95 thoughts on “2019 New Chinese Adventure Fantasy Films – Latest Martial Arts Movie

  1. Phải cùng nhau phát chiển thôi trứ cùng nhau hại đồng nghiệp là. Phải cho chuyển nghành thôi sin ý kiến

  2. It's a nice movie, but I think there's a another movie before this one, to show and explained what happened before he incarnate. Might be part one?

  3. ……….I have the power of 999,AluMillion BIG BANG SuperNova Megatons Explosions Putting All Of Them Together Explodes At The Same Time All At Once……………..

  4. even in sacrificial deaths of someone for the sake of the M-King
    there is no second death in regards to living as an animal or something that you wanna be as like a bird for example

    but there are always a daily fights between the Spiritual World to either sin or to live according to what is best inside of God of Trinity!!!
    all religions are fake except "Christian"'s'
    People either goes to Heaven or hell!!!!!!!!
    Let us all see one another in Heaven~~~ <3

  5. Hello every body in here . I'm from Cambodia. Could I make friend with you?
    Thanks for having English subtitle the more easy for us and also improve our words.

  6. the heavenly law is fading and the demons are on a rampage … i just take it note beginning to watch and edit later

  7. 看到第十一分钟耐不住要吐槽!这师徒二人这么废的,连妖怪的手下都打不过,还得靠主角光环庇护

  8. 讽刺中国社会!一群愚民!这智商尽然是师傅怎么长这么大笑死我了!

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