5 Animals of Kung Fu | Shaolin Kung Fu

Hi, I’m Sifu Romain talking about the five
animals of kung fu. To begin with kung fu is based on nature. And one of the things that we find in nature
are animals. And animals can determine the attitude behind
what we are doing, the spirit behind the kung fu that we are practicing. So the five animals, they are; the tiger,
dragon, leopard, snake and crane. Now there are tons of other animals but these
are the five basic animals. So lets take a look at some of the animal
movements. First, we have the tiger claw. The tiger claw incorporates the use of all
five fingers as well as the palm. When using the five fingers, each finger would
find a point. I can not only grab, but I can also rake. The dragon. The dragon uses a claw too. Its more like a talon though. Notice how the fingers are spread out. Here I can strike. I can strike. I can rake. I can pull. That’s the dragon. Next, we have the leopard. The leopard paw is a flat fist. Notice how the fingers are nice and tight. Hand is flat. You can use this area to strike. Boom. Or we could strike, this way. If you were punching I can block and then,
strike. Okay. The leopard is known for its strength and
its power as it strikes. Now we’ll look at the snake. Alright. When we are working the snake, we are working
quick hand movements. Okay. Both inside, you can work outside as well. We can block down and then go up. Snake is known for its flexibility. The crane. All the fingertips come together. Hooking at the wrist. I can block, with the wrist. I can strike, boom, with the wrist. I can poke with the fingertips to soft areas. These, are the five animals of shaolin.

100 thoughts on “5 Animals of Kung Fu | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. Leopard looks like it would break your fingers instantly if you actually punched someone for real, so does Snake and Crane style. Tiger is probably the most effective since it mostly relies on palm strikes.

  2. Are traditional kung fu and shaolin kung fu the same?
    If not, which are the differences between them?
    (Sorry for mistakes, I don't speak English very well)

  3. Lol when he said Kung Fu was like nature and what you find in nature are animal then he list all the animals until he said Dragon and I was like You don't find Dragon in nature 😂

  4. post a link where you use these awesome techniques against a boxer, might be 16 years old, do not care. Sparring, no talking. Waiting…

  5. Just no ,to most of this for practical use….

    For history ,art work,exercise and co-ordination ,maybeee…

    But ,,,to train in any of this and taught to believe applicable in confrontation is criminal….

  6. I try to learn it by myself cause we don't really have a kung-fu school in fiji that teaches animal style kung-fu I have picked up a lot of techniques like attacking the neck like the Tiger and the praying mantis launches a barrage of hand attack back and forth back and forth and other techniques as well, I'm not boasting or anything its just really helpful when it comes to protecting yourself from bullys etcetera but I'm still not good at it but I try,and I thank you keep uploading more videos

  7. crane fricken hurt like a mofo if ure stricking try it full strenght wrist strike im pretty sure ud pop a vein if you were trained especialy if you hit some1 in the teeth or something still.

  8. These are the 5 animals in which a man does not fight like!!!A man fights like a man not a Mantis leopard tiger crane etc!!!So why all the theatrics just fight!!!👎👎

  9. The desire of "wanting" to hurt an other, leads to a delusive mind… To protect self and or others is one thing, but it is in protecting the offender from him or her self as well as the context which is "shared"… The offender loves someone, somewhere, so the capacity to love ones they do not know is present. Only the heteroclite will not capitulate to love, defeating themselves, leaving a interstice for a strike one must become "responsible" for. This moment of "choice" to disable should not be thought of lightly, but a moment of sorrow. If one has the opportunity to exit with poise, the participants will prosper.

  10. None of these are effective against my Shark with fricking laser beam attached to its fricking head style.

  11. He forgot the principales of kung-fu (tiger, dragon, snake, crane, wolf, eagle, pheonix and many others)!

  12. Shaolin and Wing chun combined with Muay Thai you have the ultimate developed style and art of fighting and protecting yourself

  13. As someone who is from the Midwest of America, I find the Deer Style my favorite. Fast leg muscles and stoping in head lights of a car.

  14. Shalion fist 5 Animal form is a part of my fighting system killer whale mma style from the Grandmaster and founder creator of the 🐳 style th3j35t3r is CIA badge Number 809143jb8 is Captain Eric Christopher Wersky-luong-Redondo-Gonzales-Lopez-Ho Gonzalez-Chan-Serg-Armiho-Brandon-Zip-Seagal-Dip-Safe family

  15. My style is flakka ghoul style, its main focus is onbgrappling the enemy and biting their faces off, you need to have smoked alpha pvp many times to unlock this skill tree tho

  16. வாழ்த்துக்கள் அமரம்பேடு பன்னீர்செல்வம் தமிழ் நாடு

  17. Skunk Kung Fu is best! The idea is to pin your opponent to the floor and fart in his face, one of the chemical weapons of every animal Kung fu! On the next one of this bullshitters vids, I will explain Amoeba attacks for greater accuracy!

  18. The crane strike is very fast and painful to receive, all those fingers combined into a small point pecking at you will leave a mark,plenty of them.

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