A Boxing Workout Using the Punch Vest (for beginners)

Hi there. I’m Mike Gales for Fight your
way Fit. This tutorial is brought to you by Brain Armor and you can find out
how to get the edge and cognitive performance at brain-armor.com. In this
video, we’re going to do a boxing workout using a protective punching vest.
You’ll see a lot of top trainers using this apparatus, yet this video will be
for beginners. That way, if you’re new to boxing training, you can have another
great workout to add to your repertoire, to keep your training effective yet fun
and interesting. Once again I’m back at the Grant Brothers
gym in Montreal Canada. I always say it but these guys are great and I’ll
leave a link to their website in the description below. Today we’re going
to do a simple yet fun and effective workout using the protective vest. In the
near future, I’ll post another video using both a combination of the vest and
the focus mitts along with some footwork. For this beginners video, we’re going
to keep it simple and use only the vest and remain stationary. I find a lot of
people buy this equipment, yet they make it so complicated that they never end up
even using it. Today, I’m lucky enough to have enlisted the help of coach Edwin
and he’s gonna put me through the paces. He’s a coach for both amateur and
professional boxers, as well as some mixed martial artists. Before we hit
anything, i always say it but safety first, I’m going to properly wrap my
hands. If you’re unsure how to do that, well there’s a link in the
description below. You definitely should be using some gloves for this
routine. I’ll be using these boxing training gloves and those are the ones
with a Velcro, so I can put them on and remove them all by myself. For this
routine, I recommend that you add this to an existing routine. Perhaps instead
of doing a double-ended bag or the heavy bag, you can incorporate this into that
workout just to keep things interesting. You could absolutely do this all by
itself and have an awesome workout but I prefer to simply throw it into the mix
with some other stuff like shadow boxing or jump rope etc. Yet whatever you decide
to do, please always make sure that you’re thoroughly warmed up before you
decide to punch anything. As you may have noticed, for all of my beginner routines,
I like to use a certain number of repetitions instead of going for time. So
we’re going to throw a certain number of punches to complete that particular
round. That way if you’re a beginner, you know that you’re
always gonna have a consistently good workout because the numbers are going to
remain the same. You’re also not gonna feel pressured by the clock.
Let’s get started with round one. That’s gonna be the lead hook to the
body for 100 repetitions. During this round, I’m going to throw 100 consecutive
lead hooks to the body. If you don’t have one of these vests you could pick
one up online for under 100$ and they’re a great investment. It’s
something that you and your partner can probably do in your living room if you
had to. Again it’s simple but it’s oh so super effective way of getting into
great shape. It’s definitely well worth an investment. What is great
with this vest, is that you don’t have to over complicate it. Edwin is an
extremely knowledgeable coach, yet here all he’s doing is standing in place and
keeping his hands out of the way, as he lets me put in some real work. He’s just
wearing the vest and standing there. Now obviously he’s done this before.
I’m going to bug him to do an advanced routine with the focus mitts
and that’s gonna incorporate a few different things but for now this is
great if you want to just try it out. I’m not reaching too far in with the shots, meaning that I’m not even
going all the way in to hit that little red target which would be a debilitating
liver shot. This is a beginner’s video and I don’t want overcomplicate with
footwork. I’m just keeping the same distance from Edwin and throwing my shot.
one after another and so you do the same. Keep throwing and don’t forget to
breathe with every shot. 1 2 3 4 5 6 all the way up until 100. What I am
trying to do as I throw my shots, is I’m trying to keep my lead shoulder up as
much as comfortably possible. I’m trying to keep my rear hand up as much as comfortably possible. Round 2. That’s going to be the rear hook for 100 repetitions. Don’t forget to breathe with each and every shot. Again, I’m not
reaching too far forward. It may only look like that on the target because
coach Edwin is standing in an Orthodox stance, with his left leg out front. So
right now the targets closer. My whole point is that I’m not stepping in for this
shot and I’m not overreaching. I am using my legs hips and core to generate most
of the power for my hook. It’s not really my arm that’s developing the
power for my hook. I’m trying to make decent contact yet I’m not punching with
all of my might. Of course coach Edwin can take it, especially since he’s
wearing the protective vest because with those who don’t feel all that much.
That’s not why. I’ve got 100 shots to throw here and I’m just trying
to make sure that I pace myself to last the entire round. I’m gonna throw it
hard but not super hard. Round 3. This round will combine the last two rounds together. That’s gonna be 100 shots. Now we’re gonna break that into 50
combinations of a lead hook followed by a rear hook to the body. Again, we’re not
moving. Coach Edwin is keeping the vest stable and he’s staying in one spot.
We’re just getting used to letting our hands go to the body. We’re building
up some endurance. A thing that you will notice here, is where I’m choosing to
throw and land those two punches. I’m not standing directly at the center in front
of Edwin. In fact, I’m off to my left, to throw a liver shot with lead hook and
then a rear hook to the solar plexus. Why? Well that’s probably how I’m going to end
up throwing it in real life. It’s also a little easier than standing in the
center and trying to reach to both sides, to hit those little red targets, that represent
your opponent’s ribs. What I’m doing is easier but it’s completely up to you.
You could stand in the center and really loop your punches to the body.
Whatever you do, keep breathing and keep punching. Round 4. I’m going to
reverse what I just did in the last round. Throw the rear hook followed
by the lead hook for 50 repetitions. Again that’s 100 shots! Notice that I
throw my shots and then I reset by bringing my hands back up. That’s a
good habit to do, because it’s going to keep you looking pretty, if someone is
punching back at you. It’s also going to give you a better work out, by continually
having to keep those hands up high and the shoulders up high. You’re probably
going to find that by now it’s starting to get really tough, but just hang in
there and keep breathing and keep punching. Of course, if you feel exhausted
or faint then take a moment to regroup. Then continue when you can. That’s
the beauty of throwing for a certain number of shots per round rather than
time. You’re in control of the pace. Slow it down if you need to and rest for
a moment if you must. As soon as you feel that you can, continue to
make the target number of repetitions for that round. Again, instead of
being at Edwin’s centre, I’m off to my right. There, I deliver my rear hand to the ribs. Then it’s my lead hand this time, to the center of his solar plexus.
Because again, that’s probably how I’m going to do it in real life. Also remember to try and use that
rotation of your legs, hips and core rather than just punching with your arms.
Not only will you punch with more power, you’re also not going to get as
tired. Those larger muscles take much longer to exhaust and fatigue. Round 5. This is going to be a sprint, to really exhaust you and to build up some
muscular endurance. This is going to be nonstop punching until you reach 200
consecutive shots. Again, if at any point you feel that you need a rest,
then do so. Continue as soon as you’re able. I’m staying in close
and aiming both of my shots towards the center of his body. Because again, it is a
little easier and quicker then reaching around for those targets at the ribs. You could if you like, increase the intensity level and open up a little
wider to reach below those elbows and hit the targets on either side. Again,
this is a beginners routine and I suggest that you keep it simple. Keep
your punches short. If you actually try this out, then you’re gonna find that it is
it’s a beginner’s routine but it’s a tough one. It really does get your
heart pounding and you’re gonna be burning fat like a blazing Inferno. Yet
you’re going to be having fun the whole time. Soon I will bug
coach Edwin for an advanced routine that will really help your
technique and your calorie destroying capabilities. I’ll also be bugging
him, along with some other professional coaches, to do more videos for you guys, with
great pro tips and tricks, to help your boxing game and your fat-burning
game at the same time. Until then, this has been Mike Gales for Fight your way Fit.
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  1. Great video, Mike. I really love the focus on fitness (specially involving boxing), but I would love to see some technical stuff too, while you're in that great gym.

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