– [ Shay Carl ] Please listen. They need you to subscribe and thumbs up this video right now. They.. if you don’t they could die! 3 TIME KID WRESTLING CHAMP!! ( music playing ) ( Audience commotion/ cheering ) ( Whistle blowing ) – Time! – [ Josh ] Woo Hoo! – [ Josh ] Give him a hug, Wills. Not too hard, not too hard. Nicely. How was that? Your first match. – Hard. – [ Josh ] Oh, oh, oh don’t choke him. Stop him, stop him. – [ Josh ] Come here. Let me see ya. Breathe Breathe. Was that hard? Was that a hard one? – [ Josh ] We’ve got a personal trainer here for Tayden. Hey, whats up? – Hey dudes. – Thanks for coming, bro. – He’s a good little wrestler. He killed it out there. – So if you guys don’t know this Tayden has severe asthma. And it doesn’t effect him. He, is mentally in the game. And uh, we have to remind him to breathe and stuff. But.. Man he is a trooper, guys. I get so nervous watching this. – [ Josh ] What are you doing? – I’m crossing my fingers, I’m crossing my arms, I’m crossing my feet and I’m crossing my toes. For Tayden to win. – For Tayden to win? That’s so nice! Tayden’s got one more match in the championship round. If he wins it.. Then he wins it. If not then I think they have to wrestle another time but.. We’ll see if his energy holds out and how well he does. He seems in good spirits right now but those other kids want it bad too. So, we’ll see. – Wrestle! – Wrestle! – [ Josh] You gotta get an arm. You gotta get an arm, Tayden! Put your head back. Put your head back! Hey, help him up. Help him up. Come here. Give me a hug. Hey go tell him good job, dude. Go tell him he did a good job, okay? – My dad taught me a new move and it totally paid off! I beat um, the kid like by doing the move. So.. First I would fake go down and then he would come, I would grab and flip him over. And I would tuck my, like here’s his head facing forward, and I would pop it around and grab his arm with my other hand. Grab it and just like lay on him. – Yeah. – And I pinned him the second time. – Yes! I taught him something right! – We had three, um, like rounds. – Hey you’re the defending champion, dude. How’s it feel? – Awesome! I got first place! ( Laughing ) – Hey what do you want to do now? – [ Nikoi ] Go get McDonald’s. – Go to McDonald’s! ( Laughing ) Oh , okay. Is that where you want to go? Give your brother a hug. Give him a hug! Give him a hug! Go, go! Give him a hug, William. Give him a hug. – I won! – William is so tired. Give him a hug, Nikoi. – William, I winned. I won! – Hey, hey. I know mom wishes she was here right now but we’re both very proud of you, dude. Thank you for putting all your heart and soul into, dude. You are a champion, bud! Love you, dude! Tell uncle Matt thanks. Go give him a big hug! – [ Matt ] Is this yours? – [ Josh ] Yeah. – Good job, buddy! Woo hoo! Good job, dude. – Good job, Bubba! Good job, brother! Good job! – Alright well it looks I gotta go treat this champ to some Mickey D’s. That’s what he wants! – [ Josh ] Tayden – What? What are you eating, bro? – Hamburger and fries. Where are we at? – McDonald’s – Do you like coming here? – Yeah. – [ Nikoi ] Old McDonald had a farm, ee i ee i oo. ( Chuckles ) – Um, I don’t think it was quite the same Old McDonald, but.. It could be, I guess. William, do you like McDonald’s? Yummy, huh? I love eating at McDonald’s. When I was a kid, Ioved it. As an adult or big kid, I love it. So.. ( Humming McDonald’s theme song ) I’m lovin’ it. I’m lovin’ it. K eat your food and then go play, okay? Maybe I’ll have you take the camera in with ya. – [ Nikoi ] I wanted to do it! I want to do it. – [ Tayden ] I’ll do it. – I want to do it because I’ve never got to. – We’ll see. Maybe I’ll let you both do it. – I’ve never got to. – Okay. Sit down, William. Look at this kid. Monkey. Sit down, buddy. Eat your food. Or you don’t get to go play. He really doesn’t care. How do you work with that? He’s not even workable. He’s just too cute. He doesn’t listen. – [ Tayden ] Hey Koi! So yeah we’re here in McDonald’s. And.. We’re gonna show you a tour into the playground. Da da dun dun. Da da dun dun. Koi wait up! Hey Koi wait up! – [ William ] No! – Hey k. – [ Nikoi ] K let me.. – [ Tayden ] Oh she’s doing the monkeys. – One sec. – Drop! – We’re gonna do a train. Me, William and Nikoi. Grab onto my back. – Ahhhhh ( Giggling ) William – Don’t! Nikoi – We’re supposed to be doing a choo choo train! – [ Tayden ] Bub, we’re supposed to do a choo choo train. – Don’t! – [ Tayden ] She didn’t do that. Okay. – [ Josh ] Hey Tayden did you hold it like this? When you did it? – Yeah. – When you went down the slide? – Yeah. Okay. – William wasn’t having it? – Yeah he wa.. I’m like, Bub grab my shoulder and put your legs around mine. And he’s like, nooo! Noo! – Hey how was your, uh.. ( Clearing throat ) How has this been? Was this rewarding enough for ya? – Yeah. -Okay. Eat up, champ. ( Music playing )

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