3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Martial Arts Consultant or Agency

Hey guys, here’s what
I’ve got for you today. Three questions to ask before you hire
any martial arts business consultants or martial arts agency that says that they
are going to help you grow your Academy. My name is Rebecca with million dollar
dojo and we help schools become the most profitable, the most accessible, the
most respected schools in their city. And we have a specific way
that we do it. But first, before you give anybody
any dollars or dimes, there’s three questions that you’ve
got to ask to make sure that they are actually going to help you
get the results that you want. Okay guys, so the first
question to ask, in my opinion, before you hire a martial arts consultants
or agency or anyone that says that they are going to help you
grow your martial arts school, which means getting more students on
the mat, my first question to them is, do you actually own a martial arts school? And I hope you don’t mind
guys, if I use my whiteboard, I just want to make sure that these points
are clear and that you ask the right questions before you spend your hard
earned money with anyone that says they’re going to help you. So here’s why I think this is so very
important because you might actually have some marketing skills or some sales skills
or some system skills or some things that could be a value. But if you haven’t
actually owned a martial arts school, I might own my school for 10 years now
we’re going on our 11th anniversary. You actually haven’t done
a martial arts school. How can you know the real kinks and the
real troubles and the real every day things that could become a problem
and hinder the growth in your Academy? Absolutely can’t. Just because
they’ve never had that experience. They’ve never walked a mile in your boots. And that’s where so much of our learning
and our growth comes from before we actually give anything to our schools
that we partner with. You know, we say, Hey, use this to get 30 new students
this month. You, we give it to them. We have tested it. We have made the mistakes in my own
Academy before we handed out anyone else. So in my opinion, this is very important. You don’t want to hire a trainer that
has never actually trained himself. You don’t want to hire a martial arts
consultant that actually has never owned their own martial arts school
and had amazing success. Okay, so that’s the first
thing that I would ask. The second thing that I think you should
ask before you hire a martial arts consultant or agency, what is the one thing that will help
you have immediate success or growth? I mean, we can get this ball rolling within
five to seven days and start seeing new actions, new growth, new things happening
immediately. So let’s write that down. What is the one thing they’re
going to help you with immediately? I mean, fast results. Okay, so many. I have seen some school consultants out
there that want to give you a package of things. They want to give you a whole box of a
hundred things to do so that you can have a successful Academy.
All in my thoughts are, we’ve already got a hundred plates
that we’re spinning in the air between managing our staff, managing our
students, managing new members, coming in, onboarding new people, all these things that you don’t want a
whole box of a hundred plus things that you’ve got to do to see
a little bit of growth. There should be one thing that you focus
on. They’re able to share with you. We’re going to do this one thing and
it’s going to help you have immediate results, immediate success immediately. Add more students onto your maps and if
they can’t answer that question or if they don’t have a specific thing for that, then maybe they may not be able to help
you get the results that you’re actually looking for. Now, the last thing, the third question that you should ask
them is what is their process for the student journey? They can share with you an exact process
of how they help you not only get students in, but help you keep students longer so that
we can increase the lifetime value of all of the students in your math. In fact, the way we like to do
it is we like to have, I value our I paying students in our
Academy so that we can have the most successful schools in the area. So that’s the third question that we’re
going to put on is what is their process or student journey? How are they not
only going to help you get students in, but how are they going to help you
keep students longer and increase the lifetime value of each of
these students? Now warning, if they tell you that the thing that is
going to help fix your school and get you to where you want and add a hundred
students or add 20,000 in revenue is going to just be getting you leads or
putting in a lead generation machine. I want you to see like a big warning sign
and that’s what they tell you because we know here at MDD, billion-dollar dojo, we know that that is not the
only thing you need. In fact, we’ve had schools come to us before
that we’re generating 200 plus leads a month. Yet they still
weren’t getting the students, their schools were still struggling.
But some of their agencies, some of their consultant told them that
they needed a lead generation machine. And that is not going to be
what fix is your problem. It’s a piece of the
puzzle. Don’t get me wrong, we need leads and we have a very
specific process of doing it, but it’s not the key thing that’s gonna
to get you to the growth that you want. So here’s one thing that
I want to give you today. After kind of thinking about these
things to help grow your school, what is the one thing in our opinion
that will help grow to what you want and the capacity and the length of
time that you want to happen? Well, we like to focus on lifetime value of
the student and we have a very specific, easy formula of making this happen. And we share all of that in
our million dollar dojo group. So I invite you to come and join us there
so that you can see how we calculate what our lifetime value is and then how
we make it bigger. For our students, for all of the schools
that we partner with, and how we love to help grow their
schools. So I invite you team, come join our group over on Facebook. It
is only for martial arts school owners. If you’re not a school owner, you’re
just an instructor and it’s not for you. But if you’re a martial arts school
owner and I invite you to come in there because we’re going to give you lots
more things that can help you grow your school immediately. All right, so this
is Rebecca with million dollar dojo. I hope this video has been helpful to you. Come join us in our group and
we’ll talk later. Bye bye.

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