100 thoughts on “360° Knockout by Karate Fighter Oliver Enkamp

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  2. Well done Oliver!!!, Not only on your success but how well you have explained your journey over the years. Your amazing ability to talk about the different experiences you face gives us all a very unique perspective on the importance of different aspects of knowing true self defense. For example, ground fighting. When you first started doing this you were not as efficient at it, so you learned how to be. You made me realize that you can be great at one art, but it you don't have an understanding of another it can put you at a serious disadvantage. Just wanted to express my appreciation for sharing your journey. You have given me some much needed perspective and understanding. Thank you

  3. Congrats to your brother. I always enjoy hearing how MMA is so much better than Karate when MMA wouldn't be possible without Karate and other parts included.

  4. Oliver sounds quite stressed. No doubt he has had incredible pressure on him. He might benefit to sit down with a counselor and talk through it a little.

  5. You brothers are so human. Not many are at your level but many of us can relate. This was a very profound video. Thanks.

  6. Congratulations to Oliver! I now have someone other than Machida to root for. What I love the most though about the video is your support and the brotherly bond. I have two young boys that do karate (they are the reason I started practicing at 45) and I hope they will be close like you two when they grow up. Cheers!

  7. Funny thing, Oliver beat him with Jiin! Lol been working on Jiin lately so I have been seeing bunkai everywhere but that spinning back fist/hammer fist is totally the first spinning hammer fist in Jiin. Hot damn OSU!!!!

  8. I really like the last half of the video with Oliver. It's good to hear the socio and mental struggles to the preparations for the fight. I don't know if it is possible to do these kind of things with your videos Jesse sensei, for us to see your daily routine in the dojo and learning with the progress of your students. Please continue with this work, i really like it and there are few of you in the world and none here in Brasil doing the way you do. Congrats and very grateful to find you 3 years ago here in youtube.

  9. I'm grateful for both of your very honest and open insights whether it was positive or negative it was real and that is most important
    Congratulations Oliver you more than deserve it and thank you Jesse for your insight and bringing us all along the journey
    Deep bow

  10. All that training led up to that one well placed spinning back fist, that although did not connect with the fist, but still allowed the forearm to do it’s job and ultimately give the required result.
    Well done.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Oliver's feelings when talking about his training make me want to overcome myself. You are the best greetings from Mexico


  12. If i ever get some money together I would love to train with you both. I love the breakdown of the fights, I was showing my Sensei your videos on the China trip, she was rather impressed and further as she knows your mentor, i forget his name now, but he was in Canada last year and they trained together. Keep up the great videos, and keep winning your fights 🙂

  13. What happened is that you basically prepare for a battle so it’s a lot to go through. You did exactly what you had to do and it paid off emotions and all that goes with it. Amazing job and your skill and knowledge of the martial arts all comes to fruition. Great for you !!! Thank you for sharing this Jesse ! Congratulations to your brother!

  14. Very cool. Good to know about all the behind the scenes stuff, especially the emotional roller coaster. Keeps me focused on what I need to do to become a competent martial artist. Thanks for all that you guys do. You are an inspiration.

  15. Very special video and congrats on your brother's victory. Now this is selfish me but I at some point I truly hope you do a video about the differences between Yoko Geir Kiage and Kekomi because you Yoko Geri and Oliver's looked awesome in that pick. Almost everyone I talk to tells me something different about these kicks.

  16. Oliver is doing extremely great in his career & developing as ah martial artist & person it's an honor to watch your guys videos and seeing both jesse & oliver do exciting things & improving in so many ways it's inspiring and it makes me proud

  17. The expression "…it takes away the love of martial arts…" reminds me of the saying "Motivation is what gets you started, discipline is what takes you to your goal". Thanks Oliver, for that great insight on the experience of a professional fight.

  18. Congrats Oliver! I'd like to see him come to america to train for a time. To refine his boxing strikes. Learn from someplace like Kronks gym or similar. I think that would take his game to the next level quickly.

  19. Congratulations Oliver! You are on the right track for a balanced life as a fighter, focused on being human, sharing your experience and your love of being a fighter. There’s only very few who share so openly. You have a bright future as a fighter, and as a martial arts teacher. The martial arts community is proud of you! Janos – Wing Chun instructor from Hawaii.

  20. Hey Jesse, something off topic, I saw that your KNX is coming up and I thought it would be cool if you had Mr. Dan if not for this one then the next, I don’t know if you know of him or seen his YouTube videos (Art of one Dojo) maybe he can go if he knows how to get tickets or where it’s going to be, he does Kenpo karate and started jiu Jitsu, anyway I thought as martial artist we should stick together, maybe you two could learn and help each other

  21. That’s really good on the info of preparation before the fight and what happens after the fight, more martial artist should include that kind of info when they compete in tournaments

  22. Great fight, heard cutting weight can be disorientating as well… unlike some people, I feel alot more confident with not getting picked up or knocked down for a lighter guy, with kata, like heian sandan, although some moves could be intended for bo staff and things, or higher or lower sometimes, or closer or farther away… timed his shoot well, great recovery and analysis though…

  23. Brilliant video, thank you so much for the insight, particularly the psychological impacts after the fight.

  24. As much as I enjoy the technical breakdown, the openness of Oliver at the end really makes me appreciate him more. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for being a good brother.

  25. Oliver: one flag in each hand as a respect to where I am, and where I come from

    that's next level of respect right there yo <3
    truly a karateka to the core <3 #inspired

  26. Enkamp, sounds like a classical English name… Just kidding. 😀 German, of course.
    Because that's what we expect from a winner, being of German ancestry, don't we?! Yess!

  27. Loving his transition keeping a lot of traditional karate on him. Also diggin' the brotherly bond u share, oss to both sempais

  28. It's beautiful that you talk about the fight of your brother. I am a big fan of you. I am brown belt in wadokai karate, but I practice karate for 13 years in the South of Brazil.

  29. Nice fight and dedication. One question is why Jesse stance looks more stable than Oliver's one in the photo shoot,? Was it because of the floor and being bare feet???

  30. Excelent work guys!!
    Congrats to Oliver and thanks you both for making this kind of videos, sharing this expierience is so valuable.

  31. Great video. Many congratulations to Oliver for winning . Oliver, good talk man! Sharing all those feelings and experience … it is very interesting. Wish you the best for your future!

  32. congratulations for Oliver.
    And what I really liked mostly about sharing this experience with us, is your awesome and supportive brotherhood.
    I wish you happy life and great career 😊

  33. Congratulations!!! What is very good about this video is the documentation. This will be a gem in the future. Excellent work and decision on documenting it. Thank you very much.

  34. Great video, also great speech from Oliver, very inspiring.
    Domo arigato for sharing these deep and sincere thoughts.

  35. Good speech at the end from Oliver. As someone whos doing martial arts for more than 16 years now and who also fights/fought in MMA (and TKD,BJJ), i can say that his words are 100% true and wise! theres a ton going on in our heads during the preparation and its not just a toll on the body but more so on the mind imo. but visualisation and preparation is key. keep up the good work both of y'all. im a big fan for years. OSU !

  36. For me, his last word, "Arigatougozaimasita (Thank you very much.)." is very impressive. According to Sensei Funakoshi, karate is a noble art. He embodies this spirit. I am happy to see that he has shown his achievement and thank you for your break down.

  37. Great little documentary. It's cool seeing you be there for your brother on his journey. From cutting weight to corner in the match! I'll be sure to watch the fight end to end when I get the chance. Congrats to Oliver, I think he's got tons more in store in the future.

  38. Great job! Congratulations to your brother, Jesse! Spinning punch is one of the most powerful blows actually. I've seen live another knockout like this in all styles Kung Fu full contact Sanda competition. Also, it is good to train – it develops sense of balance and quick orientation in changing perspective!

  39. I am even more a fan…and appreciation for this channel…Jesse you are truly a great teacher and even greater sibling..Oliver's interview after was humbling …

  40. That was really nice hearing Oliver describe his experience. I wish you both all the best in all your future endeavors 🙏🏾🥋

  41. Did I get that right? Was the fight on February 22nd? If so – that's great! That's our dojo's 30th birthday !!

  42. what a great video my friend, woooow so profound and awesome, not o ly on the phisics thing but more on psychological matters, awesome big osu! thank you

  43. Nice to see a post fight break down with the fighter sans bravado and balustre. Just honest breakdown

  44. This is like the beginning of a 80s move, 2 great brothers, one gets hospitalized in a fight by a badguy in a mma fight, Karateguy hangs up the belt and enters the ring for vengance… 😂

  45. EXCELLENT JOB OLIVER! You beat the tattoos off the guy👍🏿😎. Man I love this channel.

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