30 Things with Kylie Cantrall 💥 | Gabby Duran & the Unsittables | Disney Channel

Hi. I’m Kylie Cantrell from
“Gabby Duran & The Unsittables,” and these are my 30 things.
Let’s go. I’m into all different
generations of music. – Whoa!
( opera singing )Although I do prefer playing
music on a record player. – ( record scratches )
– Oh! Makeup. Whoa! I’m born and raised in LA. I’m crazy about everything ’90s. I’m excellent at multitasking. I believe in putting Christmas
decorations up all year round. I’m obsessed with muscle cars, but they have to be
interesting colors. I love honey,
but I’m terrified of bees! I talk in my sleep. That elephant stole
my unicycle. I’m into combining activities,
like bicycle puppetry or karate baking. Hi-yah! I love thrift shopping. Let’s pop some tags. Bucket hats– well,
they’re kind of my thing. Oh! And wearing chains. Now that’s a lot of chains. Teleportation. It worked! I can communicate
with babies telepathically. Cheese is not a fruit. I love Thai tea,
but hold the boba! Bubble baths. One day I want to star
in my own movie. I love surfing.
Well, crowdsurfing! I’m into scary movies,
haunted houses, and Halloween, but I’m actually afraid
of clowns. I hate catching colds,
but I do like catching feelings. I’m into watching
movie biographies about musical legends. I’m fascinated by zodiac signs and reading my horoscope. And finally, aliens! And I know they exist! Well, those are my 30 things, and make sure you watch
“Gabby Duran & The Unsittables.” Bye.

78 thoughts on “30 Things with Kylie Cantrall 💥 | Gabby Duran & the Unsittables | Disney Channel

  1. Anyone who doesn’t love Kylie Cantrall is a monster. Who wouldn’t love such an amazing talented girl like her?

  2. Into scary movies, haunted houses, & Halloween, but scared of clowns(?)(!)…Gabby Duran will overcome her clown fear by being surrounded by aliens 👽….correct(?)

  3. No one gonna talk about how kylie is the BEST DRESSED DISNEY STAR like I’m I love with her outfits whether it’s on gabby Duran , or commercials, like girl

  4. Hi Kylie (thinking she’ll read this) I’m a Capricorn ♑️ do you know why I know because zodiac signs in horoscopes fascinate me too

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