113-year-old kungfu master with strong voice/amazing body language in business speech(short Version)

I suggest to organize a team to do a live
show. The show will consist of one on one fighting comptition,
featuring 18 styles of arms an weapons, such as : swords, riffles, sabres, fencing,
ropes, craw, etc….. I can teach all these styles. Young people would like it. We can sell tickets.
We can also incooperate kungfu training with education from elementary to middle school. When people get to know this combination, they will come to see the show
even it is costly!

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  3. Can you even spell respect?
    And your ghetto trash talk shows how intelligent you are.
    That old man would kick your ass!

  4. Im chinese, this is clearly edited. The old guy is going on about a tax being introduced. A 113 year old kung fu master in a polo shirt and khakis?

  5. You can see his birth proof in another video among 3 videos this person uploaded:
    A 113 year old martial arts master with his young girlfriend.

    Right now it only shows when searching under :
    A 113 year old kungfu master with his young girlfriend.

  6. Well he's died on 21st October, 2012, 119 years old. Zijiang Lv was borned on 15 October of 1893. At the year he was borned the world war 1 havn't got any omen yet.

  7. Hey guys. Very good video clip.

    My brother was once flabby. He went from 293 lbs of fat to 212 lbs of full-strength muscle mass. I could not believe it! I just subscribed myself because I wanna beef up. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  8. baike.baidu.com/view/108139(dot)htm

    Unfortunately, he died Oct 21, 2012. Funny old man did some Chen Made A War Sword Kung Fu.

  9. you are all retarded. 
    he is not really 113 years old! the title has nothing to say. 
    he's probably not even over 90

  10. How to turn on captions: On the bottom right hand corner, there is a CC button.  Just click on it and you should see a pop-up window saying that captions are ON. 

  11. ok just a couple of lines from the beginning,
    Kung fu guy, KF

    K Fu Guy :
    no good… all you getting … high with che–ihre,
    Just show you the phiaoh yente,
    : the phiaoh yente tao ita?? "H"
    K Fu Guy:
    so, the phiaoh yente "H" ( hydro), touched and 2 strong
    wu su bobo summoned pies ….(and what said) thats o.k, the phiaoh ye,
    check the phiaoh yente 1000 in the euro nai?
    sababa bitch ate "H"
    check the walk of Her Chao, (u)…2, should eat that

    Later on at the police station.
    woorm up saba and beer init…
    you did , nigga
    we were just abou t to buy sussi,
    i am sorry , sorry nigga,
    Chen made a war sword,
    i bomed in the war sword
    now look at that so you can sign,
    i made you some bamba and pizza base
    Jemilla look at the emperor
    i am …
    Emperor: here s a visa
    this is summer in the Chin is all i buy is visa
    Chichi: chichi me me horny
    then children… you show took it from him you go there
    ye, there eeeh drama with a lada lada lada

    thank you, for your patience

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