【English Sub】Huang Fei Hong – EP 4 国士无双黄飞鸿 2017| Best Chinese Kung Fu

Traitor, I’ll kill you! I am a nobleman of Xiang Bai Qi. Ai Xin Jue Luo Zai Zhi. Your Highness? Obviously, you have met the caravan, how can you say that you never ever seen? If I disclosed the existence of caravan, It is unknown whether there are even our corpse in there. He slandered us like that, definitely it’s a conspiracy. We have to find the truth. How monstrous he is! what do you want to do? I am a medical examiner of this district! What do we do for the next step? I discovered that caravan. Really? Of course. If they robbed the Fo Xin, they should run so far away. Why did they come back? That’s right. Fo Xin was stolen, the government will definitely be on the official road and the station, on the inns and the mandarin’s station. At this time, go round effort, attack useless, The best way is destroy it. Buy house? | Buy house? That’s right. So now we need to split into three lines. Want me to go with her? This clue was issued by me! Don’t argue, please! Hui Hui, you’re in charge of tracking down the caravan. Aunt Shi San, you go to the market to listen out for something a bit. find out if there’s news about buying a home. How about you? I’ll protect both of you silently. I don’t need your protection, let you protect her. What kind of talk are you talking about? Do I look weak? I don’t know, I just know you guys have secrets that haven’t told me yet. Without that, there’s really no secret. What is it called no secret? Huang Fei Hong, how scamp you are! I’m not. What did you do last night? Didn’t I follow you last night? Why in my place … | Why are you at her place? Not there? | No, last night … Ultimately what is it? Listen to me, please! Make it clear! What do you want to buy? Shopkeeper! shopkeeper, do you have an awl? Do you want to buy Fo Xin? Why do you know the Fo Xin? No, if I don’t care, how can I know it in short, you have the goods. Do you have the goods? You have that head! Idiot! You…what are you doing? What … did … you messed up? Put it down! What am I doing? Threaten you to the death! The government corvee master, I blind as a bat! The government corvee master, Would you like to come in and have some tea? Put it aside. Yes, yes, yes! What did keep you following me? Anyway, it is not to harm you. Moreover, I also know that the reason why Lady Mo came here. Come on, you want to sell Fo Xin, right? How does everyone know Fo Xin? Fo Xin’s story has spread out all over the city! Don’t be afraid, just not the locals are related to Fo Xin, not to buy the Fo Xin, is to sell the Fo Xin. I don’t think that you still have some eyesight. Are you praising me? Because of a predestined relationship with Lady Mo. Regardless of whether you came here to buy Fo Xin or to sell out, I’m really happy to give a hand, because of you. Neither do I do anything unclean, I just come here and hearing. I’m on your side! Who are on them side with you? I don’t ask anymore. If you come to here to buy Fo Xin, be careful! Because some foreigners bid higher than you. Foreigner? British! A few days ago, there was a bunch of British merchants, who’re broad-minded, bought toothpaste flour stocks that cannot be sold, it’s a good deal. Of course. it’s not the point. The highlight point feature, think about that, even in a remote place foreigner came, what would they do? Quickly! Where am I now? Brothel. Why did you bring us to the brothel? Big hidden in the city, This morality, the Westerners also understands. The British have just come here, they bought all of this, moreover, they gave the madam and the prostitute a few days off at home. Think about that, how weird they have! Definitely has a problem. Let’s go! Fo Xin? Just look, don’t touch. One hand give money, one hand delivery it. Fo Xin exactly is an awl, So that can be exchanged with foreigners, A lot of valuable stuff like that. What a bunch of countrymen! How can you understand? Westerners like our artifacts the most, Especially is the spirit of Buddha in the Fo Xin. It is said that the East India company has been looking for many years, could not find the one. So we have to guarded carefully. Even if noone came to rob, what if something fire happened, burn the Fo Xin and then you lose your head. The one who is in inside let’s keep watch over the Fo Xin! Yes Sir! Burned, where are you! Your black crow’s mouth! Put out the fire quickly, don’t let others pay attention! Ok. The person who is staying inside, follow me! Yes! Quickly, put out the fire! Yes! It’s not safe, follow me! We found out the caravan. They are now in a torn temple in suburd, but can’t find the Fo Xin. Of course you can’t find it. Who told you to follow the wrong person? Sometimes when you following a wrong person is wrong for a lifetime. Didn’t you tell me to follow her? I don’t care, Anyway I have found it. Customers are British. Fo Xin is brought by caravan, give it to them to check. So what do we do now? We have to while they are still not traded, get the Fo Xin. Chinese must learn to be on time. Did you bring silver? Where is the stuff? Give me the silver. Fin it all up! Yes Sir! I have been watching you for a long time, take the offerings of longevity to My Empress too difficult to escape death. Fo Xin is the tribute of the court, noone is allowed to trade for self-interest. It is difficult for you to escape from sin. As expected the Your Highness wants to take money from the Westeners Robbers catch to robbers, black eat black. Underling! Confiscation of all exhibits and evidence, arrest them. Yes! Huang Fei Hong! Hui Hui! Hui Hui! Hui Hui, Hui Hui! Go quickly! Fei Hong How about Lady Cen? Got the bullets out, but she is not awake yet. Aunt Shi San is taking care of inside. Finding a medical station is better. Alright, I’ll find someone to arrange everthing. Not needed. I’m a doctor. I have to say thank you for that time. Fei Hong, Do you want to ask me anything? You want to ask why did I know the existence of the caravan? however I was biting on that day. Every sentence you say is fake. It seems that you have judged I’m on the same side as the caravan. You played a show in a partnership. The caravan sold the fake Fo Xin to foreigners, and you swallowed all the money of them to buy Fo Xin. There was a thing you didn’t expect, Westerners still retained one hand, finally surrounded you. How smart you are! This is exactly reason why I like you, and want to make friend with you. Come on, have a seat. Can’t even give a friend a honest word? If I told you every word I’d said is true would you believe it? Believe. If you didn’t believe so that you couldn’t save me from the barrel of a Westerner. I just don’t want to see whoever dies before my eyes. Especially me, I’m a benefactor who saved your life, aren’t I? Caravan is just a robber, but not my own. We have to pretend to not know the existence of the caravan, because I hope that they can let looser alert take it out. I have investigated That Fo Xin is fake, but I’m ready to beat them at my game, While we’re capturing Westerners, we’re capturing the enemy. So why did he have to leaving all footprints in Qing Feng Ling? Have you come to Qing Feng Ling? The footprints on the ground have been erased, evacuated houses abandoned gardens, completely clean. Huang Fei Hong! Fo Xin is fake, the clues are broken, why do you still follow me? The same sentence. I truly do! I formerly aimed at Fo Xin, but now it’s for you. If you don’t believe in me, I will show it to you. Why is there such a shameless person? They are all gone Our Highness dined that the caravan had been to Qing Feng Ling. moved the corpse to the country seat. He said it’s a crime, a must thing to do, after his leaving, also deliberately cover up his footprints, proves that he doesn’t want others to know he’s been there. If he doesn’t investigate he will go… Deal with! I really want to say that’s a counterfeit Fo Xin, but it doesn’t seem to be needed anymore. Deleted the footprint, it’s also making others people can’t know about my practice. I cannot let Your Majesty know, according to my investigation, the Fo Xin is counterfeit. So that the real Fo Xin also hasn’t stayed with him, has it? I have thought about that for a long time, if you had the real Fo Xin, you would come to Your Majesty to get rewarded, you didn’t stay here to suffer anything, did you? Come on, cheer. Can you give me a hand for this affair? Keep it, save your memories. It’s so long to see, do you see anything? This picture is all blurry, how can I look? Isn’t it just a normal picture? No way. Honestly, Yes. when your father was still alive, Did he like to play with naughty drawings? Also more educated than you. Have you ever heard of a storytelling? Like this picture, just glance at the surface that can’t see anything magical, you have to look through the sunshine, can see what is hidden inside. That’s right. Why don’t I think about it? Let me see. Hasn’t! Is there anything? I didn’t see anthing. Is this… burned out! What should we do? The last clue is gone. We used to learn to draw Let me redraw it! Can you remember? Of course! My father banned me from martial arts when I was young, so I went to the library to read books. I have the ability to look over and remember, if not, how can I practice? to become a perfect person. Pen and ink, come on! Okay! Aunt Shi San! Did you come here to make jokes? This… it took me many years to practice martial arts, so I can’t get that feeling like the way I had It’s not only for your feeling. You are obviously wasteful. Trees are bigger than mountains, snakes are bigger than trees. It’s just a little bit bad, why did you mock at me? How can, like this… Wait! Are these two snakes making two paths? So these two roads go through two roots. Are these two roads go through two roots? Aunt Shi San, you have been blessed with a head of idiot. Look at this, this picture has many details so that I can’t focus all of the highlights, after your redraw, I can see through the point we need. Can’t understand. Idiot! Let you think about it, we still investigate that the person who stolen and shuffled the Fo Xin of caravan, whether there is any possibility The Fo Xin of caravan is already fake. So where is the real Fo Xin? Why do you still not understand? The path which Sir Mo the fake Fo Xin away, in order to attract the caravan and troupes. As expected, they were lured! But after they killed Sir Mo, not thinking about the real Fo Xin is actually in a different path. So following to the first plan, Will they meet at two roots? Oh no, oh no! What are you doing? You don’t know? It is very likely that the person escorting the real Fo Xin, is my father! Oh no, oh no! A Zhi really has a magical calculation. My father and your father unite to steal the Fo Xin! Don’t talk nonsense! My father put his life to faithful patriots, Absolutely didn’t do anything inhuman nonsense. Moreover, I think they want to cooperate to escort the Fo Xin safely. It’s your father. You don’t understand my father. Forget about it, forget about it,. We definitely have to go to the two roots before them. Depart in morning. Oh no, oh no. Daddy! Sacks, scissors, hammers! Sacks, scissors, hammers! You lose! Quickly, go go go! Three games won two! We’ve played thirty games already, Go there! How can I say? Are there two roots in front? There are two roots outside. Will people think I’m a fool or a idiot? Alright, last chance! Give you one last chance, if you lose anymore you have to go. Sacks, scissors, hammers! Hammers! Sacks, scissors, hammers! Hammers! If I didn’t hear wrong do you want to go to the two roots? Boss, is there a place called “Two Roots”? Yes. This “Two Roots”…. I have to go! is the name of a temple in this province. That name is also weird. Exactly. Because there’re two enormous sophora japonica trees in this temple, normally it grows in the North whether these are moved to the South can’t live longer. Two of roots live from the previous era until now. So how far is it from here to the temple? It takes 6 hours to go there as long as you have a good horse. Thank you. Alright, take it easy. Lady Cen, I know that you fell into the gangster, loat all corners of the country suffered many humiliations. Do you think I want to be like this? I am just a little girl, loat all corners of the country, how the wicked people have! If not, how can I live up to now? If you said you was afraid of death, and had never met the caravan, Why did you help me at Qing Feng Ling? Still the same sentence. I truly! But now I have urgent affair, can’t take care of you. I will definitely be back soon. Thanks for your help, I’ll not betray. Oh guest, have you gone? Huang Fei Hong, where do you go? They’re all set also choose the two best horses of Wan Ma Tang. Not needed for two horses, just one is enough. I have to go you stay here to take care of Lady Cen. I don’t want. It’s okay if she’s at the medical station, the doctor made tea and poured it for her don’t need any help from me. You don’t want? You must agree. Why? How do you feel about my medical skills? I think you can create a new kind of healing medicine can even save Cen Hui Hui from death, not bad. Why did you say these things? However my medical skill not even catch the way I poisoning. I don’t think you also know how to poison. It doesn’t look like it! You are the type of person who is honest. Not at all. Even I dared to poison my father, do you know why? He’s addicted to poker everytime he gambles to be indebted to many people so that I have to poison him. Laterly, he forced me to go to blind date every day that is the reason why I poisoned him. Of course, at first, the amount of poison is so small it made him to sleep during along time. Laterly, he found out the reason why. I can’t defeat him, the only thing I can do is to add poison. Then every month would have several days My father can’t get out of bed. Huang Fei Hong, how excessive you are! You should ask me, shouldn’t you? why I didn’t keep this secret. Why? Will you poison me? For the people and the things that I’m not feel suitable, I always find some way … I don’t believe! You are not cruel like that! You try touching the acupuncture points below the third rib, on the right. Is it a bit painful? Let you press harder. If you want to survive, you’ll come back to medical station, it takes a half of month to heal. Huang Fei Hong! Little bro, well-acted I’m not acting, it’s true. That means… So the relationship with your father … it’s quite bad. I had always expected my father to far from me, don’t keep me under control. But now he’s gone, it’s a bit unfamiliar. Amitabha Have you gone the wrong way? Going to the East, passing another street is Yan Hua Pagoda. I’m not going to the wrong way, this’s exactly where I’m looking for. Master, is this temple only you? Except the old man like me, who want to stay here where filled with demons. The temple has Bodhisattva, how can it’s filled with demons? Since the death of the Second Master, this temple I am the only one who wants to stay, I can’t avoid the demons. You have to go. Master, can I ask you? Has anyone been here in the last few days? It’s only you, Nobody came. Oh really? The monk does not lie. Alright. So I’ll stay here to help you to catch demons. Daddy, is that you? Dad, I know you are the peron who keeps Fo Xin. Dad, come here! Huang Fei Hong, let me see will you still dares to threaten me? I’m so sorry! Who? At midnight, you even pretended to be a ghost and threaten me, come here! Don’t come here, don’t come here! Aunt Shi San, Why do you feel threatened so easily? Wake up, wake up, If not, I’ll carry you. I warn you not to pretend death. Aunt Shi San! Fainted? Province already? Did you sleep well? Would you like something to drink? Who knows what you did? I know you’ll said that. If you don’t want… Are you threatening me? Did you say anything else? I let you stay to take care of Cen Hui Hui, why were you following me? Because let me take care of her I even pretended to be poisonous I ignore her. A little bit of your perform, I went to the medical station and found out something’s wrong. I did not want to threaten you. Lady Cen Hui Hui injured because of me, I left her without worry there are sorrows in the morality and justice of triads. Well said! Forget it, I also joke with you. I give to the doctor a pile of gold, Make sure he have to cure her even fatter than before two pounds. I don’t think you’re rich like that. Of course. I am the daughter of the fifth military officers. If you didn’t say I wouldn’t think about that. the person who paid on the street was you. I thought about that person … Who is the that person? Nobody. Let’s take you to Guangzhou, come on. Back to Guangzhou? I don’t want! I’m afraid you’re in danger! You don’t admit that I’m more capable than you moreover, without me What did you eat on the way, what did you drink? Said that again, a person was captured by the court, how dare I spend money comfortably? Don’t say such futile things. In short, you had to go home. Not negotiated? Sure. Okay. So we’re go separate ways. We definitely have to catch that, the peron killed my father. Aunt Shi San! You really want to find your father, how about my father’s enemies? The peron who killed him, didn’t have Fo Xin, the killer will definitely come here! I know. So I will definitely help you catch him. My mother died soon, my father is both as a father and mother bring me up. He died without any reason, people said that he’s a thief, if you were him, you would stay here to glare at someone who would faced adventure, wouldn’t you? It’s touched your soul, hasn’t it? Don’t care about me. Alright, alright, reluctantly take you as a pocket-book, that is brought beside me. Really? So don’t change your mind then leave me alone. What type of person I am? Water isn’t poisonous. Take my clothes. Amitabha. Have you gone the wrong way? Going to the East, passing another street is Yan Hua Pagoda. I’m not going to the wrong way, this’s exactly where I’m looking for. Master, is this temple only you? Recently, I don’t know why, everyone also asks me this question. Is there so many people have come? Who are they? I’m too old, not even remember the Buddhist scriptures, so that I can’t remember. Excuse me! Is it one of “The Ten Tigers of Guangdong”, Huang Qi Ying, Senior Huang? Who are you? How do you know my cognomen? What do you want to do? There are something that cannot be told to strangers, my surname is Li, call me Little Bao. My stepfather, is the contemporary general manager Li Lian Ying. Perhaps you already know, the reason why I came for? Passing the struggling road, give it to me. What’s this? You have an appointment with Mo Wen Qing right here, and give it to me. So, where is Sir Mo? Sir Mo was harmed by crooks on the way, he died for my dynasty. What? Is he dead? Why don’t you believe me? You received orders, to tacitly escort Fo Xin, and have a meeting with Mo Wen Qing right here, and then take them together to the horse station at the mandarin, is complete the mission. However man proposes but God disposes, A unexpected affair happened with Mo Wen Qing. Actually all these things were arranged by my stepfather, he let me come to see you. Can you give the Fo Xin to me now? Where is the pledge? Is the token ring already shown to you? I have already discussed with Sir Mo, take the map as a pledge, haven’t map, even if he comes to be useless. It seems that refuse a toast only to drink a for feit. Ok. Lady, let me see. Come on. I’ll try. Have a question for you, you arrived earlier than me, did you find out that this temple has anything special? Completely normal. According to logic, your father have to come here with Fo Xin. Are we wrong? My father’s picture doesn’t mean it. Daddy, why are you here? Fei Hong, why are you also here? What do you mean? If I didn’t come here, I wouldn’t meet you guys. Both of you… No no no! Listen to me, it isn’t like that. I see it all too clear, it’s not what I think? This is your father, isn’t he? Who are you? Don’t care who is she. Dad, you tricked me, said that uncle Da Zhuang died, made me find you everywhere. Have I ever prevented you from marrying again? I also said that you have gotten remarried, give me a little brother or a litter sister. You didn’t want a properly married, and then run to the door of the pagoda. Sorry, so sorry. Amitabha, amitabha. So sorry. Not what you think. Listen to my explaining! There are nothing to explain. Give me the Fo Xin. Why do you know Fo Xin? You can’t give it to him. Dare to want my stuff? Dream on! Who are you? It’s not your turn to ask who is she! Your turn! Dad, you hit me because of a woman? Stuff and nonsense! Fall into an ambush. Do you want to run away from me? Does your head soaked in water? There is danger, go away! Go? Huang Qi Ying! Won’t you worry about her life?

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