24. Karate pad work (eng subs)

Hello everybody! Today we are going to
discuss very usefull exercise which name in
Japanese – “Hyoteki”. The target for this exercise can be just boxing
pad or even boxing gloves. But if you don’t have possibility to buy both
of these or carry them with you, or you just don’t want to get them for some
reasons, you can just use karate belt like this one. Long story short, there are tons of possibilities,
everything depends on your imagination. So, what is the point of this exercise? The point is about developing of precision
of your kicks and punches, and controlling the distance. This belt is a small target, not like sand
bag, so you must try to control your strikes. Plus, we can move our hand closer or farther,
or we can move ourselves around. The goal of the partner is to control the
distance all the time and so on… And today we will show few examples of this
exercise to give you an idea about it. What you have seen just now is just an example of few variations. Like I said earlier, if you have imagination
you can think of your own variations, which can depend on your… height, weight,
temperament and so on… The most important thing working, for example,
on boxing pads is not to start actually “boxing”. If we train in karate we must to keep working
in karate stylistics. Thats it for today 🙂

7 thoughts on “24. Karate pad work (eng subs)

  1. Очень хорошо, но (если позволите), Александр с 01:17 по 01:24 делал замах на кидзами правой рукой, чего у вас, кстати Сергей не наблюдается (и это приятно).
       Я вообще ещё лишь 2-кю, поэтому прошу не судить строго и не воспринимать в обиду мои комментарии.
       Это добрая критика, а не желание с издёвкой поддеть мастера.

  2. Нравится ваше серия видео Все ОК. Только "задняя" нога в зенкутсу она тащится и к дальнейшему движению в перед не подходит. Угол уменьшить относительно движения вперед. 

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