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  1. i m really confuse in boxing foot work cuz i m dng jkd in and out lot of different foot wrk in jkd this will surely help me out

  2. I seriously do like your movement wow! please do tell me what footwork exercises can I do?  when should I do them and how many hours should I do them for?

  3. As a newbie to MMA (At 32!!) I am trying to learn as much as I can and the footwork and striking seems to be alien to me so this really helps! Thanks a lot!

  4. yo john..this is my weakness..so far..I just started conditioning boxing for working out. 1 of the things that my trainer started me out with walking around the room in front of me and throwing shots that I have to duck. I almost lost my balance because I'm ducking moving backwards using my back foot. so my agility and balance is not good..yet.

  5. Buuzzzzy, I respect Thia and I use alot of it in the system I teach my fighters. With stance, i find its a compromise. Yes a squared stance makes it easier to check a kick and defend a takedown but with that advantage you lose the mobility of boxers stance. MMA has seen many champions with a Thia stance, traditional kickboxer stance, boxing, hell even some traditional karate stances. One thing i learned early in my career as a coach is that not one stance is right for everyone, same for the type of striker they are and as a coach I have to allow that, as long as they are following the basic rules of striking, they are going to put their own personal style to the system. Thats what makes MMA exciting

  6. Expert boxing, looks like someone is pointing the finger at you:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qosM2ZsCIvY
    The bloke teaches classic boxing and shits on anyone who doesnt do it the textbook way, Im all for classic boxing but even bruce lee said, ''destoyed by classic mess'' rings a bell.

  7. im 33 and i just started boxing and i love it. im a bit bummed out i started so late though. Could have been fun to see how far i could have made it ( not talking world champion , just on a national level etc )

  8. Great video, my coach has been telling me I'm too flat footed whilst sparring. These tips will help a lot, especially in regard to energy expenditure.

  9. Dude your videos are the best and I have been watching them for a few years… I recommend them to all my beginners and show them your stuff including your web page! THANK you for your knowledge

  10. 2:27 I see might Tyson doing something like that but moves side to side when going in,I think they called peak-a- boo

  11. expertboxing I am overweight and im 12 years old can yoy make a video to turn your fat into muscles while losing weight and working out videos

  12. oh and also do you mind shipping me some boxing equipment for free it would really help me out just 4 things punching bag,Boxing gloves but the ones you have to wrap around your wrists and hands,And 2 weights

  13. I disagree with the last 2 tips, depends on the type of fighter you are, you can fight with your hands down, some peoples reflex are not as good as others, fuck round and get knocked out

  14. When u walled you kinda crossed your legs if i saw that id rush in and jab u hard in the chest and your done

  15. 5:35 what if your cornered or in small area then you can't walk back or move around them in small space,for street fighting

  16. This is the video Fran Sands was talking about in his video "10 boxing tips to avoid"
    After watching this I know understand why he said to avoid the bogus tips made by this guy…

  17. Thank you so much for your amazing tips. It helped me improve significantly overall as a fighter. Using your tips every day, I trained hard and was able to defeat tough, powerful fighters in Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and Bison. I did have a lot of trouble fighting Bison because he used moves I've never seen before. The jump rope training helped my footwork greatly so I was able to dance around Bison and landed some crucial uppercuts that proved too much for Bison to handle. Now I am searching to find the Dark Hado

  18. good points.

    my 5 cents

    shoulder roll is good when turning. no excessive moves is good to save energy. timing right steps/slides = good. not only it makes you faster saving time for unnecessary steps, it helps to save energy. moving and not being stuck is good, but landing hard shots requires to have those shots fired when you stand properly and move sharply, otherwise you "scratch the opponent". Being evasive is good. Moving too much is not, as it eats your energy, experienced opponent reads most of it and by timing in unnecessary moves you have less time for the ones that would have mattered.

  19. Wide vs shorter stance is interesting. Simple geometry tells us that circumference of a circle increases massively with small increases in radius. what that means is the distance your back foot must travel increases by a lot with only a small increase in stance width. that costs you time and energy. shorter stance allows for fast pivots, like Loma. However you can really move your upper body, lean and crouch when your stance is wider. Watch mayweather or rigondeaux; wide stance allows them to weave around all shots.
    If your opponent doesn't pivot that much, widen your stance and you'll dodge all his punches. if your opponent has a wide stance then you really gotta get around him using a shorter stance with angles.

  20. This is such a great video thank you I have subscribed. I'm a beginner and you've told me everything I needed to know. Much respect.

  21. Your remark about heels and how it not have a muscles. I'd say its more about using extra joint. Like if you going on your knees and remove one more joint you'd be even less mobile. Then you can sit on your arse and your mobility would come close to zero level.

  22. Love your stuff Johnny. Your way of explaining things is so clear and down to earth. I appreciate the tips. I particularly like tip 4 about letting your body flow together or moving together. Great stuff as always

  23. I'm totally lowering my hands and walking around in my next bout! Thank you so much for the tips!

  24. Putting your feet close together like that is just asking to get timed and knocked down, your feet should always be in stance. Never lower your hands

  25. I really liked the advice of taking 'smaller steps' to get in and out of range. I just jump in and out, but I find that my legs tire really quickly. I can't wait to try this during sparing.  Thanks a lot – those are awesome tips!

  26. I like everything and it seems Im far from the first to point this out, but in Muay thai never ever drop your hands..same in boxing in fact..in muay thai I only drop my hands when Im well out of striking range, if Im getting an ache in my arms for example, to reset. but normally I ALWAYS keep my hands at eye level, just under eye level, so basically my entire head is protected from the front, requiring only minor adjustments to block hook punches or head kicks or body kicks. Standing tall and narrow I agree completely thats best for both footwork and for throwing kicks with real power and speed…also agreed the quick small steps are better than a wide stance hopping everywhere getting tired.

    ANyway, dont drop your hands, but do everything else!

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