1 of 12 – HOOK (Gōu 勾) – The 12 Keywords of Mantis Boxing

Hey Everyone, we had requests to go over the 12 Keywords of Mantis Boxing. If we could do a video on each of The Keywords? So…here we are we’re going to start this off with Hook (Gōu 勾). That’s the first principle. The Mantis Hook. If you watch a Praying Mantis in the wild, it uses it’s hooks to grapple its opponent . Flip It over, and then devour it. Now… the devouring part we’ll leave to you. You can figure out whether you want to do that or not. But The rest of it, on how to use the hook, and important details like – what types of hooks, and little keys to make them stronger and keep your position. That is what we’re going to get into today. I hope you enjoy the video leave your questions comments below if you have any. Thanks. First hook that we’re going to do, the Mantis Catches Cicada, we’re going to use the neck hook. So the neck hook, we want to focus the energy on the pinky. This Is a little detail with Mantis. If you see, the pinky is your grip finger. It controls these muscles down in your forearm and tendons. So when you hook your clinch, your neck hook here. If you focus on your thumb, he’s gonna posture up and the hook gets a lot weaker. So I actually want to focus the energy down on the lower part of the hand. Right at the bottom of his skull. If I go on Vincent’s neck here, again, as he goes to resist and posture up …I can’t hold him down. He has a much stronger position here. If I get him too high…up here. It’s very easy for him to clear that Hook, and slip. So the base of the skull, is a good place to control his head. Even if he postures his head up. It’s hard for him to stand and position up. So this hook Is very strong. If you put your elbow down here. So if you look over here on this side… my elbow is almost straight down from my wrist. If I leave it, down here like this…again, Vincent postures up. It’s not strong. Also, he has a good escape here. He can push my elbow up, and get out quickly. If my elbow is down, he postures up, or he has to try to clear It’s much harder. Difficult for him to escape. So get your neck hook. Drop your weight. Drop your elbow, base of the skull, focus on the pinky. All right, now we have the overhook position, and the underhook position. This can manifest in a few different ways. If he has my neck, as well, I want to control his elbow with my over hook here. And this is good, if he lets go here, I have control of his arm immediately. It also helps reduce some of his leverage and control on my head by stabilizing his arm. So your overhook, same thing as before, drop your elbow like we talked about with the neck hook. Keep your elbow down Under hook…I try to slip, and get here. Under his shoulder. Pull down. If i get both… then this is great. I have a strong position here for toppling and controlling. If he has the under Hooks? Not so good. This is where I need to start trying to get out of this position, and change things to get the underhook myself. Overhook. Underhook. Now we have the double arm hook position. As a general rule… it’s never good to have 2 hands attacking 1 arm, with our opponent. He’s got that arm sitting right there ready to attack. However, we do have opportunities when we’re grappling, that you can get both hands on one arm. And if you do…you need to attack immediately. So you have to have these moves down! So I get… Let’s say he has an outside line here? Hook, and Hook. So hook, your wrist. Feed it to your other hand to attack right above the elbow. And this turns into a quick Pluck (Cǎi 採). So that I can run the back. And we also have that takedown – White Ape Invites Guest from Mantis Boxing. That I pluck and trip. Where we’re checking the leg at the same time. So you hook, hook. Jam them up. I don’t typically want to do this to the back arm as you can see, he’s running right into me when I pull. I bring his shoulder into me. So that’s a bad idea. You want to try to feed it. To his forward arm. When you go to the pluck… Go to the outside. Alright, next one is Seize Leg hook. Hook the knee, or hook in the ankle. Either way… set this up. Pick the knee, set this up for your takedown. You’re in this position, use your seven star stance. Hook. Get the ankle. Cut in. Or you can scoop, with your foot. Here, and then come up. The Wrist hook is… going to be set up in positions like…he throws a hook punch. I would do an upper block. Instead of just blocking here, i’m going to trap his arm. And catch, just for a brief second so that i can create an opening. So he comes up. I hook. And I can file back in with a chopping fist. Or, I can just trap it, give a little bit of a pluck, and I can use things like slant chop to the side of the neck, or… I can just fire a punch. Any of your strikes will work here. Your spear hand. Knife Hand. Slant Chop. Any of those will work. Your eye plunder. Ear claw. It’s up to you which one you want to use, but this position here…I recommend working your upper block first. So when he comes in, you get this solid. Instead of just trying to grab, like this. And that loops around and hits you in the face. So get your block and then just trap the arm after with your hook. Thanks for watching our video on the Mantis Boxing Hook principle. Leave your comments, questions below. I’m happy to help. And don’t forget to hit subscribe and Get Hooked!

11 thoughts on “1 of 12 – HOOK (Gōu 勾) – The 12 Keywords of Mantis Boxing

  1. I wish I could do a more traditional martial arts style like this along with my BJJ. I'm in law enforcement, and I was a competitive kickboxer and wrestler for YEARS. But I'm old now. I just turned 30 🙁 And I'll never compete (seriously) again. I've always felt a driving need to have a standard style + a grappling style. There is nothing even close to this in my area, and that makes me sad. No Kung Fu or Karate styles.

  2. I know I wrote a big message, but I wanted to add something. Your neck hook is really good 🙂 And actually, I can see the same principles of a neck tie in wrestling. A good neck tie. Right part of the head. Keeping that elbow down and closer. Just goes to show you, very mechanically sound. Then you show over/under and an arm drag? This is badass. I'm loving it! I'm enjoying this channel.

  3. I a looking forward to seeing your tips on the rest of the key principles! Thanks for taking the time to make this!

  4. thank you for the very clear and detailed explanations, This is the kind of material on Mantis boxing that I have been looking for. It's clear, concise, and as Scottius said, it shows many similarities to arts that are widely known and understood. It's so easy to dismiss (especially Chinese arts) these days with all the fake kung fu. This really takes the cake in my opinion. Well done.

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