Hey guys I’m Jesse from KARATEbyJesse.com and today I want to teach you guys how to use this thing right here, also known as a “foam roller”. Now, if you’ve been to any gym in the past couple years, you might have seen everyone from fitness moms to freak athletes rolling these things all over their body, and we can use them in Karate as well. Why? Because the foam roller is the perfect way of loosening up that connective tissues surrounding your muscles so you can get rid of tight spots for higher kicks, deeper stances and less overall pain. Now, in Karate there are three areas that are extra important to use the foam roller on, and that’s what I want to show you guys today. Number one is for the lats, right here down by the side, because your lats connect your arms to your core and can easily get overworked if you practice a lot of Karate. The second is your glutes, a.k.a the butt, because you’re going to engage those a lot when you practice karate, and we need to roll them out with the foam roller. And finally, the inside of your thigh, especially when you do those high kicks and deep stances your adductors can get overworked so we’re going to roll those out as well in the third exercise. Now let’s start with number one. Frst of all if you don’t have a foam roller, visit your local sports shop or just borrow one from the local gym. And then, you lie down on your side for this first exercise and then make sure that your arm and your shoulder is externally rotated this way so we expose the right areas for the foam roller. And from here, I simply want you to roll front to back this way. Make sure that you’re not on your stomach, you need to be more to this side so you really hit the lats back here. So this way, just keep rolling back and forth supporting with one leg and then with your hand as well so you can push yourself, and you’ll find that some areas around here are tighter than other areas and what we want to do is simply massage those out until you feel that sensation of a release, as if you’re melting and that is what we want and this can take two to three or maybe even five minutes depending on how stiff you already are. And then we switch to the other side. Same thing just keep rolling out and find those stiff spots. For me it’s down here and up here, because the lats cover a huge area, so you really need to make sure that you hit both ends. This way, up and down. And then, moving on to the second exercise, for your butt. Now, if you have a big butt like me you really need to do this almost on a daily basis. Depends on how much you train of course. So what you do from here, one leg goes over the other this way, hands behind your back, because this is how we expose the glute. And then from here, you simply roll again back and forth, and you can also wiggle to the sides to make sure that you hit those corners that are really stiff. And it’s important that you feel, and then contract and relax, contract and relax your muscles until you feel that sensation, like I said before, almost as if you’re tight knots are melting away. And switch. Other side same thing, put it down sit on it, and if you weigh a lot make sure that it’s sturdy, because I’ve crushed a couple of foam rollers in my days. And then from here, same thing, look right there, and then again, side to side will also help you find the best areas. And it’s very personal where you need to roll. Give that a couple of minutes and then finally the inside of your thigh. And for this I want you to assume a particularly sexy position that looks something like this 90 degrees angle in your hip, and in your knee. This way. And same thing. Start here and then gradually roll out and you can actually roll all the way out to the knee, right here. And in, out and in, and feel free to extend your leg this way as well and then play around with internal and external hip rotation as well to really dig into those corners there are tight. And switch. Other side, same thing. And now personally I would not do this with a Karate uniform on because I feel it’s easier if I just have shorts or t-shirt and you know regular gym clothes but for now I’m showing it with the gi, because these are exercises meant to improve your Karate. And that’s it. These are three of the best exercises that you can do with the foam roller to be like those elite athletes and fitness moms that we see at gyms all day long, but, these exercises will actually improve your Karate. Good luck and train hard!


  1. Thanks for sharing Jesse-san. Using also a rolling foam for years now and I totally agree, it's perfect to release tensions on the body after a good karate training 🥋👍🏻

  2. hmmm….I better clean the dust off my roller and get using it.

    thighs are pretty tight…

    thanks Jesse Sensei!

  3. Trained a lot of back kicks over the past couple of weeks and my hammies got pretty tight, I've been eyeing my roller for a while now… I think this is a sign I should use it lol

  4. Great timing, I just bought mine about a week ago and didn't know how to use it as effectively as possible + I could never figure out how to roll the glutes and adductors effectively. I also have really stiff quads and calves, but rolling them even lightly is pretty painful so it's hard to get myself to actually do it. Do you have any advice for that issue?

    Thank you for a great video and stay awesome, Jesse-sensei

  5. my Taekwon-Do teacher also uses that, its very helpful! specially after training yoki geri a lot. those muscles on the hips and glutes get very tight.
    You have a lot of useful tips on your channel. osu!

  6. This was fantastic! i use a foam roller but this information especially about the lats was new and valuable information for me. I am so grateful for all of the good and interesting content you generate. I love seeing the places you visit and the perspectives and instruction you have for karate. Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks for watching! 😃 Visit www.karatebyjesse.com for free articles, training programs and seminar bookings 👊💥

  8. Great suggestion. We may use this for a future blog post. Taking care of our bodies is so essential to training.

  9. Eheh sometimes I use it by standing on it, trying to find my balance while punching , or simply walking on it , like those circus acrobats (that's a good foot massage too)

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