#9 Face block=얼굴막기 Olgul makki/TAEKWONDO BASIC

Hello Taekwondo learning at home I’m Oh Seyeob nice to meet you Today is Gonna try exercises for Face Block The technical term changed from Olgul makki to Ollyeomakgi Olgul makki Ollyeomakgi The same technique Ollyeomakgi Literally When an attack comes into your face From the bottom up! Lift up and defend Under the assumption that this attack comes in the face A defense motion to prevent I will start immediately with Mrs. Choi Miso attention Preparations Riding stance Ah! I’ll do it from the left hand Place the defending hand in front of the opposite waist here Raise as it is Where to In front of the forehead So when I saw in the upright state buthin fist Defending hand in front of fist And on top Stay there Did you understand In front of forehead, so put one fist into distance Fist it will raise up to a height above Defending arm and The distance between the forehead It erect the fist one It will give put into the gap Too far ahead Not it stuck to forehead Up, one fist up It would give up Remember this height Passed over the head or You can not stop in front of your forehead Location of the fist In Taekwondo explanation The wrist area Be described as “Located in the centerline of the body” easily End line of the Fist It will come up in your ear line Between the elbow and fist My face must be all in If you do not get your fist to the ear like this, The head should not be empty But if you go beyond your ears, Please be careful because your arm covers your eyes Let’s do it together If ‘One’, puts the defensive hand on the other side of the waist one At this time At the waist, The unobstructed hand Lift up on the opposite shoulder Please show the back of the hand With the back of your hand facing up Did your posture resemble me? This shape is a preliminary action It’s a pre-defense action When “two” here Hands on shoulders come into the waist and The defending hand at the waist You can raise your hand over your head and defend it I’ll try slowly Two one two Three four At the end here Overturning each other It gives the rotation will play how? like this like this Did you understand I’ll try the other side again ‘one’ The defending hand should not come into the arm, above the shoulder, in the arm Please allow to rise in the outside two one two Three four five The palm of your hand should be facing up when you defend Do not hide it this way. I will try a little bit faster Contrary one two one two Three, four five Opposition one two one two Four, four five I’ll quickly try one two Conversely, one ‘ two Those who are not good is Slowly you will need to practice Do not be greedy I will defend myself by using my waist for good people one If the ‘two’ Twist your waist slightly toward your defensive hand two If the ‘ses’ Prevent Three Opposition ‘one’ two Three Baro rest How difficult do you You should never be greedy Please practice slowly this time Let’s practice with things attention Preparations Riding stance Ah! Place the two situations gonna try to practice first From top to bottom I will try to practice to prevent the attacks one two Opposition ‘one’ two I will try once one Opposition two this time To face Stab attack To face When a face attack comes in we will try to defend myself by raising it up By Separated operation one two Opposition one two I will go at once, one two I’ll change it. Top to bottom one two one two I will go at once, one two this time I’ll do it as a stabbing attack one two one two I will go at once, one two Ollyeomakgi exercises How about you? Because practice is the only way to improve your skills While watching the video again I hope you continue to practice Today we will finish the video here Have a glass of cool water I’ll meet you next time Good job (clap)

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  1. wow I like this Chan.. .
    learning those stances and Korean language at the same time.👏👏👐👐👍👍
    good luck to me this Sunday
    for my belt test. 💪💪💪
    Mr Papa.😊☺👏👏

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