2 Minute Technique: How to Back Take from the Turtle Position – PAMA, Wake Forest NC, Raleigh NC

so from the closed guard, we use the lapels, pin, tripod knee in the middle, t-rex arms, stack, he turtles
right knee goes in the middle, seat belt for grip. With the Kimura control, knee down
knee up pull him on to your lap with the seatbelt control. Foot over, fall to the
opposite side trap the arm. Fromt the other side. Lapel control, pin, tripod, knee in the
middle t-rex arms, pick a side to stack to
he rolls out, right knee goes in the middle
seatbelt control. Even better kimura grip. Knee down, knee up pull him into
your lap throw the hook in as I fall search for that arm and you start to
attack. Thanks, hope you enjoy. Give us a thumbs up if you liked it. See you on the next one.

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