10 Shocking Boxing Incidents!
Hey there folks! I bet you all seen that bout with the gloves thing at list a few times
in your life. That savage rhapsody in a form of a civilized «boxing match». Unfortunately,
not many of us know how sad, tragic and ugly a boxing match can turn. So today you will
hear 10 unfortunate episodes from a history of glorious boxing game. Kim Duk-koo
A super star from South Korea Kim Duk-koo is one of the saddest examples in the boxing
history of how dangerous and cruel this sport can be. Kim Duk-koo was working very hard
throughout his carrier and finally he got the chance to meet an absolute champion Ray
Mancini. After a fatal right hook Kim suffered a severe brain damage and died a few days
after. Three month later Kim`s mother committed a suicide. Panama Lewis
Despite the fact that Panama Lewis is a very talented, world famous boxing coach, he wouldn’t
refuse using foul methods and playing a dirty game to win the match. The most famous case
is when his protege Luis Resto was fighting Billy Collins jr. Lewis knew there was no
way his fighter could win the match so he decided to remove part of the filling from
the glove. So as a result Collins Jr. suffered serious injuries throughout the match. He
couldn’t continue his boxing career and died 10 month later in a car crash. Many people
believe he was suffering severe depression which resulted in a suicide. Luis Resto and
his coach were convicted to 2.5 years of imprisonment and a lifelong suspension from participating
in boxing matches. Mike Tyson
Tyson was leading the fight and after a few rounds he became ravenous and hungry for the
human flesh. Mad that he couldn’t knock Holyfield out, in the third round crazy Tyson
bit off a piece of his opponents ear and spit it out on the ring! Against all odds the judge
continued the match. Nevertheless Tyson was suspended for his unconventional methods. Jim Norris
Jim Norris is a corrupted fella to the tips of his toes. He was organizing match fixings
including the Jake LaMotta vs Billy Fox and Harry Thomson vs Max Schmeling fights. All
of that was shown on a national TV. Moreover Norris managed to fix up fights some boxers
didn’t even wanted to be a part of! IBF president Bob Lee- senior.
The sanctioning body of International Boxing Federation has been convicted of giving a
subjective criterion ratings. It became clear when the federation president Bob Lee senior
was manipulating the system to award and proclaim champions those boxers whose patrons gave
the biggest bribes. Referee Richard Still
It is always fascinating when the top champions go head to head. People were very excited
when the Olympic champion Meldrick Taylor was up against an undoubted leader Julio Cesar
Chavez. Despite the fact that Taylor was dominant most of the match and stood up right after
the knockdown, Referee Richard Still decided to end the match 2 seconds earlier and proclaimed
Chavez the winner. The Nevada Athletic Commission denounced this decision and referees carrier
was over. Sonny Liston
Back in the 1960s the name of Sonny Liston was a synonym of corrupted fights. Most famous
of all was perhaps the fight against the one and only Muhammad Ali. The footage shows that
during the match Sonny Liston suffered a minor injury, nevertheless the judge stopped the
fight. Some people suspect that Liston was a part of mafia family. Don King
For as long as three decades Don King was known as the star in the boxing community.
Mostly because of the public relations. But there s also another point of view, many boxers
among who are Jorge Foreman, Mohamed Ali, Mike Tyson, Larry Holms and many more have
sued Don King for multiple fraud cases, stealing, breach of contract and bribery. Some even
say that Don King was somehow connected with the organized crime cartels. Andrew Golota
In the 1990s Andrew Golota was very close to defeating Riddick Bowe, the absolute champion
of that time. In his attempt to become the new champion Andrew Golota started hitting
his opponent below the belt. Despite several warnings, Golota continued breaking the rules
and Riddicks manhood until he was disqualified. James Butler
James Butler had great potential and was a very promising fighter. Everything could turnout
much better for him if it wasn’t his unnatural inability to accept defeat. After he lost
a fight in 2011 he pretended that he was coming back to the ring to congratulate his opponent,
but instead he broke his jaw in an act of rage. Butler was sent to prison after this
accident. But even then he committed another crime: he killed and then burned the body
of boxing analyst Max Kellerman. He was sentenced to 29 years of imprisonment.


  1. Now I know the truth of Richard steele. He owns a gym that I joined a few years ago but never knew why he wasn't a referee

  2. Someone needs to tell Stephen A Smith that he needs a new debate partner since Max Kellerman was burned and killed. Yikes !

  3. How did you get Duk Too Kim's name wrong in the beginning? I watched that fight on afternoon TV and he was winning the first 10 rounds. Sad sad death.

  4. Lo que no te cuenta el vídeo es , que Luis resto fue responsable de dejar ciego a billy,q un año después se duicido.Resto llevaba yeso en las vendas,fue a la carcel junto con su entrenador

  5. This is pathetic, how can we take you seriously when u don't take yourself seriously? Mispronouncing names, inaccurate information…
    Do better

  6. 1:30 he didn't just remove padding from his gloves he also used plaster of paris on his hand wraps. He admitted that after he got out of prison. Him and panama are piece of shit scumbags. Collins was my cousin

  7. The chavez / taylor fight was not what people make it out to be. Richard steel stopped the fight by the rules. Taylor would not raise his gloves and did not answer steels questions. By the rules you stop the fight. And Richard steel did not know there was only 2 seconds left. He doesn't wear a fucking watch. Yes Taylor was winning but he was knocked down and did not respond. If there was a minute left and he let Taylor fight and Taylor takes permenant damage then everyone cries that steel should have stopped it.

  8. Richard "Still"???
    Dude, don't do fight vids any more – one of the prerequisites is tgat you've actually watched a prize fight 🤔

  9. Tyson was losing the fight, and the ref stopped it. And Richard Steele is still a ref. Jesus dude. Get your stuff right.

  10. You should never tell anything about boxing again.Boxer never killed max Kilerman he killed his brother again never killed HBO Announcer but did kill his brother.I count like 6 mistakes you have made,please for you're own sanity do not discuss boxing on Youtube again.

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