중국의 놀라운 쿵푸 안마

hello大家好 我是施利
Hello, everyone. My name is Shili 我们今天去体验气功推拿
Today, we will experience qigong tuina therapy 这个地方呢就是上午是不接待客人的
This place doesn’t receive customers in the morning 因为大师他要..上午要在家练气功
Because the master…practices qigong at his home during the morning 你好
Hello 您好
Hello 昨天是你们预约的对吧
You made your reservation yesterday, right? 对对对
Yes 好的好的好的好的
OK 你这里你难过
You are feeling unwell in this area 这里酸痛 酸痛
This area is aching 这里不舒服
This area is uncomfortable 这肩胛一定不舒服
This shoulder blade is definitely uncomfortable 我看病是这样的 气功从颈椎、胸椎一条天打通
This is how I see patients Qigong opens up a path from the cervical to thoracic vertebra 打通好以后把它脊椎调正过来
After it is opened up, it adjusts the spine 这个不是一般的推拿
This is not your typical tuina 因为这是用功夫推拿的
Because it uses kung fu to do tuina 这里热不热告诉我
Tell me if this area is warm 热量有没有
Do you feel heat? 有 有 有
Yes 好厉害
Amazing! 痛不痛啊
Is it painful? 不痛哦
No? 不疼
No 你因为后面堵住了不痛哦
It’s not painful because the back part is blocked 接下来我用气功从这里打
Next, I will use qigong to start massaging from this area 打到你骨髓里面儿
It reaches down into your bone marrow 听得懂吗
Do you understand? 这骨髓里面有个热量能够下去最好哦
It’s best if the heat can reach down inside the bone marrow 试试看哦
I will see if I can open up the channels 我先打左脚
I will first transmit the qigong heat to the left sole, 马上再打右脚看看它下去不下去哦
And then immediately transmit the qigong heat to the right sole to see whether this heat can flow 好 这里很热的
OK; this area is warm 有个热腺哦
There’s a warm gland 有(热)跟我说哦
Let me know if there’s (heat) 下啊
Let’s go 来啦
Here I go 有没有
Is there heat? 有有
Yes. 好
OK 下吧
Let’s go 有个热腺sa下去啊
There’s a warm gland continuing down here 左腿
Left foot 到右腿去
To the right foot 下没下(去)
Is the heat flowing? 哇
Wow 有 好
Yes, OK 哇
Wow 很厉害的啊
It’s amazing 两个腿
Two legs 哇 哈哈
Wow, haha 啊 走
Ah, Let’s go 有没有
Is there heat? 哇哇 哈哈
Wow, haha 哇 施利啊
Wow, Shili 走
Let’s go 放松
Relax 马上全部可以跟你拿掉哦
I can immediately open up all of the channels 再来一下哦
We’re doing it again 很好
Very good 再来一下
Let’s do it again 气功再打一遍哦
We’re using qigong one more time (对你)很好的
It’s good (for you) 好厉害
Amazing 皮肤不痛吧
Your skin doesn’t hurt? 你不痛哦
You don’t feel pain? 嗯 不痛
No 很好的
Very good 等会儿你自己看一下
Wait for a while and you can see for yourself 背后红得不得了啊
Your back is very red 等会儿我气功再打一下啊
Wait for a while and I will use qigong to massage you again 打下帮你直接打掉哦
This will help you directly massage out the blockage 这个肩的问题帮你搞定了
It will help solve the problem with your shoulders 别着急啊
Don’t worry 气功再来一下
I’m going to use qigong again 下去啊
The heat is flowing 我出汗了 好
I’m sweating. OK 再来一下
I’m doing it again 来啦
Here I go 啊 下没下
Did it go down? 有没有
Did it? 有有有有
Yes 有没有
Did it? 热气有没有
Is there heat? 有有有
Yes 厉害吧
Amazing, isn’t it? 哇
Wow 小火烧
Small fire 哇 有有有
Wow, Yes 好 头抬起来
OK, Raise your head 好 手上来
Lift your hands 手抬高
Raise your hands 脚上来
Lift your feet 好 很好
OK, Very good 好 放下放下
OK, Put them down 可以
Good 起来 手抬起来
Raise your feet and hands 放下
Put them down 很好
Very good 手抬起来
Raise your hands 头抬高
Raise your head 放下
Put them down 很好
Very good 抬起来
Raise your feet and hands 头抬高
Raise your head 头抬起来
Raise your head 很好
Very good 放下
Put them down 头抬起来
Raise your head 头抬高
Raise your head 放下
Put them down 好 右手抬起来
OK, Raise your right hand 两个手抬起来呀
Raise both hands 左手上来
Lift your left hand 好 上
OK, Lift it up 右手再高点啊
Lift your right hand a little bit higher 好 起来
OK, Raise it up 两个都高
Raise your hands high 最后一节
We’re at the last section 起来
Raise it up 起来
Raise it up 这节也有问题
This section also has a problem 起来
Raise it up 右手高点
Lift your right hand a little bit higher 这里还有一下
We also have a section here 起来
Raise it up 不错
Not bad 太舒服啦
It’s pretty comfortable 起来
Raise it up 看看
Take a look 不舒服跟我说
Let me know if you have any discomfort 有不舒服的地方可以说
You can tell him if you have any discomfort 没有
I have no discomfort OK啦
OK 今天肯定搞定(告诉)他
Today you can definitely tell me 一下子搞定
I can do it right away 今天功夫花得很厉害的
Today’s kung fu was really amazing 一般是半小时左右
It’s usually about a half-hour 我肯定搞定
I can definitely get it done 不着急
Take your time 再见 下次见哦
Goodbye, See you next time 好 再见
OK, Goodbye 到中国来 练练功 把这身体练好
Come to China to learn kung fu and train your body 谢谢 谢谢
Thank you 再见 再见
Goodbye 拜拜
Bye 怎么样
How was it? 别的我不太清楚(korean)
I’m not sure about other parts 虽然别的不是很清楚 但是…(korean)
Although I’m unsure about other parts, but 刚刚帮我按屁股的时候(korean)
Right when he was massaging my buttocks 顺着脚下面这样弄的时候(korean)
And also when he was massaging my lower legs 就是做那个动作的时候 我真的吓到了(korean)
When he was doing those massages, I was really surprised 真的吗
Really? 那股热量 不光光是屁股那里热(korean)
That heat was not only in my buttocks, 可以感受到那股热气从臀部一直流到脚底(korean)
I could feel that heat flow straight down from my buttocks to the soles of my feet. 真的啊
Really? 刚刚师傅说到右腿去的时候(korean)
Right when the master said ‘right leg’, 右腿的热气就一下子流到右脚底去了(korean)
The heat in my right leg suddenly flowed down to the sole of my right foot, 然后说左腿的时候(korean)
And when he said ‘left leg’, 就左腿感受到热量流到左脚底了(korean)
I could feel the heat flow down to the sole of my left foot. 然后说两条腿的时候(korean)
And when he said ‘two legs’, 两条腿同时感受到热气流到脚跟去了(korean)
In both legs, I could feel the heat flow down to both heels at the same time. 我真的被吓到了(korean)
I was really surprised 真的啊
Really? 那我们今天的气功体验就到这里啦
So this is where we will end today’s qigong experience 我们下篇视频再见
We will meet again in the next video 拜拜

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