5 Mortal Kombat Weapons in REAL LIFE

What up what up I’m Chad Wild Clay and last
time I used Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Weapons. I asked you what weapons I should use next
a lot of you guys said Mortal Kombat. I love Mortal Kombat so let’s buy some Mortal
Kombat weapons and test them out on some fruit. First up is a lot of people’s favorite Mortal
Kombat character, Scorpion. He is a resurrected ninja and is one of the
very few characerts that have appeared in all the video games. His weapon of choice is the Kunai, also called
a chain dart. And of course, what is Scorpion’s catch phrase
when he throws the dart? Get Over Here! We’re gonna see if we can do that to some
fruit and maybe a 2-liter soda. Well let’s jump online and see if I can find
one of these weapons and a Scorpion costume of course, right? Oh, look what I found! Scorpion Chain dart on KarateMart. You like chain and rope throwing weapons right? Well get over here! Uh oh guys! Due to extreme risk of injury when using this
weapon please practice with caution. Let’s order this thing and be very careful
with it. Oh and just my luck they also have a deluxe
Scorpion custom. haha Now you can embody everything you love
about your favorite moral combat character of all time, no not Johnny Cage what’s a matter
with you? Haha Well let’s order this thing as well and let’s
become Scorpion! All right guys we just got a delivery here,
let’s check it out! Here it is. Let’s get in here and see what we’ve got. This must be the armour. Body gear? Oh look at that! Skulls. Sweet. This must be the shin guard. Must be the face mask I’m guessing. It’s pretty heavy duty. I’m gonna see how quickly I can change into
Scorpion here. Hi yea! I’m Scorpion! Get over here! Maybe I should paint my face like a skull. I know you guys want to see the Scorpion chain
dart. Alright. Wow! This thing is wicked man! Look at this! So it’s got like a ball bearing here so it
can spin really fast. So as you throw it, throw it with a spin it’ll
fly straight, right? And the handle here also is on a ball bearing. And it’s like a really good weight. That is a really nice grip there. It’s heavy duty. This spear head…that’s heavy…that’s like…I
don’t know. It’s actually pretty decently sharp. I’m definitely not going to be playing with
this inside the house! With a big 5 foot chain like this that could
definitely cause some damage. I’m gonna have to practice with this quite
a bit. Let’s go outside and test this thing out. Scorpion! Get over here! OK, now I’ve got now experience with this
thing so we’ll see how I do with it. Let’s go! Get of my arm! haha! There we go! Get over here! Oh! So close! Get over here! Ah so close! Get over here! Get over here hahaha Try number 10! Get over whoa! Ohhh! Look at this dude! Show it on the camera. Look! The soda went everywhere! Wow! Look at that thing! All the soda is gone. It’s just foam now. Wow look at that. Huge! Well, good job scorpion. We know this thing works! Holy cow! Oh man and this camera, check this out, it’s
covered in soda now! And the next weapon is…a thumbs up. Actually it’s not a weapon but it’s a really
cool thing for you guys to do to this video if you want me to do more ninja weapons videos
please give it a thumbs up and it’ll tell me Hey Chad, go slice up some more fruit,
and I’ll be like Oh, OK cool! You know what Mortal Kombat character has
some insane awesome weapons? Baraka! Baraka was first introduced in the game Mortal
Kombat 2. He is a nomadic mutant called Tarkata. And he has these really long blades that come
out of his arms called Tarkata Blades. Let’s see if I can find something that would
mimic a blade coming out of my arm because I don’t want to go to hospital and get a blade
installed inside my arm. That would probably hurt so I’m going to try
and find the next closest thing ok? OK, ok I think this is pretty close. ooh. Ninja push sword for $16.95. Wow! That looks tight! Yeah that looks pretty similar to Baraka’s
blades because it comes right out of the forearm. Well dang, yeah I think this is perfect for
Baraka. Let’s go ahead and add this to cart. Special delivery! Oh nice! It comes with a sheath. I wasn’t expecting that! That’s nice. It looks like the blade is buckled in there
pretty good. Oooh! whoa whoa. Look at that! Oh that is sharp. That is gonna cut some fruit. And it’s got another second blade down here. Let’s see how quickly I can assemble this. Ohh I definitely feel like Baraka in this
thing. It comes out of your arm and in a pretty similar
manner because he goes like this. It’s strapped to my arm here. This is hard plastic, the rest of it is all
metal. So it’s strapped in and then down here we
have the handle. Hold it upside and then you have one of the
blades here and then another blade right there. Alright let’s go outside and practice our
Baraka skills! And now it’s Baraka. Yes, still in my scoprion outfit so you’ll
just have to pretend I’m Baraka. Whoa! Ummm, I think I shoiuld probably practice
with this one with the sheath on still. It’s pretty darn sharp. I know Baraka has two blades. We’re just gonna be like Baraka OK? One of his moves is… Ohhh uhh! Good thing I left the sheath on huh? You don’t want to do one of these blocks and
then one of these! ugh! Let’s cut some fruit. The pineapple has a really hard shell so it’s
gotta be a sharp blade to cut right through here. Baraka blade! I chopped the top off haha! You gave it a haircut! I did! There you go. Here is your hair back buddy. I know he’s a little self conscious about
his hairdo so let’s put that back on there. Baraka vs pineapple. Baraka wins! Whoo! That was a nice one! Just call me Baraka! Before we jump into the next weapon hit that
bell symbol below so you and I can hang out in a livestream before every upload and hang
out for the 1st 30 minutes of every upload n the comments section below. Our next Mortal Kombat character is Mileena. She is a clone of Kitana. Now I choose Mileena not only because she’s
an awesome character in the gave but because she uses one of my favorite weapons of all-time,
the sai. Which you probably saw me using in my teenage
mutant ninja turtles weapons video. I already have the sais but I do need someone
to play the role of Mileena and I need a custom as well. Of course they do have it. Always trying to be more than just Kitana’s
demonic sister, Mileena hasn’t had an easy go of it. Just add a pair of custom or real sais. We’ll be using a real pair thank you very
much. And look what just came in the mail. I took it out of the package already. We’ve got Mileena’s custom right here. Let me go grab my sais that I used in the
last video. there we go here are those sais. They are mostly a defensive weapons but they
are sharp at the top, great for stabbing your opponent, but what I like about these is the
ability to defend yourself, especially against swords. When they come down like this you can trap
your opponents weapons, flip your wrists and your opponents weapon can fly right out of
there hands. Now, let me see if I can convince Vy to put
on this Mileena costume. haha OK guys I just called Vy in here. Come on in Vy. I’ve got something for you right here. It is a Mileena outfit. Uh huh. What do you think? Looks pretty cool huh? uh huh. HAhaha It’s just a little bit revealing, not too
bad. Uh huh hahaha Will you slice up some fruit for us? Oh my gosh! Wait these are the weapons that she uses? Yeah! Oh my gosh! These are heavy duty. It’s pretty cool. I guess I’ll do it then for the weapons. Oh yeah! What fruit do you want to slice up. With these? Yep. Kiwi? Kiwi! Haha. So you have really good aim them cuz kiwi
is really small you know. I was just going to slice them on a plate. Haha. I think you’re gonna need a watermelon. A big ol watermelon you can’t miss. Let’s see how Vy looks! Mileena! I challenge you…. who are you again? I’m Scorpion! What you never played Mortal Kombat? Dressed as Mileena and doesn’t know what Scorpion
is! Who are you? Oh my balls! Let’s put these away! I don’t trust Vy with these. Bring it on girl! That was pretty close! Finish him! What are you… Help help me! It’s Mileena! I’m like smiling and stuff! Yeah I’m fighting! Fight! Isn’t she the happiness Mortal Kombat player
ever? Why don’t we have Mileena chop up some fruit,
huh? Alright. Yeah are you ready? She actually punched my nose! I thought you were paying attention! Oh I’m suppose to be paying attention. Always be ready! uh huh… Nice! You showed that watermelon! Good job! Mileena defeated watermelon Mileena wins! Mileena Watermality! Watermality! haha The next Mortal Kombat character is Kano! He is a originally from Australia! Shout out to everyone in Australia. And he has a metal plate on his face from
an injury. Part of that injury he had his eye replaced
with a laser shooting eyeball. Now I will not be replacing my eye ball with
a laser shooting eye ball but instead I’m going to be using Kano’s main weapons butterfly
knives. Here we go. This looks exactly like what he uses. Light weight aluminum butterfly swords. I think these are exactly what we need to
become Kano. Let’s add to cart. hmmmm, what do you think these could be? Ohh, man! These look fricken cool! These are so cool dude! I didn’t think these would look that cool. They’re actually a lot bigger than I thought
they would be. You know it’s so easy to get them out of their
own wrapping when they are blades, you know? Wow! That is so cool! So it’s got these hand guards here. And then it does have, like a sai, you can
catch their blade, or catch there weapon right in there. I’m ready to chop up some fruit! Kano uses the butterfly swords. Yeah, I know I”m still in my Scorpion outfit
but you’ll just have to pretend that I’m Kano OK? You chair! Get out of my way! I’m trying to do ninja skills here! haha Ha! I kind of like chickened out at the last second
and was like I’m gonna slice into the stool! Yeah! Whoo! Scorpion wins! Grapefruitality! Bring it on Mileena! Oh Wow! Perfect! Oh yeah! Grapefruitality! High Five! Boom! in my last ninja weapons video a lot of you
guys asked me where I got the ninja weapons and I purposefully didn’t show you where I
bought them because I wasn’t super happy with all of them. This time as you probably have noticed from
my reaction to opening the weapons, these tinges are legit and I’ve just been like Wow! So if you guys want to check out these weapons
for real or any other weapons I highly recommend Karatemart you probably saw me buying from
their website. What’s really cool is these guys saw my last
video and they agreed to send me these weapons, for this video, for free so thank you karatemart
I hope you guys will support them buy clicking on their link below. They even gave me a 10% off code for you guys
so if you want to use code WildClay you get 10% off your order. Let’s get into the next weapon. The next Mortal Kombat character we are looking
at is Kabal who first appeared in Mortal Kombat 3. He has long black hair, sometimes a trechcoat
and a respirator. Now I’m choosing this Mortal Kombat character
not because he’s one of my favorite to play but he has what I think are gonna be one of
my favorite weapons. I’ve never used these weapons before or owned
them, they are the hook sword. Also called the chinese hook swords. So let’s jump online and see what we can find. Yeah, here we go. These look just like the one’s Kabal uses. Before mar phone came along and combined multiple
tools into one deivce, before the Swiss Army designed the pocket knives with corkscrews,
ancient wordsmiths developed the chinese hook sword to synthesize four milling tools into
one weapon. Cool I did not know that. Man these things look cool Let’s add these
to cart. Look what I’ve got! It’s a big box. These are bigger than I thought. Whoa this is sharp like all around! Like holy cow you guys be careful. And there are like daggers on the bottom down
here. Oh my gosh. These are insane dude! Look how huge these are! What would you do if you saw somebody coming
down the street with a pair of these coming after you. I think I’d crap my pants! It’s sharp like every edge pretty much. It’s very sharp right here. It does get sharp down here again. The hand guard is also sharp, so you could
punch with this. At the very bottom you have a dagger as well. Alright let’s go outside and practice these
things. Whoa! Oops! Kabal! Now, yes I’m still in my Scorpion outfit I
don’t have a Kabal outfit. I’m sorry. And these things are fricken dangerous so
I’m kinda scared to do too much with them! Whoo eeeh! That is one sharp hook sword! Look at that! Oooh, it’s stuck into the chair! Ha ha ha. My poor stool can’t handle all the abuse. That sounded like a gun shot! Holy cow! Wow look at that clean slice right there! Thanks again karatemart your weapons are fantastic
check them out in the link below. If you guys didn’t see my last ninja weapons
video check it out right here, it’s 5 teenage mutant ninja turtles weapons vs fruit. If you’re not subscribed click right here,
but I’m sure you are because you guys are super awesome ninjas. If that doesn’t look good, check this out
it’s pretty darn funny. And I’ll see you guys real soon with a brand
new video.

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