13-Year-Old Trailblazing Female Boxer Gets Epic Surprise From Manny Pacquiao’s Trainer

>>My name is Marilyn Gonzales. I’m 13 years old and I started boxing when I was 6. Then I stopped because I got sick. I was punching the bag. And all of a sudden my nose started bleeding. I started shaking and blinking. I forgot to my parents were. I lost memory. Couldn’t remember no one. I kept telling my parents I wanted to keep boxing, I wanted to pursue my dream and my goal. Boxing was my second home. My gym was very welcoming. I liked to release all my pain there, my sadness. Punching the bag. I love fighting. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the ring but you always have a mentality that you’re going to win. They call me the conqueror girl because I’m from Watts. Watts is known as a place where there’s a lot of gangs, a lot of violence, a lot of drugs. Boxing means like good people into my journey. And I really love the way that my goals push me to do more. I always step in this room and I look at my medals. Everything I’ve won. And I say, wow. Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming, to be honest. Every single bell, every single medal, every single trophy I’ve won, it’s not just my work. It’s also the people behind the scenes who also support me and help me out. So this is the junior olympics it wasn’t an easy fight. No fight is easy. I won this for my dad. Because he’s always pushing me. My parents came from Mexico because they wanted a different lifestyle for us. They wake up at like 3:00, early morning. I’ve been to their work and it’s really cold. And the chicken is frozen so it’s really hard to cut it. My mom comes home, her hands hurt, her feet hurt. And my dad always comes home tired. My parents never gave up. And I admire them a lot because they’re like my superheroes. I think that I will be able to make it out of Watts because I have big dreams. I want to go be part of team usa. I want to represent my community, my family, everyone who supports me. From there, if god wants, I could achieve my dream of being an olympic medalist. Winning a gold medal, bringing it back, I feel like I’ll help other kids see, like, she brought a gold medal and she’s from Watts, from like this place. I could do it too, you know?>>What is it?>>Hey, Marilyn, Mario Lopez here. I’ve seen you train. You’ve got the hands fluid. They look great. I love boxing myself.>>Oh my gosh.>>Maybe we could spar. I want to see that bag work up I wanted to personally invite you to my gym. And I look forward to meeting>>Wow, wow, wow! Oh, what? Thanks, Mario. Really appreciate it. Can’t wait to see you, can’t wait.>>Oh my gosh!>>Get over here. How are you doing?>>Good!>>So nice to meet you.>>Thank you! I can’t believe it, I can’t. I can’t believe it.>>You can’t believe what?>>That you’re here.>>Yeah, of course, I wanted to meet you.>>Wow, me too, yeah.>>So I just figured we’d get a little workout today.>>Yeah, uh-huh.>>Maybe you could show me a little something, shadow boxing, we’ll do a couple of bags and just — sound good?>>Sounds good.>>All right, mija, let’s get into it. You like that counterpunching, a lot of combos.>>Nice. Oh, oh, oh! Ha! Good stuff, good stuff. Slick with it. I like the balance you have and you’re good with your distance. You’re going upstairs, downstairs. Throwing in the towel, throwing in the towel. So Marilyn, I know one of your dreams is to go to the olympics. One of your favorite fighters is Manny Pacquiao. I thought it would be cool if you got to train with his trainer, Freddie roach. Freddie, come on out.>>Wow! What? What?>>This is Marilyn.>>Hi.>>Good to meet you.>>She’s a big fan of yours. Manny is her favorite fighter. I thought it would be cool, Fred, since that’s a dream of hers, she gets to work with you. Sound good? Ready for some work?>>Yes.>>All right, let’s do it.>>Oh!>>Right hand. One, two. One, two. One, two, hard. Buddy. Excellent work.>>How’s it coming?>>There you go.>>Yeah! Whoo!>>All right, thank you.>>Yay! You look like you’ve been working together for years.>>This is like the first day with Manny Pacquiao in there.>>What do you think, Fred? I know you can tell right away.>>How old are you?>>13.>>Can you turn pro yet?>>Obviously you’ve got a great trainer behind you. You’ve also got a great support it’s all about having a great corner. I want to recognize everybody. Get over here, team. Get over here, mom, dad, team. Let’s all huddle up. Freddie, thank you again for everything. And Familia, gracias. And olympics!>>That’s right.>>Look out for Marilyn, here we come, yay!>>Holy cow.>>Please welcome back Marilyn Gonzales!>>How are you doing? You look so pretty. How are you?>>Thank you.>>All right. Look at this.>>Wow.>>Marilyn’s coming out, looking like straight out of a magazine.>>Right.>>But don’t sleep on her because she’ll knock you out. We saw that fast work. I mean, you were moving.>>Yep.>>You looked so good. And I love that you’ve got such respect for your family and you realize the sacrifices they make and they’re so supportive and it all starts with the support at home, right?>>Yeah, it does a lot, uh-huh.>>You put school as a priority?>>Yes.>>Make sure that’s done. How do you balance it with school and the training and having to do your duties at home?>>So is school is like the same as boxing. There’s no difference. Nothing is a boff, nothing is lower. School is always first. And I also want to have a career.>>Oh.>>Go to university, go to college, graduate. And everything have goals in boxing too. So it’s basically an equal amount of achievement.>>Marilyn, my money is on you. You recently almost didn’t make weight. What did you have to do?>>Cut my hair.>>She’s got a giant — turn around, show your hair. That’s a cool girl right there.>>That’s commitment.>>Commitment.>>She’s going to make this weight, make this weight.>>We wanted to make sure you look sharp before you go out for your next fight, okay? So got you this real cool –>>Wow, wow.>>Concrete rose.>>Wow.>>See? Here, here. Put it on.>>Marilyn what do you say to girls out there who maybe want to get into boxing?>>I say, like there’s no impossible. You could always have a mindset, and you know, keep persevering your goals and don’t give up.>>I’m talking to her like she’s my kid.>>Wow. I’m so surprised.>>You look great. Well, some people that I want to recognize, I did it last time but they’re here, I think they’re incredibly important. Jorge. [ Speaking foreign language ]>>A dad with daughter sports especially is so important, Mario, I love this.>>It really is. And the boxing. [ Speaking foreign language ]>>They’ve got all girls. Okay? She’s the only one that fights right now. [ Speaking foreign language ]>>He balances it out. He works hard, he’s there for his girls, that’s what they try to do.>>What do your friends think>>My friends always like, they’re like, that guy’s really famous, why didn’t you tell me? And we always have to remain because this doesn’t make us different from them.>>Exactly.>>I go to school every day. There’s nothing different from my friend and me.>>You have goals to represent team usa in the olympics.>>Uh-huh.>>What would that mean for you and your family?>>As a Latina, I like representing where I come from. I come from the projects and I want to demonstrate to the people that just because I come from the projects doesn’t mean that I can’t go to representing team usa or the olympics.>>Heck yeah.>>And I also wanted to say –>>Good for you. You’re going to do it. Gracias.

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  1. Wow what a great miracle ❣️ πŸ‘ .Much love to this insperational little girl.The future is your s . Mayweather blueprint Hard Work &Dedication .πŸ’žπŸ’―πŸ‘Ό.

  2. Im not even her dad and I'm so proud of her. Her parents have to be outstanding to raise such a beautiful child so humble and appreciative.

  3. Tell you she got Talent coming out her ears fantastic prospect good luck to her wouldn't be surprised one bit if she made the Olympic games at some point.

  4. Stick to boxing waste of time going to college complete waste of money and time to get brainwashed by leftist Marxist communist teachers.

  5. Wow! She is very talented and I love the fact that she is so family oriented and recognizes the sacrifices that her parents have made for her. I wish her success in all of her endeavors. Better watch out for old Freddy. He may steal her.

  6. This really warms my heart. My youngest daughter is 4 & she's taken an interest in Boxing. My GF & I put the gloves on her & she'd be boxing, hitting the punching bag for hours & hours. Hopefully, this girl will be her trainer one day if my daughter decides to continue to box as she grows up.

  7. Very articulate young lady. I'm glad to see my mujeres at such a young age putting it down and branching into something unusual for lur women to do.
    Respect from another Angeleno.

    Mexican/Chicano Pride πŸ‡²πŸ‡½β˜οΈ

  8. You precious pretty young girl to go to a boxing carrer is not for you to pursue. Look at what happened to Many Paquiao, he became an eating dots monster (Pacman).

  9. 5:47 so cute she is actually a boxer and she dress like that minidress rubber shoes with a flower ribbon on her hair. very feminine and so suit for her age. I love this girl! β€πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

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