平安五段で戦え!空手バトル! Karate Fight with Heian Godan! Tatsuya Naka and Joey Tee, English subtitles

Make use of the movement and finish. Hold the arm at this point. And break it. Nice to meet you. I’m honored. You block like this in Kata. But this never works because it’s dangerous. So you go in this way little bit. He can’t use his kick any more. Slowly. Little bit this way. In normal application of Kata, his punch will come after kicking. Tsuki. Tsuki. Kime. This is an ordinary way. We’re going to change this today. In normal case, you use your dropped hands like this. And put your arm onto the punch. This is ‘Kou-sa hou’ Today we are going to… Grab and Kime. In Kata, You bring your hands this way. Make use of the movement and finish. It’s a counter attack and taking down at the same time. Hold the arm at this point. And break it. Exaggerate little more. Ouch! I attacked myself…my groin… Did you hurt yourself? Yes. In reality, you use your tail bone to break the arm. You break the opponent’s elbow. Yes. It’s dangerous. Next. Give me Chu-dan Tsuki. This is a simple block. We’re going to use this. You go in this way. The arm has been locked already at this point. Attack the groin or Chu-dan. Then he will be kicked off or dropping down. Go in with ‘Irimi’. You’ll be able to lock the arm easily. That’s the one! You don’t have to go deeper. Not shoulder. Lock the elbow. It’s scary. Yes. Or you can go in this way. Ashi-barai, and Kime. Next. This is Mikazuki-geri and Enpi in Kata. Give me Mae-geri. Then Kin-teki geri! (attack the groin) It’s dangerous! Or you continue the attack without landing the leg. That’s good. You did this in the movie “High-kick girl!”, didn’t you? Yes, I did. Is this from Heian-godan? That’s right. In Kata, it’s against a punch. Block the punch and continue Mikazuki-geri and Enpi. Bring him down at this point. This movement is jumping in present Kata. The original movement is this. Not jumping. Enpi at this point without kicking. Then… take this. Little go up just like Kata… and bring him down. Then the face will be in front of you. And Kime! This is the movement in Kata. Then you would go this way. I see that you go up like Kata. Little up. Good. It’s jumping in present Kata but the original is not. Now you have four sequences from Heian godan. Block and Enpi. Or you can add one more. This one. Enpi, this one and… This could be a better. You don’t have to change. It depends on the timing. Mikazuki-geri against the kicking, attack the groin and go in straight as you landing. OK! The power will escape if your body rotates. Keep going straight. Let your left half and right half swap at the last moment. Do it in a flash. In a flash! That’s the one! Ok! It looks cool. That’s amazing. I skipped the locking by mistake. Thank you very much.

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  1. 中師範は、他武術から良い所を採り入れたような使用例が印象的ですね。

  2. What type of Karate-do is that?
    I wanna try it 🙂
    Is it true there had been like 7000 different styles of karate?

  3. Много тратит энергии на 1 удар противника. В реальной жизни так не будут бить.

  4. Hello from France, the perpetual Smile on you face and the kindness we can feel while you are training is a real pleasure to watch. You are transmitting the love you have for your art and this worth all the technics.
    Thank you.

  5. one moment of the kata could be one of the jujitsu…. just your video made me acknowledge of it. Thanks for the good tutorial video of Kata. Osu!

  6. このゲストちょっと危なくない?一緒に稽古すんのは勘弁だわ。

  7. Naka, a primeira vez que te vi foi em um filme de karatê que é chamado aqui no Brasil de " O FAIXA PRETA ", o kata que você executou no final do vídeo teve uma performance incrível, tinha espírito, acho que foi o NIJUSHIHO, você mostrou um estilo muito bonito e eficaz de karatê, então fui ver alguns vídeos seus no Youtube, seus katas são bem executados e suas aplicações são impressionantes. Nunca vi os " HEIANS " com aplicações assim…Parabéns…Você é muito bom no que faz. Aqui no Brasil o karatê shotokan é bom, mas sinto que falta algo em alguns Senseis. Tive ótimos Seneis, até agora pratiquei com dois…Mas sinto como se eles não tenham mais nada para me ensinar…Infelizmente, e não é um questão de habilidades, eles lutam melhor do que eu, mas é o tipo de aula que é dada, entende?

  8. これは殺陣の指導ですか?

  9. So far so good ( had to stop the vid just to say you have introduce me to an application to Hien godan I had not seen yet. Thank you….. back to the show

  10. With due respect to Naka sensei, some of the moves are very exaggerated. I come from the chin na/ Aikijujutsu tree….so we have some simpler but deadly variants. Less show and more efficient must be the way to go. I would love to engage in different training techniques with people like Naka sensei.

  11. 技の展開の素晴らしさもさることながら、ジョーイの受けをやってる人が凄くて、ちょっと感動した。

  12. Fifteen years later, I finally learn what that little arm swirl in Heian Godan was all about.

  13. Nobody attack you like that in a real fight, come on!!! It's nice to see the technics but in a real situation I doubt very much that you will have time to do all that!!!

  14. I really don't think that the crescent kick is best directed to the upper body. Rather, I think it is best thought of as a leg attack, to the knee or an ashi barai. I really do like your interpretation of that crazy jump movement as concealing a shiho nage.

  15. It would be awesome if you guys did a video with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace who learned traditional Shorin Ryu Karate but had to modify it due to an injury from Judo. Then was further developed through point fighting and an undefeated run as a full contact kickboxing champion.

  16. I pitu that black t shirt guy..such bull crap..naka sensei may be a great guy.but 90 % of all these dont wrk..stoping a punch well thrown is not thay easy..guys will keep throwing blow after blow.anyways fuck that.nothing is gonna change.

  17. All I see is aikido in the grappling. No special moves of karate. Just Aikido maneuvers being passed off as special karate moves. We have gone this far, now?

  18. Muito prático com adversários imóveis ou que se movem em câmera lenta. Quantos que estão aqui já viram esses movimentos em combates reais?

  19. このチャンネルって

  20. 2:44 i could see he was going to hurt his partner at 3:00. These moves are beautiful but only work on loaded punches. Modern techniques works with 'following back' a snapping strike, if you 'stick' to a snap you get drawn into the next attack. Only an untrained opponent throws single loaded strikes.
    Again, great vs an untrained opponent.

  21. なんというか、中先生は既存の型に満足しないでさらに合理的で破壊力あるものに変えようとしてるなぁ…

  22. 色々とされていて、実際の使い方を教えてくれるのとても勉強なるのですが、いつリアルの組手をしてくれるのか、やらなくて技の勉強だけでしょうか。みんな達人レベルなので普通の人なら瞬殺ですが、達人レベルだとどうなるか楽しみなのですが。。


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