【TVPP】Henry – Neck slice!!! Martial Arts, 헨리 – 혼신의 넥 슬라이스! 백상아리 교관마저 웃게 만든 헨리의 특공 무술 @ A Real Man

Eagle #60 do not move Do not close your eyes when he attacks yes, sir do not move, understand? yes, sir Completely Nervous Henry can barely withstand not moving Henry is now going to attack. (I dont know what STRIKE henry is going to do but it involves the hand and the neck) what are you doing right now Henry hit the belly instead of the neck. Do not laugh. You should not laugh while in training. Understand? Hand Blade Strike! Engage! (That’s not it) Neck Slice Ah, Neck Slice Is that how you should properly do it? No, Sir. I know this one Rest Henry was thinking about the Neck Slice Rest I have nothing to say about that Right hand or Left? Your right hand. right. I will do it again. I apologize. Okay. Do it again Take this Neckslice Good. Rest. Serious Henry The real men are crying, Henry As an instructor you should not laugh while training the soldiers. It was the first time I laughed in front.

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  1. I can't help but laughing to the soldiers behind henry. Everytimes henry pretend to punch or neck slice they're put their head down and that was just hilarious 😂😂😂

  2. The other guys are so good and the way they always help henery whenever he looks towards them when he is blank or confused 😂 that's so cute 😂😂 this time even the trainer could not hold his laugh 😆

  3. I think I shouldn't join the army cos I'll laughing my ass off. I can't contain my laughter if I see something like that. 😂😂😂

  4. omo my mom was looking with her face like 'whats wrong with you?' omo i cant help but to burst into laughter

  5. He didn't intensionally to be funny it's just came normally. You're hilarious henry. I Love you now.

  6. I wonder if men in the army remember this and say "NECK SLICE!" inside their head….naaah, that will earn them 100 push ups since they can't hold their laughter

  7. Oh no, Henry. I got to better than that as a white belt in Taekwondo in fourth grade. This was scary, but also so fucking hilarious.

  8. when I'm feeling depress and sad, I return to this video and it never fails to make me laugh. Henry is such a happy pill

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