2 Days: Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez – Full Show (HBO Boxing)

– ( speaking Spanish )
– Do me a favor. – Have him put it in
and bite down real good.
– ( speaking Spanish ) Make sure you tell him to keep
that thing in tonight.Cup’s in good shape.
Just do me a favor.
Tell him it’s a little high.
I don’t care. I just need to see
a belly button. When he comes in a ring,
I wanna see a belly button.( man speaking Spanish )You hit him, he goes down,
I’m gonna say “down, corner.”
I just need you to go
to the furthest neutral corner, stay there,
I’ll give him the command
to come back out and box. He gets caught up against
the ropes tonight, or he’s stuck in a corner,
he’s taking a lot of shots to the head and the body,
he’s gotta show me something. Fight back.
Bob and weave.
Run. Do something. Because if I think
you’re taking too many shots to the head and the body,
I’m gonna stop the fight. Last thing between
him and I, just tell him
to respect that belt. – ( dings )
( crowd cheering )( crowd chanting ) ( speaking Spanish )( Arnulfo Obando
speaking Spanish )
( announcer speaking
indistinctly )
…Mr. Alexis Arguello!( crowd cheering )Carlos Blandon:
He definitely feels
that if tomorrow
it’s necessary to die
to win that title, he will.
You know,
it gives me goose bumps.
I had never heard him say that
before for a fight. And he said it. He said,
“I’m ready to destroy him, and I’m ready to destroy myself
in the process.” Man:
Hola, Tito. –Hola!
– Hola! Max Kellerman:
What did you think
when Cuadras called you out?
– ( speaking Spanish )
– Jerry Olaya:He says,
“I was happy.”
What do you see
when you watch him fight? ( speaking Spanish ) He hasn’t faced a rival
who has really put him
under pressure. ( speaking Spanish )And I’ve prepared 100%
for this,
just to fight all night long
and to look for that title. Of all the guys
to call out in the world, you called out the number one,
pound-for-pound fighter,according to most people.Why did you call him out? ( speaking Spanish ) Olaya:
I’ve always said
that to be the best,
you’ve got to fight
the best.
You know, whether he’s
a friend inside the ring, I’m just gonna rip
his head off.( laughter )( Roman speaking Spanish )Kellerman:
According to most people,
you’re the best Nicaraguan
fighter ever. And as great
as Arguello was, you’re just a little bit
better than Arguello. Kellerman:
When you hear something
like that, what do you think?
– ( speaking Spanish )
– Olaya:You know,
I trained with him.
It was brutal, you know,
and I’m here because of God,
because of my team,
because of my father,
and because of Alexis, because we’re following
the footsteps of Alexis. But yet, I will never
be better than him.Alexis was just
at a different level.
Jim Lampley:
Fire a left jab
and a combination again.
And Arguello is in trouble.Arguello in big trouble
against the ropes.
Pryor going for the kill,
trying to put him away.
Arguello trying
to cover up.
A smashing right hand,and Arguello’s helpless
against the ropes.
Arguello’s hands to the side!
It’s over!
Aaron Pryor has retired
this junior…
Everybody remembers that.
It really broke our hearts. And now the fact that Roman
has an opportunity to win
that fourth title, he has all of Nicaragua
supporting him.( Luis Gonzalez
speaking Spanish )
All right,
ladies and gentlemen,
first to the scale.He was having weight problems
in his last fight. He claims no,
but he did not look
the same against Arroyo,a very good fighter also,
as is Cuadras.
And as good
as Chocolatito has been,
he went the distance. Been a while
since he went the distance. Kellerman:
That was the difference
between a good fighter
and a great fighters.114.6! Announcer:
114.6 is there.
Now he’s moving up in weight
so he doesn’t have to battle
the weight issues the same way,
but he’s fighting
a bigger guy who theoretically will be able
to take the power better. ( crowd shouting ) Man:
114.8, both fighters.
We have a super flyweight
world title tomorrow.
Great job by Carlos
and Roman.
( Roman speaking Spanish )Announcer:
Chocolatito and the Prince.
( crowd shouting )( boy speaking Spanish )( laughing ) This guy is calling
Chocolatito out because he feels like
he’s peaked now and he wants to fight
the best fighter while
he’s in his prime.One the other hand,
Chocolatito did not
one time say,
“Oh, he wants to fight me? Nah, I kind of want
to stay away from him.” We didn’t get that
from Chocolatito, but what we did get is
he went and put himself
with Triple Gto challenge himself
every day in training
so that he would be ready
for this guy. So there may be a little bit
more to it than we think.( Ramon speaking Spanish )Lampley:There’s a good
uppercut for Brook.
There’s a right hand
for Brook.
And now Golovkin comes back
with a left hook.
Body shot!
Brook is in trouble.
And Brook reaches out
and grabs Gennady Golovkin
and gathers him to him.
( Hernandez
speaking Spanish )
Lampley:Ingle is trying to get
referee Marlon Wright
to stop the fight.
And now he finally throws
the towel into the ring,
and Gennady Golovkin
is gonna have
a technical knockout victory
in round number five.
( Obando speaking Spanish )( Roman speaking Spanish )Tom Taylor:All right,
which one is he gonna wear?
Make sure you tell him to keep
that thing in tonight. – Good luck.
– You, too. Roman, good luck.
See you out there, all right?( Roman speaking Spanish )( all chattering in Spanish )Ah, vamos!( team cheering ) Man:
We’re ready.
We’re ready.
( crowd shouting )( audio fades )( no audible dialogue )– ( dings )
( crowd cheering )Jones Jr.:
Cuadras knows that it’s gonna
be a long night for him,
so the quicker he gets engaged,
the better off for him.
Cuadras has
an athletic abilitythat is obvious
when you watch him fight.
Good upper jab
by Cuadras. Kellerman:
Chocolatito, Roy,
one of those guys
where his opponent can do
everything he’s supposed to do
and still,
Chocolatito can make it
turn out bad for him.
Jones Jr.:
He’s made Cuadras burn
a lot of unnecessary energy,
like he’s doing
right now.
And Chocolatito is almost
running at Cuadras right now.
Jones Jr.:
You know why, Max?
Because he’s sparred
with him before.
He knows what’s
in front of him.
He know what it takes
to get to him.
( crowd chanting ) Kellerman:
I hope people can see this,
the way he rolls punches
off his shoulder
so they don’t land cleanly,the way he throws both hands
and varies the speed
and power of his punches
to the head and body,
it is masterful.
– Time! ( corner chattering ) 40 seconds! – ( whistle trills )
– Taylor:Let’s go,
seconds out!
Six, five, four–
stat coming in–
three, two, one.( bell dings )Jones Jr.:
Cuadras is doing better
this round, Max.
He started this round out
better than he started
the last two out.
Chocolatito needs
to defend himself
a little better
because a good shot
may send him down
just coming in
without defense like this.
That straight right
right there, he walked
right into it.
You’re right.
Chocolatito’s left eyeis showing the signs
of some of those shots
Cuadras is landing.
Jones Jr.:
And Cuadras’s face
is holding up really well.
We don’t see any damage.Good body shot.Kellerman:
Big confidence.
Jones Jr.:
Now Cuadras is being Cuadras.
He’s the kind of fighter
that feeds off energy,
feeds off the crowd–
and is not so ready
to give up his belt.

( crowd chanting )Jones Jr.:
Now at all.
Chocolatito not only has
a mouse under the left eye,
I think there’s some swelling
on the left side of his face,
and there’s a little cut,
it looks like,
over his right eye now.There it is.In this weight area,
fighters tend to age earlier
than in heavier
weight classes.
He’s 29 years old,
45 fights,
and he’s in tough tonight.
( bell dinging )– Jones Jr.:
Good hook by Cuadras.

– Kellerman:It was!I thought the hook
shook Chocolatito up
at the end of that round.
– ( trainer speaking Spanish )
– Olaya:Deep breaths.I want you to work the body,
You already got a call,
but I want you to work
with the hooks to the body.
( whistle trills )( bell dings )Kellerman:
Roy, I saw a look
on Chocolatito’s face
I am not used to seeing.I don’t know
if I’ve ever seen it before,
even in the Estrada fight,
a very tough fight.
He looked disheartened
coming into this round.
Jones Jr.:
Cuadras right now
is in much better position
than Chocolatito
because he’s taking chances
that normal guys we’d see
in this situation
wouldn’t take.
Big left hook from Cuadras.
Jones Jr.:
And this is what I like
about Chocolatito–
he goes through
all of that,
he comes back stronger
than he was before he started.
You know? ( laughs )
Yes.– Kellerman:And now a cut
over Cuadras’s right eye.

( bell dings )Jones Jr.:
The fighters
come together here.
There’s a vicious head butt
that I think caused that cut
over Cuadras’s right eye.Kellerman:
Chocolatito has
a target now–
that cut over the right eye
of Cuadras,
which was ruled
an accidental head butt,
not the result of a punch.It’s difficult to call
the blow-by-blow action
with Chocolatito
because it’s a nonstop
steady stream of lefts
and rights.
with the left hand.
Right hand over the top
by Chocolatito.
Jones Jr.:
Good right hand
by Chocolatito.
The question is
how will Cuadras respond?
In the past,
his punch output
has decreased
in the second half of fights.
Cuadras had that cut
opened up now over
the right eye,
but he’s throwing
some good combinations,
and he’s catching Chocolatito
on the way in.
Jones Jr.:
This is one hell
of a boxing match, Max.
You got two
good fighters here, son.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Cuadras full of confidence
in the final round
against Chocolatito
and the outcome of this fight
seemingly still in the balance.
Both men leaving it all out
in the middle of the ring.
( bell dinging )
– ( crowd cheering ) Jones Jr.:
What a fight.
What a fight.Michael Buffer:
…all for your winner
by unanimous decision,
andnewWBC super flyweight
champion of the world,
Roman…Chocolatito…Gonzalez!( bell dinging )
( crowd cheering )Kellerman:
You tonight have won a belt
in your fourth
weight division,
the first Nicaraguan fighter
to do it.
The great Alexis Arguello
never did it.
How do you feel tonight
about that accomplishment?
– ( speaking Spanish )
– He’s my teacher. And I am his son.And I’m simply following
his legacy.
This victory is for
the Republic of Nicaragua,
for my family…foremost, God.Announcer:
Don’t miss Chocolatito Gonzalez
versus Srisaket Sor Rungvisai
and Gennady Golovkin
versus Daniel Jacobs
Saturday March 18th,
live on pay-per-view.
( music playing )

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