03 Balance

This face is close to the Zen master. Balance. The balance point is going to control. Without it, after we’ve lost it,
we can’t handle ourselves. We are cooperating with the whole universe. Each are keeping certain conditions. 50/50. When he tries to turn around, we repeat the same thing. Otherwise, if he turns,
he can hit me. But I can guide his balance out of order,
only by moving. It’s not harmful. That’s the tai no tenko meaning.
“Tai” means the whole body. Daruma is round. He never loses his balance,
however much he rolls. That’s the image of how to keep your balance. Such an idea is “tai jutsu”. Tai is the body, not the hand,
not the foot. Total. Using just the hand is performance. A real, alive movement
is from the center of the body. I’m saying it all the time. With your hand if you try to handle it… so use completely your body itself. If you handle your body,
your hand works. It’s a part of your body, not just a hand. The hand is selfish.
It tries to act on its own all the time. But no. My balance point. If I lose it, I can’t move. I use all the time my body,
keeping the balance. It’s a martial art.
If you keep your best condition all the time, next follow the martial arts techniques. If you can handle someone’s balance out of order,
he’s no longer an opponent.

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