24 Reasons Star Wars Episode III & Kung Fu Panda Are The Same Movie

Before we get started, word to the bad guys,
the green crystal is the mark of a Jedi Consular. These wise warriors seek peace, not war and
would rather talk out their differences than reward you a beat down, unless you back them
into to a corner of course, so tread lightly. After the opening narration, we learn that
this is a story of a young warrior who kept having these premonitions of pain, suffering,
slash death. Normally, I don’t really take nightmares serious unless they’re on Elm
Street, but in this case, the vision holds weight because of the dreamer in question.
He’s labeled the chosen one in a jury of his superiors and everybody agrees that he’ll
one day be the dude to bring balance. Everybody, except that one master. He’s pissed when
the alleged chosen one starts moving up in the world. I’m not saying the alleged chosen
one’s perfect, I’m just saying, give ‘em a chance to fail first then hate on him after
that, not before. Meanwhile, there’s this bad guy and he’s handcuffed with nowhere
to go. You’re like yay! because you do the crime you do the time, but then you’re like
“nooooooo” (James Earl Jones voice) because he’s able to break free. Later, all the people
in the movie go to the arena for a big show and the house is packed, but the main character
arrives fashionably late and has trouble finding a seat. It’s here where the main guy is
assigned a new master. From the main guy’s point of view, this is a win win, because
now his new master could unlock his hidden potential and he’ll be the strongest dude
in the universe and no one will be able to defeat him, because that’s how it turned
out so perfectly for the master’s last apprentice. The master tells him a story about the key to
limitless power. It seems like he made the whole thing up, but he doesn’t laugh once
so you can’t really tell. I’m not gonna lie, him and his master don’t get a along
at first, but just like any relationship, it takes time. See, I know that, you know
that, but our main guy has issues focusing on what was or will be way too much. These
demons keep him and the people closest to him up at night. He goes to the old wise green
guy for advice. The old guy gives him a 2 minute pep talk on letting go, but it takes like
half an hour because he talks like the wheelchair kid from Malcolm in the Middle. Fast forward
some and after numerous times of having attitude problems and embarrassing his mentor in front
of the master now, the pupil is neck deep in the dark side and nothing can stop him.
He whoops all the other warriors without even trying. The one guy who witnessed the whole
thing snitches and warns the master about the threat heading their way. When the masters learn that one
of their students is going around and performing terrorist attacks on the city, it’s bad publicity and the green guy
is like, “I’m gonna take a sick day” and the other dude says there’s no way I’m fighting
that dude, he’s my apprentice and I love him way too much. “The lie detector test determined that was a lie”. Because when we jump ahead, It’s one
thing to say that, but it’s another thing to mean it. At the part when the bad guy makes
his way to the temple, it’s the worse beatdown I’ve ever seen in 1080p. After he starts
choking the hell outta this one character, the hero steps in and he’s like, “hey bro,
try that on somebody your own size.” They fight and they’re pretty evenly matched for the
most post part with nobody being able to gain leverage. Speaking of leverage, okay, so after
the floating hover boards part, The bad one does this Air Jordan Jumpman move and it works
the first time, but then he tries to do it again and the guy is all like “I have the high ground, you underestimate my power”. At the end, if you control, alt, delete the big picture and read through the subtext
the movie. There’s an important message to be learned. See, if you’re gonna put your baby up for adoption, that’s your business, but
if you wanna keep the adoption a secret, try and find parents that resemble his or her
features so he or she’s not left asking a lot of questions
in the sequel. Those are 24 reasons these movies are the same, you agree? yes, no, maybe so? If not, politely share your thoughts in the comment section below and click the subscribe button for more 24 reason videos.

100 thoughts on “24 Reasons Star Wars Episode III & Kung Fu Panda Are The Same Movie

  1. Ugh….. I like to decide on each of your videos if the similarities are intentional, and on this one, ABSOLUTELY. Total rip off.

  2. As always, on point mate! I appreciate your ability to not run out of ideas… New material can be hard to create but you keep finding the reasons in differenter and differenter movies.

  3. Deep Impact = Armageddon
    2001 A Space Odyssey = Interstellar
    Commando = Taken
    The Incredibles = IronMan 3
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) = The Amazing SpiderMan
    2012 = San Andrais
    Short Circuit = Chappie
    Osmosis Jones = Inside Out

    AND… 24 reasons why The Force Awakens and A New Hope are not the same movie!!!!

  4. I would be really excited to see a "new hope" and "force awakens" are not the same video when it comes out digitally. I've heard a lot of people drawing the obvious comparisons as their reasons for not liking the movie, and not many people looking at the differences.

  5. I gotta say it feels like this video focused much more on star wars than it did on kung fu panda. The idea was ok, but the video not as good as I expected. Having said that, i still enjoyed watching 🙂

  6. terrible. there was no "secret adoption" he was found in a crate. Higher ground? he was falling. it wasn't a plan kick. sorry but this was bad.

  7. You (breathes) make (breathes) the best (breathes) videos (breathes) I (breathes) have ever (breathes) seen. (breathes) Are you (breathes) a wizard? (breathes)

  8. So some of the comparisons are a bit of a stretch BUT the idea of Obi wan being compared to Po gave me so much joy that I can't even care 😀 😀 😀

  9. I know you already made a video with The Lion King. But since that was a "is not" video you really need to do 24 Reasons The Lion King = The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

    Here are a few reasons for example:
    1. The villain is trying to steal the throne, which rightfully belongs to his nephew,
    2. His plan to do this involves murdering his brother, and brainwashing the Kingdom,
    3. After the death of his father, The Prince is chased out by his uncle's henchmen.
    4. Oddly enough, it is these same henchmen who later turns against, and kills their former leader.

  10. hey, this channel rocks… by the way i just see Jeruzalem and i think is the same as cloverfield … nice if you take a look

  11. nah i don't think they were the same this time. and i don't think ray is a skywalker either. But I could be wrong on both parts so who knows

  12. holy shit they are identical movies the way you compare them. or are they??? answer is they are different …..then when you compare them they are the same. to get more complicated they are parallel movies. again you open my syfy eyes.

  13. Man, the way you edit the scenes to to be paralell is hilarious. Looking at the KungFuPanda villain crashing down while the lightsaber slicing sounds played made me laugh out loud.

  14. They had common themes and visuals but some of those seens had different characters that were being compared to Anakin or Sidious being restrained.

  15. Do Attack of the Clones and Twilight! LOLOLOLOL that would be hilarious! A Star Wars movie(albiet one that's ashemed to be a Star Wars movie, and by far the worst prequal, which is saying a lot) and Twilight, one of the worst movies ever made. But it's true.

  16. even though it's obvious you should do Doc Hollywood and Cars. You could spot way more than 24 similarities on how Cars ripped off that film.

  17. 24 Reasons Why The Winter Soldier and Spider-Man 3

    Peter Parker / Spider-Man = Steve Rogers / Captain America
    Harry Osbourne / Green Goblin = Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier
    Mary Jane Watson = Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
    Eddie Brock / Venom = Alexander Pierce
    Sandman = Crossbones

  18. You just changed several of the characters. First Anakin was panda, then the tiger. Obi was first the mentor, then the panda?? huh

  19. what did Yoda say about the path to the dark side on episode I fear leads to anger anger leads to hate hate leads to suffering now that I THINK of that tigress has plenty of anger in her so I think (THIS IS JUST A THEORY) I think tigress might become evil

  20. when Ani was denied as master he turned to the dark side and when tai lung was denied as the dragon warrior he got pissed off too

  21. but there is a lot more relations to the first six star wars movies and the Kung Fu Panda trilogy

  22. The video games are the same. They both are about fighting bad guys and you earn power for killing them and there are occasional boss fights and there are these multiplayer fights that you unlock characters for and stuff.

  23. I don't know about this one to be honest. Unlike your other videos that feels like a bit of a stretch

  24. Bit of a reach on this one chief. Anakin is the protagonist who turns bad whereas Po is a good guy all the way. Sure some plot points are very similar but you can't say these two movies are the same when in one the main hero becomes a villain. Also there is no "Hello there" side plot in kung fu panda.

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