a practitioner. Still, if the situation required it because of a grave threat, I would harm someone that is a threat to save lives, and that willingness is what I must retain for the rest of my organic and spiritual existence.

  13. One of the reasons I did not like TKD was because I had to force my mind on what not to do (rules of unallowed punches) distracting my mind, rather than letting flow that instictive inteligence you talk about.

  14. It is indeed rare to hear such open humility. It is both refreshing and motivating. I appreciate the humor and the lesson. I always enjoy your videos. Thank you.

  15. i like your historiacal tuch in you storys ,makes more sense
    and also, you always have the meantlity of a great MA master, great tip
    hope we will never have to use any kind of fighting :D, your BIG fan 😀

  16. Hey ando can i ask you whats the best age that u have felt your strongest and most fit ? Im now 32 and feel alot better than when i was in my 20s

  17. I dream of being going to UFC one day….and I will do whatever I can for it….bcoz from India,no one has ever gone to UFC….but I will change that….thank you sir for helping me and many of my brother's here….Lots of Love to you Sir….Take Care….

  18. It put a weird smile on my face and a weird feeling of happiness and peace when I listen to your beautiful words, you're not giving us tips on martial arts, you're doing a 1000 times much more bigger thing, I love how your mind is so quiet and your being is free and awake,blessing us by your presents. Thanks for sharing this and everything you shared before much love to you sir and keep fighting for a better life !

  19. Well I must say, I always like the way you explain different scenarios that can be dealt with in different ways. Always interesting and eloquently explained.GRRRRR

  20. imo it is not a warrior spirit- it is more like a natural- beast- kind- of -spirit that has to be controlled to prevent your body from injuries. If there is such a control then it is a warrior spirit indeed.

  21. I wish I could go and have fun training like that! Man! But I won't go in the parks in my city and train like that, not without donuts to tame the police when they will ask me questions; not without donuts to also make a good move with the park inhabitants, squirrels or other Lords! …! BTW, how's the police in Burbank? I don't have money to buy donuts.

  22. man you're the fucking best, you deserve 10 million subscribers…, but on the other hand I like only phew smart guys like me have acceess to your stuff

  23. Great video as always Ando! You are absolutely right I see many martial arts instructors skip over the fact that fighting is in fact brutal they want everything to be focused on the "art" aspect. On the other hand I also find many instructors who focus too much on the brutal "martial" aspect so I really enjoyed the reference to yin and yang there.

  24. This works for less aggressive, 'nice' people but may not be suitable for OCD types. Too much fight visualization could possibly turn one crazy if there are underlying mental issues.

  25. That’s good stuff. I trained and learned pretty effective stuff in the hopes to find a calmness about confrontation. Didn’t happen. Then I had a kid. Now I can see what I was missing. A guy in my class was a natural and had what I called “casual murder face.”
    Now I have an understanding that a dog or a human is going to have to kill me to get at the kid. I have a casual murder face and a few techniques that I can do asleep. When you can’t lose, you don’t consider losing. You just casually fucking murder a threatening life form.

  26. Like Bruce lee said " Dont think about pointing at the or you will miss all the heavenly glory" or something like that✌✌

  27. I do that in my strength training, when I want some less linear movements… jumping around, rolling, weird dance moves are great fun! Rarely as an adult you get the chance to behave that free and creative. I think martial arts give you that… kinetic creativity, the neglected creativity.

  28. this is great advice. i think this is the last piece of the puzzle im missing. ive almost got mushin. my technique has been hailed as perfect by black belts, and ive got a wide base in the functional basics of a wide array of martial styles, even weapons, and i know enough grappling and counter grappling to avoid winding up on the ground in a street fight. the only thing i lack to be considered truly capable is agression, and a tiny bit more time spent sparring with that aggression. i have trained solo in parks before. but my issue is that their always full of people. i have trouble tapping into my aggression in that kind of situation since im so conscious of hurting other people. none of my local parks are ever really empty. its a popular tourist town. i didnt look too much farther than the nearest 2 or 3 locations. because i didnt really understand the depth of difference that freedom makes. now ill look further, and find places where i can do this. thanks for this, its more simple than i ever figured it would be. i never would have thought to take such a seemingly mild step. assuming this does do what i need it to do, then you pretty much made me as a fighter.

  29. Every day, when one’s body and mind are at peace, one should meditate
    upon being ripped apart by arrows, rifles, spears, and swords, being
    carried away by surging waves, being thrown into the midst of a great
    fire, being struck by lightning, being shaken to death by a great
    earthquake, falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease or
    committing seppuku at the death of one's master. And everyday without fail one should consider himself as dead.

  30. Actually possibly works as well in other parts in life: when I am in a highly sophisticated and pseudo intellectual fight – going to tap into that warrior soul and say it loud out of the blue: „DIE DIE DIE!“ – This lapse of their attention may also give me some benefits to get ahead xD

    Or maybe being a bit subtle also when taping into that warrior soul and only whispering it to the ear or next to my opponent for only this one to hear xD the chaos in the mind of the other may become some great benefit in other people’s pseudo intellectual bullshitting you when subtle technique and logic does not work anymore. XD

  31. I’m all about that chi and trees 🌳!!! 🙌🙌🙌 But thank you for putting my awareness on that more primal instinct. That’s something I need to tap into to balance out all this love and light 😂

  32. I did this once at the beach, and I met a real martial artist. He asked if I am a real fighter or not, because he claimed that I have some great technique. He asked me to spar with him, then I fucked up

  33. Brilliant! I have only just discovered you. In a few days I'll be teaching my daughters their very first martial arts lesson. Your advice already has changed how their journey will begin. Thank you Sensei Ando.

  34. When I was in sparing class Saturday I acted like I was fighting for my life in this really works thank you I think I did better than I've ever done thank you

  35. I like this tip and I'm gonna use it because you are right. We domesticated ourselves too much that in the end we lose ourselves.

  36. Best thing for me about this video is I came up with an insane solo drill. Whenever training out in open space. Results? Absolutely empowered me because it properly trains the mind for combat. What is the drill? This is going to sound absolutely insane. Imagine you are in combat. Throughout the battlefield you find yourself in absolute chaos. The only way out is for you to successfully defeat single handedly overwhelming numbers of enemies. With this in mind. Move around naturally literally blindfolded. If this sounds insane, try this AT NIGHT! Chances are you will that to be THE most insane way to do it. Just remember, you MUST BE READY for anything!

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