20 Minute MMA Training Workouts – HASfit Mixed Martial Arts Workout – UFC Training Exercises

[Music] hey coach Bozek here from Aspen my explosive MMA training routine these movements closely resemble movements you’re going to find inside the cage so it’s great if you’re a fighter or you just want to Train like one these exercises can be done in your home with just a pair of dumbbells most males who use between 8 to 20 pounds where most females we use between 3 to 8 pounds I want to do this entire thing with yet I hope you’re ready to get your butt kicked let’s go [Music] come on the ground Walternate which leg is underneath side to side breathe it’s a great way to practice that AB strength eats a lot into triangles good oh yeah oh wait down just a couple more three two one good under feet grab your dumbbells we’re going on one two three four left straight right straight left hook power punch one two three four one two three four keep those hands high don’t let them sink use good form and get those abs in the ball to your punches make sure you’re twisting one more one two three four set them down and go fly metric move scissor drums opposite arm and leg work together jump it straight up switching those legs and drop straight down breathe breathe big power whatever movement today huh let’s go push it good next line on the back going into it crunch twist Luisi push-up it back crunch coming up ballistic push up and back breathing works here come on give it up big power each of those push-ups just one more and good next round feet grabbing one dumbbell figures interlock windup explode wait your buck elbows bent windup explode do good powder in your hips and then your bleep this is a great one for punching power line up exploding good greedy lined up explode slowly wind up it slows one more lined up oh good keeping the one dumbbell graph the second alternating one arm dumbbell snatch elbow high flip 180 top drop the dumbbell straight in between your legs drop down sit weight in your buck elbow high grip dumbbell straight up breathe twist he’s switching it up doing great just a couple more and great set up now lie down on the ground and do it all or Swiss side [Music] this row rows three jumps 1 2 3 3 Row Row 3 jumps 1 2 3 sit down right into a booster squat down jumping up exploding straight up breathe only 15 more seconds in this first run almost there come on push mom five more seconds four three two one brick all right side around to meet the sprawl Nita sprawl make Obama booms above it this is an intense advanced workout come on let’s go push yourself through it back push yourself through doing great so far keep it up keep that pace up whew job moving it up come on straight down good it helps it out to the side leg raise right into the truck keep those abs tight legs all the way up lock there triangle tight oh did you get it pulling it in there knocking them in every time come on focus focus breathe and focus maybe the game doing great so far more good for two for green one to four at the top one two three four keep those punches high and never returning your chin after every punch return it into your chin come on just a few more one two three four one two three four set it down moving into Center jumps alternating legs straight up breathe straight up big power of those legs this is a great one for your tank down developing that takedown strength in your legs big power breathe move those arms with your legs work together stuff more hand good hit the ground we’re gonna crunch Melissa push-up big father to all these 30 second rounds that pace up stick with me come push right back into it Zoomers you Wow how bad do you want how bad do you want let’s go come three keep it up keep it up more one hand up on your feet ground what number we’re gonna switch side to side wind up it’s low wind up explode let’s go with those ABS and those hips knocking out your Punk keep those arms hot breathe hi twist in the ass slow line it up big power twist so line up big power twist we have a second Jamba one our alternating dumbbell snatches elbow high and flip the behind lip-read come on give it up pick up that pace now pick up that pace don’t slow down anything you pick it up come on put the heating on your pump putting the heat on come on let’s go let’s go let’s go – hit the ground now going plank row row one two three row row three jumps to good light on the Balter freedom guys are doing great don’t slow down don’t slow down two three up on the beat waiter your book sit push sit push sit push do it come on keep it up sit back big mouth give them those legs look dry come on eight seconds left five four three two one all right in around Rob three knees up guys come up more than athlete up breathe pick Colorado Nita drop straight down lower than one hit to the floor and then back up their little legs back bending hop back down breathe big power one more stay down on the ground leg to the side one at a time alternating which side you’re setting up you don’t always want to do while you’re trying to goes from one side wanna make sure all come on let’s go breathing we switch it up keep those out of sight or house hips up the ground the locking hitch ride couple more one last one and good 90 feet grab the dumbbells one two three four one two three four moving around lay down your feet come on pick up two three four one two three four keep those arms high and return your hands to your chin after every punch come on keep that defense up two three four right back at you one two three forward setting them down beside scissor jumps big pop good straight up and breathe nice let ladies don’t let your back feet hit the ground good job keep it up guys big pilot one right into the next guys are doing excellent hard workers nobody’s working harder than you we go into the butcher shop breathe this X up watch it on the same things right now begin soon push up a fight keep playing you pursue last one good grab one of them waited your book the user lock twist pull it up slow going up lined up lined up not gonna burn over here comes your powerhouse your machine don’t nobody can stop you don’t think it’s out let’s go one we’re gonna bet high elbow high lip breathe Walternate those snatches big pull on the handle keep good posture don’t bend over you’re doing great doing great three three this is one more good go to the hands of the float up mark or Swiss side side good pick that was hips up and twist your hips up and twist not a lot on this one but it really were so fast really work some things just a couple more good miss your cell block hit with an armbar get it in it good move to the hot link after tight row row row row row row [Music] [Music] three both dumbbells on your feet let’s go laughs through the stands sit sit blow it up come on up breathe straight up use your legs for pop good ten more seconds good job don’t slow down just a couple more five four three two one [Music] [Applause] let’s go standing up late great try running and breathe along the way do not hold your breath it’ll be this do the review hold your breath play great try keeping those and study its breathe come on push those hips one two three four one two three four come on play Mike Mike you gotta stop one two three four hot hands two three four hands back your chin what hands back every time breathe go doing great one more time they’re full good now scissor jumps half sight straight up straight up don’t let this back knee hit the ground come on man that’s going on let’s go you got your size and your book sit back on this one one more window that second jumped up go to the stand just wait your book uh behind only two more minutes left come on you’re doing great keep it up keep it up you’ll be come on push push push I’m giving you everything I got and I expect this scene from you in return I also want your best that’s it come on three two one [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] let’s go let’s go would you go what do you got left come on put it on the beautiful feelings you need a pilgrim that you’re not doing every 10 seconds left where were you put it all five four three two one zero excellent work out there everybody I gave you everything I had today I hope you enjoyed this warehouse if you did please check out this website for hundreds of additional free workouts including a bunch more on the day workouts please subscribe to this YouTube channel so we can keep these awesome workouts free like us on our Facebook fan page so we’ll send you the best big motivation for executed news feed thank you God is in your heart support our cause picked up a poster or t-shirt anything just to help keep you motivated and on track I’m coach Cosette from passing and I will see you at your next workout [Music]

24 thoughts on “20 Minute MMA Training Workouts – HASfit Mixed Martial Arts Workout – UFC Training Exercises

  1. nice video, unlike some retarded dude that just comes and talks for 15 mins on a 5 mins workout video -_-

    straight to the point and really interesting and inspiring…. here take my like and sub

  2. Absolutely amazing. Definitely the toughest workout I've done in the Hero Programme thus far and easily one of the most fun I've ever done. Ever. And I've done a lot of guided exercises & classes. =D

  3. hey coach,
    i have been practicing wrestling for 2 years now…..i go to the gym as well to do weight training. what is the best mma workout that you recommend for fat loss and endurance ? hope i get a reply
    btw you are the best
    – thank you

  4. Hey Coach Kozak, I love your workouts, and this one's definitely my favorite:
    High pace from start to finish, not much rest between exercises, all exercises are explosive/plyometrics (no a lot of easy abs break).
    I've done most of your Hero 90 High Intensity Exercise Program and your 40 Min MMA Workout, and cardio-wise, this is the hardest one.
    Wish you had more like this!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Back when I was doing MMA and BJJ, I walked around at about 165 and fought at 155. After a neck injury that makes it so I can never do BJJ again, I got to around 200. For about a year I fought to get back in shape. I consistently did hour long workouts where I'd finish covered in sweat, but saw almost zero results. I started doing your vids about a month ago, which are typically much shorter, but much more intense. I'm finally seeing results! I can even keep up with you on a couple vids (not this vid yet). 😀 Thank you!!!

  6. Def one of my favs doing the 90 day hero HIIT challenge from hasfit.com SO GOOD THATS A 20 mins u kno wasn't wasted

  7. Tried this a year ago, still use it today. Train insane or remain the same! I am subscribed to your channel sir!

  8. This workout is insanely challenging. Almost too much. Great if you wanna burn about 400 calories in 20 mins. Thanks again coach.

  9. You saved my life and the lives of hundreds of people around me. 100% sure I'm not alone when saying this. I'm speaking for THOUSANDS of people around the world blessed from your state-of-the-art contribution to mankind. Just do the math and realize that you're a true hero who's name will be forever remembered in humanity history. We will make sure of this, Kozak. "Thanks" is just a stupid-not-enough word to say. Immortality is yours. May you and your family enjoy a life full of wellness and happiness.

  10. Coach Kozak kicked my BUTT tonight! A LOT of fat is crying over here; like a pool of it! These workouts are saving lives dudes! God bless you all at HasFit!

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