2 Days: Canelo Alvarez (HBO Boxing)

( music playing )( wind blowing )Max Kellerman:
If you love action
and the big fight
last week put you to sleep,
wake up.Oscar De La Hoya:
A lot of people were
by the big super fight
last weekend,
and so a lot of people
are hungry to watch
an explosive fight.
I can guarantee you
one thing–
this fight is going
to be action-packed. – Canelo! Canelo!
– ( whistles ) ( speaking Spanish ) ( speaking Spanish ) Woman:
( crowd clamoring )( men chatting
in Spanish )
De La Hoya:
I look at Canelo as a fighter
who dares to be great, a fighter who is willing
to take risks. ( speaking Spanish ) Wake up, baby.
Wake up, wake up. ( men laugh ) Kellerman:
So last week,
Mayweather, Pacquiao–
pretty obviously needed to be a little more
aggressive than he was
to beat Floyd. What level of aggression
to beat Caneloshould we expect from you
tomorrow night?
You speak on aggression. I told my team
the other day, I say, “I want to be
up on him so close, it’s gonna feel
like we’re –.” I want him
to smell my breath,
smell my tension. If I haven’t showered
in three days, I want him
to smell the musk.I want him to smell
and understand that
I’m here for a dogfight.
Kirkland wants to show him
I want to drag your ass
through the mud and let’s see if you
can still stay clean. And I feel like it’s gonna
be a great fight. Thank you
so much for your time.
Really appreciate it. Right from the first bell,
Kirkland’s gonna just
go out thereand throw everything
with bad intentions.
It’s worrisome
to think about
the power
that Kirkland possesses. But then again,
Canelo is in tremendous shape. I mean, this is the fight
of his life. For decades now,
there’s always a great
Mexican fighter.Not a good Mexican fighter,
a great Mexican fighter.
Do you feel any kind
of extra responsibility
to be better than good,
to be great? – ( speaking Spanish )
( Olaya interpreting )Where do you rank
Kirkland as far as
your opponents? Where does he rank? ( speaking Spanish ) ( speaking Spanish ) – Man:Here we go.
You ready, champ?
– Let’s do this.
Michael Buffer:
He is the Mandingo Warrior,
James Kirkland!
– ( crowd cheering )
( Chepo speaking Spanish )( crowd cheering )( Eddy speaking Spanish )( crowd cheering )( Canelo speaking Spanish )( speaking Spanish ) ( men chanting
in Spanish ) Canelo, Canelo!
Rah! Rah! Rah! ( cheering )( Canelo speaking Spanish )( Chepo speaking Spanish )Stick to your
right, camera guy.
Stick to your right. ( Canelo speaking Spanish ) ( crowd cheering ) Buffer:
The former super welterweight
champion of the world,
Canelo Alvarez!( bell rings ) Jim Lampley:
Canelo’s getting hit
by Kirkland
and he’s stuck
in the corner.
– Man:There we go!
– Lampley: Kirkland
firing away.
Lands a left,
lands another left.
Hard right hand by Canelo.Alvarez has a chance
for something big.
A right hand!
Down goes Kirkland.Both fighters have been
hurt in round one.
Canelo piecing this
together brilliantly
ever since the early assault
from Kirkland
that rocked him
in the corner.
Canelo working, working.Jon Schorle working.
– ( bell rings )
And Kirkland’s
gonna make it out
of the round just barely.
Alvarez backs Kirkland
into the ropes.
Roy Jones Jr.:
How is he still here?
I don’t know.
Incredible conditioning
is the only answer.
He’s hitting him with
everything but the kitchen sink
and Kirkland’s
still standing up.
And now the Mandingo Warrior
starts to fire himself.
It’s an all-out war
in round two.
And these are big, powerful
junior middleweights.
How shocked would we be
at this point
if this fight
went 12 rounds?
– Jones Jr.:Oh, no way.
– Kellerman: No way.
( both laugh )( cheering ) ( bell rings ) Kellerman:
So far it’s skill over will
and Kirkland has to change
that equation.
Perfect shots
by Canelo Alvarez.
What a savage beating.
This is target practice
for Canelo Alvarez.
Jones Jr.:
Yes, it is.
Uppercut knocks
Kirkland down.
Second knockdown
of the fight.
( cheering )Kirkland took great pains
to let Jon Schorle know
he’s not knocked out,
just knocked down.
Second knockdown.There’s a perfect strike
right hand!
And Schorle’s
gonna stop the fight.
What a performance
by Canelo Alvarez.
Maybe all things considered,
the most electrifying
of Canelo Alvarez’s career.
And they are still working
with James Kirkland
on the deck.
( Canelo speaking Spanish )( Chepo speaking Spanish )( Canelo speaking Spanish )( music playing )

100 thoughts on “2 Days: Canelo Alvarez (HBO Boxing)

  1. Canelo really does seem like a cool dude out of the ring as well. I'm rooting for him on November. He's definitely been growing inside the sport and improving. It would be awesome to see him as a great some day.

  2. Don't know if B side Canelo can be the pressure fighter last time he was b side he lost. Im'ma have to pick Cotto thou only cause Freddie is his coach and he still moves his feet but if he get caught with one of those bombs from Alverez that nigga goin night night.

  3. Cotto is going to be put into a hurt locker by round 6. No way Cotto sees the 12th round. Canelo steamrolls Cotto, big time.

  4. Canelo don't need new trainer if you see mayweather, pacman, Marquez, they have the some trainer they go from bad to good lil by lil we are going to see something they we never see on canelo Camp i like cotto andt canelo they don't run like some boxers that's boxing like back 1950 and to 2000 .2002 and up and star to by marathon so i hope the best for this to good boxers

  5. That prayer at the beginning gave me chills. They're not in this cuz they like hurting people or to hurt the opponent. They're in this cuz they have families to feed and want nothing but the best for them. Boxing one of the best sports in the world.

  6. Forget Cotto. I want to see Canelo in ring with Golovkin. That's my dream match. And then I want to see Klitschko against Wilder.

  7. People talking about canelo draining him self to fight at 154 because it's easier lol. He fought erislandy Lara one of the best of the best at 154 and won. Haters will hate I guess

  8. Aright, guys, I've stopped watching boxing in quite awhile now. My question is, I'm pretty sure Canelo and Cotto were good friends. Is there any bad blood ?

  9. Canelo is the future of boxing weather u like it or not, he's earning his respect and he actually cares for his fans!

  10. I have a weird feeling that canelo is going to take year off after the cotto fight .he wants to avoid GGG too

  11. I am following the updates of this #CottoCanelo fight, but really can't tell who's gonna win between the two.. though Cotto was the underdog, but he got Roach's back. Nonetheless, let's all watch them on November 21st. See you all fellas.

  12. The fact he looked over his opponent to see if he's ok, and was genuinely concerned, makes me a Canelo fan. Hopefully he can win against Cotto.

  13. James Kirkland is a fool. He has success with Ann and chooses to work with unknown trainers thinking it will benefit. Second try…second time he has had dinner with the Sandman in less the two rounds. I think he doesn't like to work at the grueling pace Ann demands…shame cause he is like Mr Hyde with her….

  14. Floyd's fault for the superfight being boring. Even if he fought legendary fighters like Chavez Sr, Sugar Ray Leonard or Roberto Duran, Floyd would still find a way to put the fans to sleep.

  15. Canelo McAlvarez, this guy is good to be a white boy ….Mexican, but Miguel Cotto is going to crack his head like a Coconut!

  16. When they talk about canelo after his career is finished… It will be mentioned with one name… May weather made him look like a amateur

  17. Everything out of Oscar's mouth is throwing shade at Mayweather lol. Kind of surprised Kirkland has a slur mid career

  18. if he doesn't already have a nutritional specialist he should get one. All that disorganized mess on the table at 1:50 leaves me to believe he doesn't. If I was a super star like canelo I would definetly have one so my nutrition would be spot on and my body could be relentless.

  19. Good boxer train and show it on the ring TO THE BEST OF SKILLS but now in days Lots of money is at play THE ONLY SKILL THAT FLOYD EVER SHOWS ! HUGGING ,KISSING & DANCING ,,,sorry Floyd !!!

  20. Cowardelo doesn't fight shit,that fucking coward is worst than Frauyd. What a shame for Mexico,having a coward as a fake middleweight champion. He should cherry pick bums at caneloweight,and let the real fighters dispute the middleweight WBC belt.

  21. GGG is more of Mexican style than Canelo…. Mexican style means you fight anyone in your division. Duran did it, Canelo won a middleweight belt but is afraid and ducks GGG at 160, yeah middleweight. Canelo is big enough, just chicken shit!!

  22. "Canelo is willing "to take risks" -Oscar DLH

    Then why not fight Gennady Golovkin at the true middleweight weight of 160.
    If Canelo was a junior middleweight, than OK. But he's not anymore. He claims the titles at middleweight, meaning if he is the warrior that Oscar says he is, he has to take on GGG. If he wins, he will without a doubt become a superstar (which he already is, but a win over GGG would catapult him to the top of the P4P rankings and end all the doubt).

    If he loses, than so be it. He is very young and can make a comeback. Instead though, I believe Canelo will wait for GGG to get old (Golovkin is already past his prime as he turns 34 in April) before he fights him.

  23. When fights do extra shit to show or act like they pumped up they usually shitting themselves like Kirkland.Look at Mayweather, Pacquiao, Canelo,GGG staredowns …very relaxed and composed

  24. Kirkland was so anxious and wanted to " fuck " Canelo so bad that he literally punched himself out in the first half of round one. He gets dropped and wakes up trying to throw bombs even though he is hurt.I think hes scared and is fighting frantically.

  25. Canelo looks like he kills himself to make weight. He has the power to stay at 160, he should just fight there. I don't like all the catch weight fights he does.

  26. God knows who's the physical gringo father of Cenella while his mother was cleaning illegally houses in LA

  27. Maricanelo Alvaroide 💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁

  28. Well kirtland got to be so close that Canelo could smell kirts shit stains from the ass kicking LMAO..when running you're mouth goes wrong

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