Alrighty then. There you saw my precompetition rituals. Enjoy the rest of the video! I heard there is some competition here. Welcome to the Hobby Horse Cup! That is, the Ambassador’s Cup. – In Vantaa. Where you will become a panda. I don’t think this video will be that full of action. Instead, I hope this is your cup of tea. Howdy hi! I’m going to see Frans and Olli and what they have been up to. They are competing today. And there is a fancy gala this evening. We are going to perform there with the demonstration team. Mennään! The competition’s over! You’re late! – No can do, then. Were the scores that low? What’s that? A black belt. You wouldn’t have to fix the doboks all the time if they were replaced with — — a skin-tight garment. Tight, right? This year taekwondo has been in Finland for 40 years. And there’s a gala celebrating that this evening. FOC, together with other Turku people — — has practiced a show. We should have a final training here after the competition. You will see the show later in the evening. Straight to the face. Tanja was so powerful despite the distance… – Yeah, Skype-training! I have never tasted, like, like that… Olli went to get his stuff, so — — let’s spice up his dessert a little bit. You think that’s a little bit? He won’t notice! Yeah! Surprise. Tykkään rahkasta. – Is it good? I would have liked it spicier. Did you put some chili in here? In fact I… It tastes good. So we put it just the right amount! We could have put even more, like I tried at first. This is the best I’ve ever tasted, actually. Five out of five. Olli likes! We are using the WC rack. It ain’t a show unless you get to change your clothes in the toilet. You would use the toilet anyway. Why not take care of everything while you’re at it? – Exactly! Brush your teeth, read the papers… I have to open a button. I brought a fanny pack with me. The first ever “one-thousand-bill-face”! Little special effects in the boards — — so they will go “puff” as you hit them. – Siistii! Howdy hi! Soon you’re going to see the gala show. Thanks for following us! The show went well. Taekwondo has been in Finland for 40 years already! Hence the show. Until the next video. Show Team Turku!

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