100 thoughts on “5 Basic Staff Techniques | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. Nice vid ur the first person I seen on utube using the same technique as kilik it would have been cooler if you used a traditional heavy weighted bo staff but wat ever works for you sifu, OSU

  2. If this man really wanted to teach people via video; it would be far more helpful to show more than one angle. Unfortunately he only demonstrates his technique from one angle, hardly enough to facilitate learning this weapon. 

  3. Im 12 and im so close to mastering some of them!The thing is=
    -i could be crazy and use these to injure people accidentally
    -im not an adult so i cant really do these as many measurements must be met like how long the stick is.
    -its kinda hard to understand what he's saying and if i could be there to see it it may be easier.

  4. I finally found this Video 😀 ! I know a lot of staff Skills but I was searching for some Techniques that I don't know about it 🙂 Really Helpful Video

  5. That's cool to know those techniques.
    Plus, when I know how person moving his stick, I can stop it with my Shinai

  6. i have a ? on the 2 tech does the right hand position change with two fingers like the left when spinning & are u in LA

  7. After studying Tae kwon do and boxing for the majority of my life, I have decided to studying tai chi and kung fu. It is certainly a difference but I am enjoying it. Great video's sir.

  8. Your stick is too thin too light. It can't even beat a wild dog, let alone humans. Get a thick and heavy one then the blows and spins won't be that easy anymore.

  9. Nice demonstration. Can you explain the purpose of the forward figure 8? I know many think it is just for show, but I'm assuming it is used mostly for transitioning between attacks. Am I correct?

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