5 боев, когда Энтони Джошуа ПОТРЯС мир бокса!

As I have said, he is not the world champion
from Instagram, he is the real world champion. Four world champion belts! He will beat anyone! Anthony Joshua – a name that has become synonymous
with heavy blows, courage and modesty. The name, which broke into the United States
market this weekend, has the opportunity to rank with Kanelo in the world sports, regardless
of the outcome of the fight, in which he sensationally lost his titles in a fight with Mexican Andy
Ruiz Jr. Despite a step backwards, it is difficult
to underestimate the crushing movement of Joshua in the division with unprecedented
speed. 22 fights, 22 victories and all but one champion
belts in the heavy weight category. Joshua: UK is now on the world boxing map! And all this in less than six years of professional
career. And after the recent battle of Wilder and
Brisil, his goals seemed to be clearer than ever. But, something went wrong …
Nevertheless, today I invite you to look at 5 moments when Anthony Joshua shook the world
of boxing! Welcome back to the On Connections channel! Olympic Games / 2012 / London
The 2012 Olympic Games in London have been particularly proud of Joshua’s career. Considering only the fact that before Anthony
had been boxing for only 5 years, it can be argued that
the final fight with Italian Roberto Cammarelle in the heavyweight category was the toughest
amateur test. Having scored 18 points, Joshua won by the
decision of the judges and became the new Olympic champion. At the same time, for the 13th time defending
a champion title in a battle against Tony Thompson, Wladimir Klitschko experienced the
best part of his eight years at the peak. And although Joshua’s gold medal did not have
an immediate impact on professional boxing, future events still remain no less staggering. In addition, becoming one of only 18 gold
medalists of the Olympic Games in boxing from the UK, Joshua secured an incredibly rapid
rise in the professional field. Joshua: Anyway – I train longer, I train harder. It will be even tougher, but I will be ready. On this note, the budding British promoter
instantly connected to him to make his goals a reality. Promoter: He has everything he needs to become
a fantastic fighter. Can he win the world title? I believe in it! But we still have a great way to go! Greenwich, UK, 2015 / Anthony Joshua vs. Dillian
Whyte Whyte: Forget about boxing! I do not like this guy! Your heart will not stand! Believe me! Joshua: What are you – a doctor? This was followed by 14 victorious battles
in a row – and none of them lasted all rounds. Joshua destroyed all his rivals. In the wake of this HYIP, it came to a personal
vendetta – against Dillian Whyte – a boxer from Brixton, who caused one of his three
defeats in an amateur career. It was his fifth fight in the O2 arena O2. AJ passed the first real test as a professional. Too much into hostility at the end of the
first round, Joshua struck after the bell, and in the second he missed a serious left
hook from Dillian. Recovering over the next few rounds, Joshua
began to regain control of the fight. And in the seventh round, Joshua struck a
flawless right uppercut, putting Whyte on his back. Demonstrating his skills, stamina and courage,
Joshua put a few more boxers on his way to the top. Martin: I came to this earth like a god! Greenwich, UK, 2016 / Anthony Joshua vs. Charles
Martin Number 3 – after 5 months, Joshua becomes
a world champion! This was his 16th battle. And this time, as expected, the rival was
the toughest opponent – Charles Martin – a self-confident American boxer. Not only because of the seriousness of
the situation, but also because of the desire to try on a championship belt, Joshua was
able to realize the expectations. Immediately forcing the champion to defend
himself, Joshua managed to deliver a truly devastating blow. Sending Martin a knockdown on the 60th second
of the second round, and then again – after another 20 seconds – Hey Jay, it seemed, was
easy. And his first world title in just two years
in professional boxing reaffirmed how serious his intentions were. Joshua: That was for me! I told you that I would punish him! I told you so! During the announcement of the winner, money
began to pour into the ring, and it became clear that a new king of boxing appeared. But as you know, to be a king, you have to
beat the king. Which brings us to number four. Wembley, United Kingdom, 2017 / Anthony Joshua
vs. Wladimir Klitschko After the next two fights, defeating Brizil
and Molin, the Briton faced the 19th battle, which became a unique challenge. 90,000 spectators came to see this fight at
Wembley Stadium. Joshua vs. Klitschko – the best against the
best. Youth versus adulthood, experience against
hunger. The war, which took place with varying success. Joshua managed to send the Ukrainian in a
knockdown in the fifth round, before Vladimir sent him in a knockdown in the sixth round. Further, the fight continued more accurately,
but it was so until the 11th round, when the Briton won, overcoming the biggest obstacle
in his career. But both before and after the fight, both
fighters demonstrated incredible modesty in front of the spectators of the largest arena. After he once again proved that he can cope
with anything, many began to consider Hey Jay the best heavyweight in the world. Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2018 / Anthony Joshua
vs. Joseph Parker After that night at Wembley, it seemed like
something else could be desired, but the next year came, and Joshua was facing a new unification
game with the New Zealander Joseph Parker. Here they are – two undefeated world champions! After the verbal exchanges, mainly between
the teams of promoters, the day of the battle came. At 10 pounds, the lighter version of Joshua
showed a very different fight, choosing a strategy to work for jab. While Parker tried to move more and do it
faster, in order to avoid danger and not let Joshua finish the fight early. In the end, it was the first time in his professional
career when Anthony Joshua won on points – a unanimous decision, proving that he can calmly
fight all 12 rounds. And now, having 4 champion belts on his account
and not having only one, he made a loud statement to the boxing world, addressing him to one
man, Deonte Wilder, calling him to a fight, which they had previously called mega-battle
of the century. Joshua: “Wilder, come on baby! Let’s go! ”
But time passes, and this fight does not seem to become more real. And despite the last defeat of Hey Jay in
the fight against Andy Ruiz, Joshua’s intentions remain unchanged – to become the most powerful
man in world boxing! Guys, thanks for watching this video to the
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