3 Stupid Martial Arts Injuries You Can Avoid

Hey. Ando here. If you’re training in the
martial arts, there’s a good chance you’ve either been injured or you’re going to be
injured. Especially when you’re working with a partner. Sparring, grappling, self-defense
drills. Now, the truth is that some of those injuries
are unavoidable. I mean, this is martial arts—things happen. But some of those injuries are just
plain stupid. Now, they may not feel stupid the first couple of times they happen, but
if they keep hurting you, year after year, over and over, you’re going to start feeling
pretty stupid. At least I do. So, today, I want to talk about three common,
stupid injuries in the martial arts that you should be able to avoid. Let’s go. Stupid Injury #1: Spraining or jamming your
fingers. In the martial arts, your hands not only give
a beating, they take a beating. Now, yeah, we’ve all seen Bruce Lee in the movies,
jumping around, looking cool, flashing his fingers everywhere. But in a real fight? That’s
just stupid. Don’t do that. Your fingers are made up of very small joints.
I hate to tell you this, but they’re delicate. It’s so easy to get them caught blocking
a punch, or shooting out to try to stop a kick, or getting caught in your partner’s
clothes, getting caught in your own clothes, being on the ground and posting out your hand
and rolling over your own fingers. One time, I broke my thumb on someone’s
head trying to stop them from tackling me. Stupid. Look, fingers take forever to heal, and for
some reason when I ice them, I want to chop my hands off. So, don’t get cocky. Remember
this little rule: Cup your fingers until you need them. I’m not saying squeeze your fists
and burn out your forearms the whole time that you’re rolling or sparring, just keep
your fingers relaxed and keep them back until you’re ready to gouge, or slap, or grab,
or play accordion, or whatever it is that you do to get people to leave you alone. Oh–and don’t think if you’re wearing
sparring gloves that you’re somehow safe. You’re not. Your fingers can get twisted and
sprained with your gloves on or off. So, play it safe and cup them until you need them. Stupid Injury #2: Breaking or dislocating
your jaw. Just like your fingers, your jaw is pretty
delicate. Especially moving from side to side. It’s so easy to get caught with a punch,
or an elbow, or a headbutt. Sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose. Either way, when you
get popped in the jaw, you might also find yourself spitting out pieces of your teeth,
which is not a hot look unless you enjoy being single or scaring small children. Here’s something else that’s not cool–soup.
Don’t get me wrong–I love soup. But I don’t like eating it three times a day because some
idiot clocked me in the jaw. Then again, who’s the idiot? I’m the one standing around with
my mouth hanging open. The bottom line is this–the only reason your
mouth should be open during a fight is if you’re biting, screaming for help, or talking
trash—that’s usually when I get popped in the jaw. And I deserve it. The only other reason your mouth might be
hanging open is you’re out of shape. What can I tell you, man—you need to work out
more. One more thing–if you’re training with a
mouthguard, great. Bite down on that thing. If you’re not training with a mouthguard,
hey, you might want to consider it. But if you think you’re too cool for it, at the very
least, bite with your teeth. I’m not saying grind your teeth together and get all tense,
but at least close your jaw so that if you take a hit, there will be a lesser chance
of your jaw sliding around. Stupid Injury #3: Tearing your knees and spraining
your ankles. Some people spar or grapple with what I call
the “mountain mentality”. They set their weight as if to say, “You are never going
to move me.” You run into this a lot with big guys. They
seem to have been raised with the idea that they can hold their ground. When you grab
a big guy, and you give them a quick push or a quick pull, a quick twist, and they freeze
up, they refuse to move, that’s the moment when they tear their knee or sprain their
ankle. To be fair, it’s not just big guys that fall
into the mountain mentality. Sometimes skinny martial artists with gray hair and big egos
also plant their feet and refuse to move. Which is exactly why I carry a cane in my
car. Stupid. And heads up–training on soft mats doesn’t
help. When your feet sink into a soft mat, that’s just like cleats sinking into grass.
Even when you want to move, sometimes you can’t. So, how do you avoid freezing up and getting
stuck? Well, it’s simple. You’ve got to stay on the move. You’ve got to just go with the
flow. You’ve got to just accept what’s happening. If you want to be a mountain, be a mountain
on the move. Be an avalanche. The next time you find yourself resisting when you’re sparring
or rolling, relax immediately. Give up a little ground now so you don’t end up on the ground
later. Crying. I promise, all it takes is a little shuffle
or a little pivot and you will save your knees and ankles from injury. And there you have it. Stupid injuries that
you can avoid if you just follow three simple rules: cup your fingers, shut your mouth,
and go with the flow. Remember– you should not be hurting yourself while you’re protecting
yourself from being hurt by someone else. That’s just stupid. If you liked those tips, don’t miss the
next one. Make sure you subscribe and head over to SenseiAndo.com and get on my free
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100 thoughts on “3 Stupid Martial Arts Injuries You Can Avoid

  1. Those all dependent, in your words, on sparring injuries but most happen during training. Sprains happen (I train hapkido) during joint locks and people who are not taught proper kicking/striking technique. For instance, the proper way to punch is to use the middle two knuckles minimum but any three are best (see Dempsey's book for logistics).

  2. The most important thing I ever learned in class was simply this. Say "no" We all know the instructor who tells you to hit as hard as you can or the jackass who does stupid stuff. I got an injured shoulder and elbow for it. After taking time off and training on my own so I could go my own pace and let the injury heal I won't risk it again on an egotistical teacher. They'll be fine and if they get too butthurt you're better off finding a new instructor then. Edit: Rereading my own post I think I have a bit of a grudge though I really I should have known better the first time.

  3. Perhaps it's a subject for a separate video, but hygiene is a topic too often avoided. I've had to use medicated eye drops for several days after catching something off the mats or one of my training partners, and the consequences could have been much worse.

  4. Thanks for the advice, I just started Goju Ryu and I will follow your wisdom. You don't get better when your healing.

  5. actually they are pure stupid mistakes indeed! even though I still an amateur, I find them stupid af,sensei..once again..great video👌👌

  6. You have wonderful timing both in comedy and in your martial training! I just dislocated and fractured my elbow 2 weeks ago tripping over my hakama and taking a bad roll (I practice Aikido). I ended up in the ER for 20 hours and had surgery when I was there. I knew this injury was stupid from the moment it happened. Too bad the advanced seminar is coming up this weekend. I will have to watch and learn!
    Thanks again for your videos!

  7. Fingers are weird 😀 I wasnt break any of my fingers but i cut them lots because i was a cook. Well i training my fingers to be more strong daily tho but not forcing them too much because as you say they are realy weak.

  8. from experience with years of boxing.. even with a mouthpiece you can still get a jammed jaw and it sucks!
    is better to have one though.

  9. I think I may have accidentally pulled my left hamstring a few weeks back… it hurts to do high roundhouse, snap/front kicks, etc. Are there any stretches or remedies you could recommend to get it back to its full potential?

  10. hi sensei

    i started to kickboxing few months back at the age of 40+ and without any previous martial arts background… the problem is my knuckles are hurting real bad (some of them) so i went on and off several times because of the pain… my question is this something common? can I continue training? and in worse case scenario if i have something chronic should this stop me from training or theres always a work around??

    please note that after heavy exercise I feel pain in other joints like knee or back.

    Thanks for sharing knowledge and for taking the time to read this!!

  11. mr,Mierzwa if you go with a flow in a street fight and let the attacker do what he wants, you do get hurt isint that……stupid?
    I have another question that i have an injured knee,while trying to get off a travelling bus (stupid) bcoz the bus as we call them "rockects" dont stop until the get you to the tribal area next to the border with afghanistan ,and i am not lying its very true.
    So the question is should i train in judo coz most of the street fights are mostly push or pull or grappling and happens quite naturally,what should i do ? plz enlighten

  12. Lol in Taekwondo I'm only yellow belt low yellow but I can do splits in 10 minutes I'm the master at it

  13. I was taking my brown belt in Taekwondo and ended up stepping on my big toe it somehow rolled under my foot.

  14. can you make a video about creating your own martial arts style? like whether or not you recommend it? i'd like to hear your opinions on it. thanks

  15. My newest stupid injury that happened to me 2 days ago is hitting my pinky toe on the side of the judo mat while wanting to push the mats together. No, 'hitting' isn't the right word… slamming fits better. Today I have a big bruise and my toe hurts while walking. But I deserved it, because I was distracted with talking and missed(I wanted to pull up my toes and hit with the ball of my foot)

  16. I was pushing a mat and somebody stepped on my mat and I popped my knee and flung, thanks whoever did that didn't get a chance to see them 😠

  17. I know this is old, but another stupid injury that is caused by stupidity is re-injuring an existing injury. Coming back too soon before being fully healed is just plain stupidity. Yet, I have done it and many others have as well because they feel like they are losing progress by not training. Ultimately it just causes you to lose more time and you stay injured longer. Thanks for the videos as always.

    Edit: if you received belt ranks for self sabotage due to this, I would be at least a 4th dan black belt.

  18. He changed name beacuse a Guy called him out on Fighttips beacuse he's name was Sensei Ando but Sensei is japanase and kung fu is chinese

  19. Stupid injury #4: injuring your toe because you may or may not have tripped over your own two feet and landed on your toes before the sparring had even started yet

  20. I just sprained my knee during my tkd sessions in splitting. Have you guys ever tried this? How can I remove the pain? lol

  21. Thank you but I get this advice so late..I had already broke mt thumb on someone's head trying to stop him that was since 25 years … but do you know what was more stupidity ..I was sham to say that to the teacher..so I just continue training at the class for one hour .. and the rest of the story is with you.. in that time I tried to depend on trusting the teacher .. I thought that he will recognize that I am not fine and he will just ask me to take a rest so but that did not happened ..that was my first and last fitness martial art class … you are really give the right tittle for this subject ….(Stupid Injuries ) 🙂

  22. Wish I saw this a few weeks ago ffs. Knew this was going to make me feel like an idiot and it was the first point hahaha.
    Currently recovering from an avulsive fracture on my thumb

  23. I remember I once broke my TOE NAILS SHATTERING LIKE A GLASS of both feet in 1 month of TKD training. By not kicking on the target instead a bit low where the surface was hard.

  24. Yup on the thumb. During sparring went to throw a punch, guy raised his leg at the same time to throw a kick and my thumb impacted the side of his knee at near full speed. This was 6 months ago and it's still sore. Once again, though an older one, good vid.

  25. but why are these stupid?
    Each one is a pretty natural injury, I don't see anything stupid about them. A guy who hurts his head on a motorcycle because he didn't wear a helmut is a stupid injury, but the ones you've listed are not, they're actually natural.

    Oh and @00:55 ….NO, no one has seen that. Bruce Lee has not stuck his fingers out when moving, so I don't know what movies your watching cuz that never happened lol.

    (and aside from Enter, Lee only made 3 movies, so you'd be hard pressed to find one where he shows you something impractical. btw If Lee showed you something in one of the 3 movies, it's REAL son)

  26. For me it was:
    twisting my leg: fighting involves a lot of unconventional stepping
    punching into an ellbow: easy when someone goes into a boxer guard and keeps moving
    breaking my nose on someones head: no idea, it just happened…

  27. When someone wants to stand like a rock and not move in any style of jiu jitsu, that's especially stupid as it means very liberately translated art of giving in. If I move with my partner, I might be able to get a throw out of it or a guard or something similarly advantageous. I do German jiu-jitsu and my worst "injury" was when I was fighting with a heavy guy on the ground and he was basically sitting on my fingers and then pulled me into the other direction so my fingers got a little overstretched. After a few hours it was fine though. Since then, I can't reach 90° hypermobility in those joints anymore. But apart from that, I never got injured in 2.5 years of weekly training.

  28. Always know your partner – balance is everything……… You have know your partners limits or talent – otherwise disaster will happen.

  29. Another white guy teaching an Asian art that doesn’t work. Lol who are the idiots that even follow this bullshido?

  30. HAHAHHA i love it. I had my first taekwondo class today and guess what injury I have?
    I jarred my finger. I can't write.
    GAAAAAH Never again I hope 🙂

  31. I hurt my toes three times in two years by tripping over my own feet while running to warm up. That's so stupid it's not even funny lol
    Good advice by the way!

  32. I was a blue belt, doing training until while I was kicking, I fell because I lost my balance, i ended up hurting my knee. It hurt alot! ;-;

  33. stupid injury #4,,, showing off for the girls and trying to do the splits while cold… I did, bounced the last 2 inches cause the brunet said I wasn't touching an popped ligaments in my hip, That was almost 30 years ago and I still suffer from it

  34. I was very unlucky with it having 3 of my fingers jammed which caused them swallowed and hurt for 3 weeks and also I had my feet injured due to kicking in the oponent elbow and once my teeth suffered from punch under my jaw casing the to grind and crush… All of this in my teenage life so I have to say this guy is really true and right of what he is saying here.. I wish I could have these tips before all these happened to me… But it was a time when there was no internet yet in my life (and school) at all. No I got to give up all the sports due to back problems so pretty much only thing I can do is stay away from gym and martial arts and play chess. But nice to see that advices. That should work for most who will see it.

  35. "and you're gonna spit parts of your teeth, which is not a hot look unless you enjoy being single or scaring little children" i mean… it's not like i don't…

  36. Might you make a video doing the 540 kick and cheat 720, please!. I practice Taekwondo, so I want to learn how to do those kicks.

  37. RE: Jaw injury – check out this mouth piece… Brainpad… http://www.brainpads.com/
    This is the only mouth/jaw protector I will ever use, or allow my students to use.
    I was sparring a guy who was a lot more skilled and faster than I was. He did a spinning back kick to my jaw. I went flying through the air (3 feet). Without the brainpad, he would have broken my jaw, knocked out a bunch of teeth, and I would have woken up in the hospital.
    I was wearing the Brainpad and the only injury I had was some TMJ issues and some neck pain.
    This is the only mouth/jaw protector I will ever use, or allow my students to use.

  38. Points one and two – yep.

    Point three – Streets and other places are not matted surfaces – train as you fight. Recommendation, train on hard surfaces while wearing SPEAR gear; otherwise, good advice on training on mats – the MRSA incubator, where you are more likely to get MRSA, or twist a knee or ankle, than you are to, realistically, understand what hard floors, street, or walls can do to you – when thrown onto or driven into such.

  39. Just today, one of my friends dislocated his pinky during sparring by blocking one of my other friends kicks, he's at the hospital getting it checked out.

  40. Is elbow blocks a thing? I tried it ounce and I found that it weakens the opponents hand and makes them want to punch softer and less…

  41. Don't you hate it when people block a kick with there elbows! I hate it! Ive had it! If its one time i don't care! It was an accident! But when its evry time i fight a certain person! My shins can't take it muvh longer

  42. Guilty of stupid injury number 3.., My instructor (a 6th Dan in TaeKwonDo, .., face palm now) went to wrestle me.., like a street fight scenario.., I was not expecting it and being nearly twice his size immediately planted my feet…, and tore my Ham string.., (face palm again) poor instructor was horrified he had hurt me and 12mths later it still gives me a little trouble every now and again. I did get my Blackbelt last year.., with a "lot" of pain killers before my grading. ha…, oh, by the way.., I was just short of my 60th birthday. 🙂

  43. Worry about these rhree things – knees, head, and hands – the rest are inconsequential. Decreased mobility, a [email protected]#ked up head, and loss of manual dexterity, are pretty debilitating.

  44. This channel is incredible. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ve have stumbled across this video whilst sulking over breaking a finger whilst sparring…. whilst blocking a kick.

  45. I still got 2 sore fingers from trying to block a kick (I didn't cup my fingers). Been hurting me for a month plus now.

  46. 4. Kicking with the instep against your training partners hipbone! Broke mine TWICE over the summer months last year

  47. Thankyou for awaring to preventing the major as well as minor injuries in the martial art. Though I'm not a martial art trainer or student.I just watch martial art it inspires & motivates me.

  48. Are sumo wrestlers an exception to the "mountain man" example due to their intense training, or are they an example of the "be an avalanche" approach?

  49. Basic thing every sensi teaches by tucking your chin under staying on the move and your legs protected from low kicks

  50. i strained my gluteus medius when i did a no-shadow/shadowless kick which caused my pelvis to be get tilted to one side for months

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