A Boxing Workout For Beginners … Get into great shape for 2018

Hi there, I am Mike Gales for Everlast Nutrition. In this video, I want to show you guys a boxing workout for
beginners. If you’re new to this channel then please don’t forget to
subscribe. We are constantly posting up great tips and new ideas and they’re all
meant to get you into the absolute greatest shape possible. A lot of people
often tell me that they don’t have the time or perhaps they don’t have the
place or the space, to get in a great workout. In this video, we’re gonna do
a boxing routine for beginners, that will definitely get your sweat flowing. It
can also be virtually done anywhere, as it won’t take up all that much room. Uou
could probably even do this workout without any equipment whatsoever. Yet I
would recommend that use hand wraps. To ensure that you don’t injure those
hands. I would also use a pair of gloves. They don’t need to be
anything fancy, just something to protect your hands and to add a little bit of
extra weight for this workout. Finally, we’re also gonna use some focus mitts.
You can pick up a pair like these, for around 20$. If you’re unsure
how to hold these guy, then I’m gonna leave a link in the description below.
If you don’t have focus mitts, then don’t worry. You can use something like
an exercise ball or even a thick pillow if you’re at home. You could also use a
second pair of boxing gloves or even your bare hands if need be. Basically,
you want to use anything that won’t hurt your hands and that can be used as a
target. In this routine, like all of my other beginner routines, we will not use
time. Instead we’re going to use a certain number of repetitions for each
round. We are then going to rest 30 seconds in between each round. Each individual
punch is going to be considered one repetition. The reason why I like
doing that, is because if you’re a beginner and you feel tired, well then
you could take a break for a moment. You can continue throwing your punches as soon as you feel recovered, without having to worry about the pressure of
the clock. It also ensures that your workouts are consistently good. You’re always throwing the exact same number of shots per workout. I also want
to emphasize that the most important things are that the workouts, are of
course effective and fun. As we go along I’m going to point out certain technical
aspects to keep your joints safe and to help you maximize your effort. Don’t
stress over the technique too much. Just keep moving your hands and keep it
light and fun. The most important thing is that these workouts must be fun.
Your workouts are not supposed to be stressful. Don’t worry too much if
your technique isn’t on par with Mayweather’s. You just get that workout
in there. You will need a partner for this routine. That could be your gym buddy, your girlfriend or your boyfriend is the
case may be. It could be your kids, if you happen to have them around. Anybody can
do this. You will complete the entire routine and then hold the targets
for your partner. Have them complete the whole routine. Again,
what’s great about this is that you can do it anywhere. You can add it onto an
existing workout, if you’re at the gym or you can grab your partner into it right
in the middle of your living room. As you’re gonna see, this routine
will simply be punching in place. You’re only going to need a few feet of
available space. Anyway, enough of my yapping. Let’s start with round 1.The
jab for 100 repetitions. I’m going to be doing this routine with my good
friend Fisk. He is still undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. He’s been
boxing to keep himself in good form while he undergoes his treatment. Again, anybody can do this. We’re not looking to break any Olympic records but
what we are looking to do, is get in a great workout and have fun as we do it.
For all of the punches in this routine, you will assume a proper boxing stance.
If you’re not sure how to do that, I will leave a link in the description
below. We’re going to throw the jab from the lead arm only, for those hundred
repetitions. I get this question in a lot of other videos. do I jab with
both arms? The answer is no. You’re going to assume a boxing stance with
your dominant hand to the rear. You’re going to jab with the lead arm
only. I’m looking to get in a good workout here but I also do not want to break my partner’s arm. Make some decent contact but you’re not trying to
kill it with the jab. We’re just looking to have your arm go straight out and
straight back. I breathe out, as I throw each individual shot. If I can, I
try to make sure that my shoulder comes up high enough to protect my face as I
throw the jab. I also snap the punch. That means that I
bring it back, just as quickly as I threw it out there. I’m not pushing into the
target as that will hurt my wrist. I snap it. To put it plainly, I bounce my punch
off of that mitt. From another view, you’re gonna see, that I try to keep the
hand is not throwing the punch up high for defense. from the back,
you’re going to see, that I try not to have my elbow out too far away from my
body. It’s not up high in a way but instead I keep it in as close to my core.
As comfortably possible. That will ensure that I can keep most of my body weight
and my momentum directly in line with my jab. For this routine, we’re not
moving around because we want to limit the amount of
space that we’re going to need. The footwork for a jab thrown in place, to
generate a little power for that jab, will be a slight internal rotation
of the lead leg and hip. Remember to keep on breathing and keep throwing until you
get to 100. Remember if you don’t have the mitts, you can use another pair of boxing gloves or even your bare hand if you had
to. All that you really need is a target to aim for. Sometimes with my clients, I would even opt to use an exercise ball. It is easy on the hands and it’s
also a big target that you can’t miss. Remember to rest a full 30 seconds in between rounds. Round 2. The cross for
100 repetitions. Remember to snap your punches as best you can to save your
wrists. Don’t forget to breathe. Bring the shoulder that is throwing
the punch up high to protect your chin. Keep the other hand that is not throwing punches up for
defense Like the jab, the cross is a straight punch . It goes straight out and straight back. Try to keep your elbow in close to your core as you throw it. That will help limit fatigue, It will also increase your power, as again you have more of your body weight and momentum directly in
line with your shot. The footwork for the Cross, will be to push off of the floor
with your rear foot, to generate force to rotate your rear leg, hip and then core.
You want to transfer that rotational. energy into your arm Then right into
your cross, as you punch the target. Once again, don’t be shy to use another
target besides those focus mitts. Rest 30 seconds when you’re done. Round 3. The lead hook for one 100 repetitions. Be mindful not to hook your partner in the face please. Keep your eyes on that
target. You want to be snapping your punches. Don’t forget
to breathe with every single shot. The footwork for the lead hook, is an
internal rotation of the lead foot, leg hip and core. It’s that rotational
movement, that moves your fist into the target. In fact, your arm and shoulders
shouldn’t be moving all that much. The harder that you can rotate your legs, hip and core, the more powerful your hook is going to be. If you like, you
can visualize yourself, squishing on a cigarette butt with your lead foot as
you hook. That will ensure that you’re giving your hook enough rotation.
You want to keep your arm bent and about 90 degrees. Your arm will resemble
a fishing hook. You may feel this in your abs by the time you hit 100.
Your core is really being used to throw those punches. I keep repeating it
but you can use other things like the exercise ball if you don’t have the
focus mitts. Remember to rest that 30 seconds after you are done. Round 4.
The rear hook for 100 repetitions. Of all of the the punches, this is the one you need to pay the most attention for. This punch has the greatest potential of
hitting your partner in the face. Please stay focused. The power for the rear hook, comes from the rotation of your rear foot, hips and core. The footwork for
the rear hook will be to push off of the floor with your rear foot this time. Rotate your rear leg, hip and core. Use that rotational energy, to drive your
fist into the target. Don’t forget to breathe with
every single shot. Keep the other hand up high for defense. Keep that arm bent at
about 90 degrees. Don’t forget to rest for 30 seconds before you continue. Round 5. The lead uppercut for 100 repetitions. Remember to keep breathing as you keep moving your hands. Keep snapping those punches. For the footwork, you want to use your lead leg to push off of
the floor to create an upward rotation of your core. That will move your lead
arm. The hooks and the uppercuts, are actually thrown more with the rotation
of your core than from any actual movement of your arm. I really like to
use the exercise ball for uppercuts. It’s an easy target to hit from
underneath. After the round rest 30 seconds. Round 6. The rear uppercut for 100 repetitions. I know you’re really probably starting to feel it. That is a good thing. W are having fun but we still want to get great results. Use your rear foot to push off of the floor, to create that upward rotation of your rear
leg, hip and core. Follow that rotation through with your fist right into the
target. I keep saying it but keep breathing as you keep pounding away.
As always, rest had 30 seconds at the end of the round when you’re done. Round 7. We’re going to do a little medley this round. We will start with 20
consecutive jabs. Then without resting, 20 consecutive crosses. Then 20 consecutive left hooks. Followed by 20 right hooks. Then 20 left uppercuts.
We’re going to finish off the round with 20 right uppercuts. Rest for 30
seconds at the end of that round because you’re going to need it. Round 8. A sprint of 200 consecutive straight punches. These punches don’t need to be thrown very hard. Just keep your hands
moving for 200 consecutive shots. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12…all the way up to 200. It will go by fairly quickly. Try your
best to make the whole 200 shots. You’re gonna want to rest at the end of
that. Take that 30 seconds rest. Round 9. The hook sprints for 200 repetitions. Like the last round,
simply keep your hands moving. You’re probably really starting to
hate me right now but I promise that you will be happy once you start to see
those awesome results. You’ll be getting in shape quickly. Just hang in
there for those 200 punches. Remember to rest those
30 seconds because you’ve earned it. Round 10. The final round and
that’s gonna be the uppercut sprints for 200. You’re almost done.
Just keep moving. I know your shoulders are probably burning but the
end is in sight. Just keep punching and keep moving.
You’re done! That wasn’t easy, so you should be proud of yourself. Smile as
you pass those mitss over to your partner. Let them have a go for the
10 rounds. These types of workouts with a partner are great because they’re fun
and they’re interactive. Just as important, they are effective fat
destroyers. As you’ve noticed, there is nothing really fancy here. It was just
really simple and really effective. This can be done anywhere and it doesn’t have to cost you anything. In the near future, I will be posting up some new routines.
Some perhaps a little more challenging and advanced than this one, for you guys
that are really starting to progress. Once again, I thank you for your time and
I thank you for watching. I’m Mike Gales for Everlast Nutrition. If
you like these videos then please click below to like and subscribe. We are
constantly posting of great tips and new ideas and they’re all meant to get you
into the greatest shape possible.

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    Awesome video! I ave followed your channel for a while now, and is now ready to start boxing training (at home) tomorrow. Really looking forward to try out this routine.
    Looking forward to new videos.

  3. Thank you for the great video Mike and I think including Fisk in this video is awesome! What an incredible and inspirational display of fighter mentality and attitude!

  4. Just found this channel today. Subbed and already my favourite fitness channel. You’ve inspired this 49 year old to get in the best shape of his life before hitting 50 next year. Thank you Mike. Please keep the videos coming.

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