100 thoughts on “[ 2019 ] Revenge Sword – New Chinese Action Martial Arts Films

  1. 这个电影实在太烂太烂,怎么制作的出来的哦。故事也奇怪,那个凌官人去苏州平贼,他女儿偏要跟去,说是为了保护她爹,还以为她有万夫不挡之勇呢,结果反成了色狼的猎物,还坏了她爹,她朋友的性命。真他妈如此狗屁不通的电影还拍得出来的。找两个女人把奶子一脱,在找两个丑夫把刀剑这么一舞,就是武打片了?看不下去了,拜拜。

  2. I guess I missed a part I have no idea what the hell is going on,,the hero is weak!" tells his men to disarm them selves that came to save you, just to be killed without a fight!" he trys to kill himself to save a girl nothing is making sense the subtitles must be for little tiny tiny people and the English is not what they are saying so good luck,, it's action fighting if you can call it that SMH 🤪

  3. I love it 👏🏻😳👌🏽👽 you guys didn’t understand the concept 👏🏻👏🏻😳😳👌🏽 bravo

  4. Stupid movie and scenario. Very bad end.
    Hero Zhou is the most stupid warrior in the world 😂😂😂.
    Can we call such guy an hero or a warrior ? Kill yourself and your girlfriend's dad to save your girlfriend who will finish her whole life sexual slave to a bad guy ? No way.
    She needs more respect… dead or alive…

  5. one should not watch these movies if you do not like or understand Greek tragedies for if you don't you will get lost…
    For the type of movie…it is not a bad movie!

  6. No revenge for his family and friend's not get justice Such as a weak guy he train for nothing he connot protect even herself …

  7. Good movie, need big english letters subtitles 😊😊💟💟👏👏👏🎎🎎🥋🥋🏯🏯⚘🐼📽🎥🏹🔪🔪

  8. the most beautiful movie & romeo & juliet ever this is how I want my wife & me to go & the love we have one another, I would see this movie again again.

  9. Bpnsoir ces films me fait passer les maivaistemps heure facilement . Le service aussi web est très douer.

  10. 😡👿Odió esa película no sirve para nada es una pérdida de tiempo, perdí mi tiempo en una mierda

  11. 😡👿Odió esa película no sirve para nada es una pérdida de tiempo, perdí mi tiempo en una mierda

  12. ช่วยหาหนังจีนภาคไทยเก่าหรือใหม่ก็ได้ครับ

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