10 Killer Kickboxing Combos for Beginners to Advanced

we’re doing over 10 kickboxing
combinations you can use for straight up boxing, kickboxing or Muay Thai. we’re
going through it just the combinations first thing with some footwork and then
with kicks at the end. if you’re new to the channel consider subscribing to get
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so from the basics we’ll start with the first four – it’s gonna be jab jab cross
jab cross hook jab cross hook cross now instead of calling these I don’t punch
my punch I can just say the number of the combination so this is one this is your first four, it’s pretty typical
Dutch style, Bas Rutten style punch combinations – you can make any of those punches to the body, but usually when you’re calling combinations it’s the last punch
now we’re going to combination number five that’s one, two, uppercut, cross, hook
as you do it you can do the first three fast, pause, cross, hook with all these combinations right into the footwork down the hall these
combinations make sure you can you’re coming in with little feints and fakes little bit
of movement before hands we should be you shouldn’t be stiff before starting the combination – little bit before you start throwing the
punches when you’re done with the punches pen should be back up and you
should retreat off to the side into the exact any look in a second
right number six across across. If I say 6 right here when I say seven is
it’s the opposite so hook, cross, hook 8 is uppercut, hook, cross 9 is the opposite and ten is
overhand right, uppercut, and straight kinda like number 5. So we’ll go through all 10 in a row three six seven right does your basic punch combinations
now read you a little bit forward a good general rule fun dogs need to be folding
every time they’re good place to start when you finish to do that which he
loves we finished with your right foots you’re right now you’d only exception
without really to the jab you should never go in the same direction that you
want it for just solo jobs you’re getting shoe predictable
so the jab I’m looking out there you can jump about down to the left jab right be
a little bit more varied with that hat but is it your bigger combinations
you’re gonna go to the same side of the finish line so going to one shoes I’m
gonna I’m gonna push off this and go to side here if it’s one two three I’m
gonna go on to the side here if it’s four to my life yeah I do what this is back
to a collector please her next easiest punch for her to throw
a hook of Rome locksmith in your weight come out but to a cross and she blocks
it the hand is most likely to hit me three
times watch me going away from that a dinner is very easy through these this
is a good place to start so I stand in terms of one children you wanna talk
about how to move right now I’m gonna it’s just still a little left hand out
and the trees move it off on an angle so two good three I’m basically just making
sushi on the side my friend okay so if I kiss will agree one two three not just
our competitor she can still get me I need to brings ready to hit the punch or
atomic if I’m outside okay six goes right bitches uh close lock the artery
recent opinion what you want to do next but whatever you finish you should move
and she’s moving just a few number six again post across Buddha just enough
that I can’t hit but she wants you should be heavy she’s not making any
unnecessary to go cross hook cross you jump of way back here that’s too
much effort you’re using your way out of reeds and not gonna be able to
capitalize any need for our follow-ups and your points are they over like boys
into ropes in the corner Somu just enough that you’re on the side
just put the full stuff that you can hit them if you do okay now the general rule
for going with chicks is you finished with the left hand you go to the right
leg and vice versa off of a job they’ll be ready cake good job cross will be
about any what the body of a journal depends on what you want to do you can
freestyle into these more specific right now with your right leg kicks about body
kicks what is he three so please jicama she’s gonna move on to the ready to turn
she’s gonna show the right six seven secrets if when you’re gonna
run away from each other down nice from there will be nine ten
now with these kicks again these are just generally more fun we don’t always
talk about always exactly you should be able to kick left off Obama and right
now pull up with 80 points up should be able to raincheck ideally what you’re
doing as a partner drill renewed on pass let’s see you do just to go well right
left right you don’t have to be stuck in that specific moment you can mix it up
as much as you need you okay so the last four kind of six seven eight
nine you can see the decreased accommodation just off of different
angles there’s no the more attention we have a
bunch of different combinations by drilling off path which will come up
with a different measurement so those are your first basic ten combinations
with for work and with kicks practice those note example you’ll see thank you

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