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Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of sgCarMart Reviews Big shout out to GoPro for hooking us up with the GoPro Max What can you tell us about the camera, Jon? The defining feature of the GoPro Max Is that it does 360-degree videos So you can see two cameras here What I like about it is when we are doing our in-car review The front-facing camera has a screen here So that when we are filming ourselves We can see whether the framing is correct It is very useful for us when we are shooting our videos Especially with the various accessories Like the suction cup We can mount it in the car Make mini adjustments It’s very convenient for us when we film Also, we can mount the GoPro Max on our camera car So that we can take some sweet rolling shots of the car we’re reviewing today Check that out later This is the all-new Subaru Forester E-boxer edition What are your thoughts, James? Ok this is not the car that was featured at the 2020 Singapore Motorshow The Subaru Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special Edition Which also spells out to Subaru *Beep* Edition This is not the same car This is the 5th-generation Subaru Forester e-Boxer And that’s (F***S Edition) just the normal Subaru Forester, right? Yes And incidentally, the Forester that this one is based on Is sgCarMart’s SUV Of The Year for 2019 The differences between this e-Boxer and the SUV Of The Year is that it has a mild hybrid engine And if we compare this to the previous generation Forester Which you drive, right? So Jon drives a Forester as well So he’s the expert at this Looks wise This one has I feel, a longer, lower bumper When I first saw it I didn’t really like it But After being in the market for close to a year I think the look grows on you In terms of the look from the back The tail light for the new Forester is a lot fiercer than the old one And I prefer the new one Forester fans would be expectedly upset that the new Forester doesn’t come with a turbo engine What does that mean for drivers though? You’re getting less power But you’re sucking up less petrol Which is a good thing I’m excited to review this car, Jon. Let’s head to the back Dive right into it For more details on the Forester or any other car head on to sgCarMart.com to help you make the smart choice on your next car Before I pop open the boot I need to tell you all something So for the E-Boxer The panel here will always be black If it’s the normal Forester it will be the same colour as the paint of your car For this instance, the blue Let’s pop it open The automatic tailgate is one of the fastest tailgates we have reviewed so far This is 509 litres of bootspace Which is more than sufficient for your grocery runs, camping trips, road trips and what not Perfect for families Let’s see how it fits stuff in Another thing, without the load lip It’s very easy to slide things in and out And you don’t have to overwork your arm muscles And a check-in luggage It does not fit the aunty trolley Of course, if you put it like that it’ll fit In terms of length, it doesn’t Still works We have lots of other stuff in the boot as well We have these two levers here if we pull it it’ll drop the the backseats With the seats down, you have 1,779 litres of boot space We have six (hooks) You can hang your plastic bags You can hook stuff up so they don’t roll around the back And we also have a 12-volt socket here It’s a good boot, I like it Do you see that? Most cars When you try to open their door, it’s like the maximum you can go is probably here and sometimes it is really difficult to bring in bulky items But for the Forester you can open the door almost at a 90-degree angle So bringing in stuff like, a child seat A bulky child seat is going to be so simple Now, in the back seat I have no complaints I have lots of legroom, toe room Decent amount of head room The big windows give me and added “oh this car is so spacious” feel I feel really comfortable and relaxed here You have your pretty deep cubby spaces Check this out We have two USB ports to charge your phone Pretty functional, I like it Let’s pop down the arm rest And we have decent sized cupholders as well One thing that I dislike about the back seat is the ISOFix points So I mean, you’re already carrying Your child seat It’s heavy And you have to undo these velcros to get to the ISOFix points It’s a family car, it shouldn’t be so hard to get to That’s the general review of the back seat So now, let’s check out how it fits 3 people at the back So 3 people at the back — very comfortable The transmission tunnel is not that high You don’t feel it Your legs don’t have to spread apart that wide Our shoulders are just touching a little bit Everybody is just comfortable and we’re all big guys Good for a family car Very spacious, I like it First impressions I would say that Subaru has tried to make this car feel a little more luxurious and premium You’ve got soft-touch materials everywhere including here, which is nice There are your usual bits of black plastics but I wouldn’t say the black plastics make this car feel cheap because it is kept to a minimal every other portion of the car is nice and soft It doesn’t give you the feeling that this is a luxury car but neither does it make you feel that it’s a cheap car I like the feel of the cabin The seats They are comfortable leather seats Nothing to shout about, but nothing to complain as well Because it cups you nicely It has memory functions and electronic adjustments Great creature comforts to have The multi-function steering wheel is slightly smaller than the SJ Forester but I don’t feel that’s a problem So the buttons on the left of the steering wheel control the instrument panel There are two One here It’s quite small, it is flanked by the analog speedometer and rev counter It shows some things like Your speed More importantly, is this instrument panel here It has quite a few screens This screen shows all the safety features that are currently turned on Such as the Reverse Automatic Braking Imagine your car is backed up against a wall And you’re ready to move off Instead of putting it to “Drive”, you put it in “Reverse” The RAB system will help you brake Other safety features will be Lane Departure Warning and Pre-Collision Braking Assist All this is achieved by Subaru’s EyeSight system The EyeSight System is also what helps you with your adaptive cruise control It’s camera-based rather than radar-based One advantage of a camera-based safety system is that the cameras can recognise the shape and size of the objects on the road so it can tell if it’s a car on the road or a human What I really like about the new Subaru Forester is the infotainment system Finally Apple CarPlay and Android Auto comes to the Subaru Forester And this particular infotainment system is good because of all the cars I’ve tested This one was the easiest to pair with my iPhone All I needed to do was to plug in my iPhone the infotainment system asked if I wanted to pair it with Apple CarPlay I clicked “Yes” and on my phone another “Yes” And that’s it, I’m done, I’m connected In other cars, you have to fiddle around the menus to hunt for the bluetooth or wired CarPlay option to get it paired Great stuff here, I love it Subaru has a 4X4 mode called X-Mode it used to be a button here Now, it’s a knob and lets you switch from a Normal Driving Mode, to Dirt and Snow, to Deep Snow and Mud I guess they put it here to encourage you to go on some adventure with the Forester The Forester, unfortunately, does not come with a 360-degree camera But that’s not a deal-breaker, it does have a reverse-parking camera And a side view monitor so you can see see the view from your side view mirror this is very useful when you are parking or parallel parking I like it Two other functions that are great Auto Vehicle Hold — so when you’re at the traffic light Just press your brakes and then lift off the car holds itself until you are ready to go when you press the throttle And Electronic Parking (Brake) means that there’s no more brake lever And what’s in place of it are two cupholders And some storage here Now, let’s see how this thing drives This car is a mild hybrid car right? Yes And it is Subaru’s first mild hybrid car that they’ve introduced to the market Yes So what are some of the special features of this mild hybrid technology that Subaru is using I guess it is how they implement it Their philosophy is that the mild hybrid engine should help fuel consumption and help the car power itself So how they implemented it is They don’t really give you the choice of turning the car on EV mode So there’s no button to force EV mode Also another thing that, maybe some people will dislike, is that the Start/Stop engine function You can’t turn it off Suddenly the air con just cut like that You have no choice but to do the Start/Stop function But Compared to the previous generation Forester where the Start/Stop engine Is very abrupt When you start the engine It really is like starting an engine You can feel it But for the mild hybrid engine in the e-Boxer I would say it’s rather smooth If you didn’t look out for it specifically You wouldn’t have know that the engine actually started It’s very seamless So that’s good And I think cruising down the highway It will automatically go into EV mode to help you save fuel So a good thing about this car is the fuel tank is 48 litres The standard Forester’s fuel tank is 60 or 63 litres. So you’re actually pumping less petrol But your range is about the same or slightly better So in a way you save more fuel So how does this car perform Compared to the previous generation’s Forester Do you feel a difference? Because this is the mild hybrid version there’s a battery which adds close to 100kg So getting off the line, it is definitely slower I would say that it’s not as peppy as the older Forester Or even the Forester that has no mild hybrid engine But what you get in return is the electric battery helping the car save fuel When you put the car into Sports Mode What you get is the battery You can see this gauge here It shows 100% (battery aiding the engine), right It’s like electric “NOS” It’s like some F1 car where it builds up battery power and you can discharge it as certain strategic points So this is a sort of “shiokness” of the mild hybrid engine Seems like a fun car to drive So the difference when driving (compared to a non mild hybrid car) there’s a lot more fiddling around the throttle Some times when you lift your foot off the throttle It goes into EV mode So that you know you’re not burning fuel as you’re cruising along the expressway So it kinda becomes a game trying to make EV mode last as long as possible So in a way you are more engaged with the car trying to see where you can save fuel and trying to see where you can use electric power to aid your driving As you are accelerating can you feel the gear shifts Because this is a CVT I would say that There’s that rubberband feel You do get some times with a CVT But it is not (that pronounced) *Pre Collision Braking* activated That was the Pre-Collision Braking Helping us brake Although I must say, I felt I was quite far away (from the car in front) Really meh? I felt you were quite close EyeSight. It works Scared me a little Yeah it scared me too But we alive because of EyeSight Jon, we need to test out the handling of this car How responsive is the steering? The steering is pretty standard I wouldn’t say that it is the most Sportscar-like But everything is smooth You point where you want to go and the car just goes Is it engaging like some sports cars? Or like the Jimny The Jimny is very fun to steer and throw around I would say no But In a way it is like what Julian says — numb So this being an all-wheel drive can you feel the difference the car is very grounded to the road it’s sticky, there’s a lot of traction Yes, actually That’s the beauty of all-wheel drive So we actually need to test out turning a corner We can turn into Singapore Prison Service? No, no, no! Ok, let’s test the cornering now! How is it? It was ok Can you be a bit more specific? It’s ok… “Eh how’s the movie?” “Good lor…” “Like OK lor” “Like that lor” I would say that it’s not sports car planted but because it is an SUV there is body roll But it’s ok because the body roll is not fear-for-your-life type of body roll that you’re going to topple soon You can feel like it’s very grounded Yeah, yeah You can feel that everything is going to be ok And I think that is quite good on the car itself Like every other week we have “Will Buy” “Won’t Buy” and “Go Try” Do you have your answer, Jon? Yes In 3 2 1 Go try? Yes For me it is a “Will Buy” Because it’s very simple It’s a great car to be in, it’s comfortable, there’s a lot of safety features And the interior feels very modern I just love the fact that It can still look adventurous But it’s actually a family car So Jon, why “Go Try”? Ok, I must put some disclaimers first If this car weren’t the e-Boxer version It will be a “Will Buy” for me For the same reasons as why it’s the SUV of The Year Value-for-money, great features, it’s a great drive, it makes sense to be in it Great design For the e-Boxer version It is a very personal choice If you’re someone who likes to game the system to try to make the EV of this car last as long as possible to get you as much fuel savings as possible You’ll find this car fun to drive But there are also people who would feel that “Oh no, I can’t make EV last as long as possible. It means I’m burning fuel” “It means that I’m wasting money and that stresses me out” These people will find the car very stressful to be in So you have to go try it And to see where on the spectrum you fall under Personally for me, it is a “Will Buy” but for our viewers The E-Boxer Forester is something that you should go try to see if it’s your cup of tea So that was our review of the Subaru Forester E-boxer brought to you by GoPro Thanks GoPro GoPro was very nice to provide us with this very good GoPro Max It was very useful for us during our car review shoot We’re using it right now It’s a very rugged camera for a very rugged vehicle Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe to our channel Big shout out to our friends Zeke See and Gabriel Lim for always giving positivity and support in all our videos We love you guys Don’t forget to hit the bell notification icon so that you will be notified every time we upload something new

21 thoughts on “2019 Subaru Forester 2.0i-S EyeSight e-BOXER Singapore | sgCarMart Reviews

  1. I guess it's a "go try" for me… although leaning a tad bit towards "won't buy". Both the interior and exterior design are alright but at that price point, I guess I could go for a SEAT Ateca?

    Nonetheless, great review as always guys!!

  2. With the Subaru Forester’s eyesight specialty, it will most definetly have a Satisfaction Guaranteed outcome for buyers. Functions such as Lane Departure Warning, Pre Collision Warning and more of that, it’s definetly a value for money. 10 stars and big 2 thumbs up. Shoutout to James and Jon. Bravo. 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. to me EV is pointless here , it reduces fuel tank size but increase car weights, doesn’t really add any extra power boost ( as other manufacturers) in fact it reduce overall performance, No EV mode button and 1 mile range is a joke. does not really improve Fuel economy that significantly either, i would say disappointing . You didn’t mention sound system but it’s usually quite poor too in subaru .Overall its not that much “greener” i guess just marketing, unless we are talking about body paint colour ,. but you can show off you ultra modern eco friendly “E” badge. I feel that bringing such car is actually creating more waste and pollution then good and no alternative to death animal skin – not very environmently friendly
    ( why not StarTex)
    and Subaru please stop using piano black specially around gears shift panel – scratches so easily
    3screens ! one too many – distractions
    missing practical things like :
    40/20/40 back seat
    front passenger seat fold flat for long items
    wireless charging
    hands free tailgate
    front camera and sensors ( which are pretty standard on modern cars)
    240v outlet
    head up display
    slide and recliner back seats
    generally too many buttons on steering wheel
    lack of customisation in advance vehice settings, for example : radio on or off upon vehicle start up.
    custom favourite buttons ( shortcut)
    one button display off – night drive
    auto mirror fold

  4. Great video brother's… Kudos to all the efforts… Your videos are quite enjoyable…
    I am stuck between suzuki jimny and subaru xv as i need a small yet functional car.
    Your jimny review was very helpful. Requesting your to spare some time for reviewing subaru xv 2.0i-s eyesight high end.
    Good luck with your future endeavors. Thanks.

  5. I recently test drove it. Some things to mention: It's about $5K more and fuel saving only about 8%. For the amount of driving I do which isn't so much, I won't get back ROI in the 5 years or so I plan to keep it. Also, on the e-Boxer there's no spare tire, and if I drive to Malaysia I'd rather have that spare than depend only on an electric pump and sealant. I've decided to buy the pure petrol version instead. Currently I drive a 2015 Forester XT. I'll miss the turbo and sport sharp mode. Forester is still the only good value 4WD SUV in Singapore!

  6. i have also read somewhere that while driving forestet e boxer :
    “…,on many occasions the switch over from battery power to petrol engine results in a momentary drop in power – a bit scary whilst pulling out on a junction or onto a roundabout…”

    have you noticed it ?? can you comment on that please

  7. I have to disagree on the subject of the jimny's steering being good to throw around(dun think so) , vs the fxt's steering being vague/wooden. Both these cars have the design purpose of going off road, and in my opinion, when u do go off road, the terrain would punish your arms if the steering were to be sports direct and tight. And in some cases, snap your fingers. So the engineers have made the steering as such for a reason. More likely those with sporty steering would be termed urban suvs with little to no intent to off road it.

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