100 thoughts on “6 Kicking Techniques | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. I agree the editing part needed to be fixed but I didn’t find it annoying like must of the people in the comments I kinda found it funny. And this video actually did help me since I am training my legs (I used to only work out upper body but now I wanna be able to do kicks better) but I found this amazing thanks!

  2. oh my god this is so funny how can anyone make such a mistake this is a disaster i cant even focus on the kicks this is so weird

  3. .
    It's refreshing to see a martial arts video that is all instruction, and no hype.

    To all the short attention span people who harped about no editing, the video is not even 4 minutes long.

  4. great camera work man. can't even see how what kind of steps he does before the kick. you know one of the most important parts of kicking footwork. so trash this video.

  5. Lmao demonstrators out of frame, camera man talking to them and repositioning them in the middle of the video, stopping and re starting fake sound effects…smh
    Another great howcast video.

  6. I'm inclined to believe that kicks in general, no matter how basic or advanced they may be, are hopelessly impractical for survival situations. Way I see it, under most circumstances outside of competition the quarters are too close for someone to extend their leg. Anyways, even if the assailant managed to launch a kick, the defendant could catch their kicking leg and finish them off in any of a number of different ways. Anyhow, humans evolved to protect themselves with their arms and not their legs! Kicks belong in sports arenas and the movies!!

  7. I love it¡!!! I got an a fight and destroy a 5.4 ft dude while im only 5.0 without a scratch. Thanks!!!

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