10th Planet Freaks – Geo Martinez & Ben Eddy at EBI 15

Eddie Bravo: What it was with you Geo, what you did for
the system was in jiu jitsu for me to really show what the system is all about I had to transfer
the knowledge and it takes 7-8-9 years for a normal person to get my style, you know
what I mean? it’s so unorthodox and then plus you got to learn
all the basic shit too. but with you, with your breakdancing background,
you showed really quick what the 10th Planet system is all about like that. I didn’t need you for 8 years, I didn’t need
you for 10 years, I needed you for 2 years and I’m like boom right away. Ok, finally! …you were an example of, you were like 6-7-8
years at 2 years. You were just fucking up everybody right away. Geo “Freakahzoid” Martinez Eddie Bravo: No pure jiu jitsu
guys said “hey put me in combat jiu jitsu” none of them, not even….only one, and that was Ben Eddy. Ben Eddy is the only one. I got a long list of people who want to compete
in Combat Jiu Jitsu and they are all MMA fighters. No pure jiu jitsu guys. Only one! Only one, only one and that’s Ben Eddy, he’s my brown belt from 10th Planet San Diego. Bruce Buffer: Presenting 10th Planet Freaks – Ben Eddy This is for the EBI CJJ Bantamweight Belt Eddie Bravo: …he does this leg-in guillotine, the Hindulotine. If you are really good at, just really good,
so good that your training camp has to address it and use valuable time to address and train
against that then you already got them off balance. Ben Eddy probably has one of the Top 2 guards
in the world. If you end up in his full guard, it’s a wrap.

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