5 thoughts on “7 Great 18 Hand 2 Man Set Moves | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. Full speed at the end? BTW are these moves for show or what? Because I sure as hell would't use them for actual self defense. I prefer ju-jutsu.

  2. jiu jutsu for self defense? hahahha
    Oh wait you were serious? then let me laugh even harder HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAH

  3. There's a difference between jiu-jutsu (a type of wrestling) and ju-jutsu which is a martial art that combines kicks (also to the balls), punches and throws. I consider it to be one of the more realistic means of self defense.

  4. There's a difference, these are Graceful martial arts (that reinforce your style, stance, inner peace) but don't have that much use in real life, although the point of This style in particular, is to repeat something so much that becomes natural, and to reinforce your body (watch the body of iron vid) as well as your mind to solve real life problems with due training. Jiu jutsu is useless in a self defense situation, nobody gets mugged by only 1 guy, and the grappling only works vs 1 guy.

  5. As I have mentioned, you must be getting ju-jutsu and jiu-jutsu confused. And as the name of this channel is Howcast, I generally expect more practical-use videos. As for repeating things until they become natural: most martail arts do that.

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