39 thoughts on “6 Hand Techniques | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. As I abhishek j noted in old howcast video I like to thank the howcast team .I suggest viwers to suscribe and like howcast video

  2. Horse stance is never used on combat, and he is supposed to have his knees bent while doing it anyways.

  3. The fingers are not supposed to be spread. That makes it easy to grab hold of and break them or get you into a joint lock.

  4. These are NOT form these are exercising intended to strengthen specific muscles and to build long muscle connection. EX: the long and short uppercut is not necessarily an attack. It can be expressed as an attack. However, to my understanding, it is designed to coordinate a strike with the rotation of the core/spine and also with the adjustment to stance. You can use this exercise to improve much much more than an uppercut… I don't love the exercise but I definitely respect it. Kung fu is alot more complicated than it looks.

  5. oss
    bend youer knees while punching because opponent also can brake youer legs so bend youer knees when opponet kick on youer knees it will barke

  6. At a moment hands are out of the camera, time start at 1.42 min. Are the hands long open or in a fist?

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