– This is my 13th year of doing jujitsu and the other day I was reflecting. There’s a bunch of people
who started after me that are now black belt and I’m thinking to myself; I’m still here at brown belt. So what? This thing was never about how quickly I could get to black belt. I wanted to play the long game. I wanted to do jujitsu all my life and that’s always been my passion. Take my time, learn at my own pace. Don’t be distracted by
all the people around you that have had more success
than you in less time. What’s the path that you’re walking? What’s the direction that you’re going? Are you still on track for the goals that you set out when
you started the journey? Because the reality is the
scenery is gonna change along the way, but the destination is still the same. For me, it’s black belt. How long is it gonna take me to get there? Longer than other people. And that’s okay, because that’s my goal. That’s my path, that’s my vision. Don’t get distracted by
what other people are doing around you, stick to your course because I guarantee you, on the journey, the
scenery is gonna change. The people around you are gonna change, but that shouldn’t stop you
from achieving your dream.

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