8th TCFE Chinese Internal Martial Arts Championships. Saint-Petersburg 2016

Hello my name is Andrey Serednyakov I am the organizer of the eighth championship version of the European federation in St. Petersburg I want to say a few words about this event, its history 12 years ago here, in this place, was the third championship the first was, respectively, three years earlier the European Federation was established in 1996 and since then, she regularly collects people at its events of the major European countries in 2004, the third European championship it was joined by Russia I want to say about this European Federation even though it is meeting people is absolutely not sports people of different age these are people who belong to tai Chi as to the way of life as a philosophy so the atmosphere at these competitions at festivals very friendly relaxed feel literally everything now 270 participants from 12 countries now, the European Federation changed its attitude and will try every year to carry out this kind of competition I know of two reasons in Europe, no one holds such competitions collected only interested people and the second is that the competitions are really successful in the first place I want to say
that is a very big celebration meeting because
meet people which some
even in 15 in 12 years, meet once the second is
of course the most interesting experience for
athletes in a competitive sense because the judging here
at a very high level I myself am doing the same
competition at the Russian level and
I can say that here the level of refereeing much higher and very happy
to see a lot of old friends hope let’s get acquainted with new people thank you very much and Federation
tai Chi Chuan and organizers this championship Hello my
name is Alexander Skalozub I’m glad you
welcome to eighth championship
Europe on Taijiquan and other internal styles Federation TCFE and I want to say that after 12 years with a break at 12
this years championship posted again in
Saint-Petersburg in this championship
there is even a great innovation because right now
pass competitions at
children. We have children now compete from eight years and older and at the same time
these are competitions at
adults in the disciplines
forms different styles with or without weapons
weapons group forms in the disciplines
fighting in the rack such as tai Chi TUI-Shou on
place in motion people share their experience
people communicate with each other increasing their skill
strengthened friendship between representatives of
different countries and I want to thank tournament organizers such as Dan Docherty, which is the head of the European organization tai Chi and qigong Andrew Serednyakova, who organized this tournament in Saint-Petersburg came here
many countries you can see
on their flags how many participants and I want to say that this is such a great serious
the forum which leads to establish relations
between people to the development of us as individuals the ability to make friends and not
conflict because the basic principles
Taiji this is not to respond with force
strength and to learn to neutralize and to achieve harmony in any your action I want to recommend
to get you into my life likewise studied wasn’t looking for conflict,
and to interact and collaborate and I recommend that you start taking care of your health practicing tai Chi Chuan qigong and other internal
styles Hello my
name is Grigoriy Kiselev Estonia, Golden Lotus club we welcome all
participants in this wonderful hall great championship wonderful Saint Petersburg we took great we love Petersburg, will not want to go besides St. Petersburg very cool atmosphere
wonderful judges wonderful
competition we all love
come to Tallinn we’re close, we hold
an interesting Championships in Estonia, on TUI-show we have a beautiful city beautiful country
beautiful people want to wish everyone
of course compete win friends so all is well
has been in your life, happiness to all I’m Alex, Sosenko the head of the club tai Chithe head of the club tai Chi Ulunmen here are the Chen style I salute you in eighth European championship internal styles and as usual in the internal styles I wish you harmony, I wish you balance I wish you nevertheless, success below were the winners but not
no losers Nearing the end of the championship internal styles of Wushu, Taijiquan in my favorite city in St. Petersburg and I have to say that I am very glad that took
participation in this championship this is my referee debut because I usually either played
he or brought the team.
And in St. Petersburg has agreed to judge because I love this city and the championship was held at a decent level a very large number
participants and happily the fact that
Europe is a complex time for all of us decided
to hold your Cup in Russia
Saint-Petersburg championship military
arts based
is harmony and peace extremely important now not only in Russia and
everywhere because our modern
civilization is severely lacking peace and harmony

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  1. Прекрасный Чемпионат! И очень хорошие, добрые, и увлечённые люди!

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