6 Words to Close More Martial Arts Sales

Welcome to this week’s episode of
momentum Monday I’m your host Paul Halme. And we are we going deep into getting
you more leads more sales and more profits. So in this week’s
episode we’re going to go over six words to close more sales. I know how
people hate talking about sales, all sales sucks. Those sales are the
lifeblood of your business next to leads.
Sales is huge because it allows you to impact people. These people aren’t coming
to your gym to be hard-sold they’re coming because they’re looking for
something and if you don’t close them, you didn’t discover what they needed, you
didn’t help them figure out what the solution was, that you’re the perfect fit.
So I’m gonna show you the key way to do this. What happens most of the time someone
comes into a gym and you give them a tour or you show them around like, ‘hey
you know what brought you in today?’ Super easy question most sales guys will ask that question. ‘What brought you in today?’ ‘Oh you know I’m looking to lose weight.’ And this
is a problem, most people stop at that. And they say ‘oh great we
can help you with that’ and they go into their pitch, ‘hey we got this class, we got
that class, we’ve got this, our trainers won this blah blah blah blah
blah. But they never addressed why. This is super important six words to
close more sales. So if someone says come to my gym and they’re like ‘oh
yeah I really need to lose weight.’ Okay great,
why is that important to you alright. Because I want this to be all about them.
When they come into my gym it’s a customized experience I’m not gonna hard
sell them. If they don’t want to be a member of my gym that’s fine but if they
have a problem that I can cure it’s my responsibility to fix it alright. So why
the why so if they say oh I wanna lose weight. Well you sit there why is that
important to you and then shut up don’t talk just listen to them they’re gonna
talk okay. The first person the talk is gonna lose in this situation
you let them think about it because there’s some reason they’re in
there, they’re not in there to lose weight they not gonna lose weight because they can’t go
over the park with their kids without getting exhausted. They come home from
work and they want to lay on the couch and they’re just lazy um they’re you
know 50 pounds overweight they’re on blood high blood pressure medication and
they don’t want to die before their kid graduates. Everybody has a reason so when
they come in basically you gonna ask them hey what brought you in today boom
find out what brought them in and then we go deeper okay this. You owe it to
them to go deeper. So why is that important to you. I want to find out what
the real reason is they’re in and what they need from me and my gym
all right, it’s gonna use it selling anything why is that important to you
because at the end of the day it’s all about them. If your training experience
doesn’t live up to this you’re gonna have bad retention rate you can always
track it back to that. So if you can start your customer experience here, why is it
important to you go into that next level on building from there you’re gonna have
an epic gym I promise. So this is huge because I want my guys and my future
students to know that I’m interested in them, what they need. Everybody comes to
my gym for a different reason I mean they’re usually the top five reasons are
all the same but you go one layer deeper and I guarantee you you’ll find out the
real reason they’re coming in. And I guarantee you’ll increase your sales at
your gym right, you can impact more people get more people trained in
jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, Krav Maga

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