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Huang Fei Hong Episode 34
Huang Fei Hong Your Highness, it’s poison. Poison? What kind? This is Doctor Huang’s blood. This smell… Xiao Fu Gui. I can never forget, it’s you who killed Xiao Fu Gui. Don’t follow me. Where is the antidote? Brother, you’re back. You’re so bold. Dare to come back and meet me after tricking me. I don’t know what you’re saying. Didn’t we agree to poison Yu Dan Mo? But you reported him to the government. Did you really want to poison Yu Dan Mo? You wanted to have the same poison to create an antidote for Huang Fei Hong. No matter what you say, I sold Huang Fei Hong out, he and Yu Dan Mo won’t survive. Zai Zhi, he tricked you. You thought he would save Huang Fei Hong, you were wrong. Today he is not that person anymore. What do I have to do for you to believe me? Do I have to die right in front of you? Are you crazy? I didn’t kill you before. I’m not letting you die now. Then you believe me? Didn’t you want to know where I hid the antidote? Fine, then I will tell you. This is the antidote to save Huang Fei Hong. However, I can’t let you die, I can’t let him live either. I will make you watch him slowly become crippled. And then slowly die piece by piece. This is your price for betraying me. So it’s His Highness. I couldn’t properly welcome you. I helped you catch Yu Dan Mo, my sister defeated Huang Fei Hong. Are you here to thank me? Thank? How do you want me to thank you? After all, you and Huang Fei Hong are now enemy. Why don’t we work together to deal with the revolutionary party. Then what? Then I will report to His Majesty, ask him to help you become the Emperor of Man Qing. A weak, useless king. A incontinent old woman. Your Highness, you must have endured enough. It’s not a terrible offer. So you agree? A Japanese spy like you, what rights do you have to bargain with me? Not even mentioned, you killed my most beloved person. Even if I want to kill the revolutionary party, it’s the Great Qing’s business, not you outsider’s. Are you talking about miss Xiao Fu Gui? Your Highness, a person of great deeds can’t be tangled with love. Think about it. If miss Xiao Fu Gui hadn’t died, would you have stayed at Huang Fei Hong and been a crazy fool. Or become this, power in your hands, risen up? Your Highness, think carefully. Let me fulfill your wish, take you to your Xiao Fu Gui. Let’s go. What happened? He is here to kill Yu Dan Mo. Fei Hong was poisoned. The antidote, His Highness has it. Cen Hui Hui, Cen Hui Hui. Is she speaking the truth? She is not lying this time. Why did you do it? I regret that that bullet didn’t kill you. Last time at Qing Feng Ling, I owe you a life, now I can give it back to you. Take her away. What about Fei Hong? You can’t save Fei Hong. Be assured, he can stay at my place, I will take care of him. What are you doing? Gui Lan? Gui Lan, is that you? What’s wrong? What’s wrong with your eyes? Gui Lan, listen to me, I’m dying. I can’t see now, in a few days I’ll lose my hearing, I don’t want to die like this, and I don’t want to involve you and Fei Hong. Give me a knife, hurry. No. I tried so hard to save you, can’t let you kill yourself. I know where Huang Fei Hong is, I’ll take you to him. Even if I die, you and Huang Fei Hong have to meet again. Come on, let’s go. Be careful. This one is in the rebellion party, Na Lan Zhi Wei, once a mandarin of the court. Unexpectedly, not only he wasn’t grateful that the court favored him all those years, in contrast, he listened to the words of the traitors, betrayed the court. Damn to hell. Behead! You dog, even if I am killed, there are still thousands others. Thousands others? Fine. Call them up to save you. Just you wait. They’ll come. They’ll come for your dog’s life. Alright, I’ll wait here. You’ll stay here for 3 days. After 3 days, execute at the horse hour. Yes sir. I want to see if your “thousands others” is real or not? If your rebellion party is really great heroes? Better now? Much better. Lies. If you become crippled, I will have to take care of you for life. Then take care of me for life. I, I was joking. I meant the siblings kind. Actually, I lied to you. What? Brother Rong. Have you ever wondered, I was away all those years, what I did, did you think about it? I was pregnant with another man’s child. I don’t care. I didn’t keep it. We, we can carry another. Right? I don’t have my own life. I only have a mission that I can’t tell anyone. For this mission, I have stayed by that eunuch’s side for years. Later, again, I stayed with a man I never loved. After he died, I worried for another man’s safety. And… Alright, alright. Stop. I… I can’t hear it. That, that. Na Lan Zhi Wei was caught. He is revolutionary. Hua Mei Tu used him to bait Dan Mo and my master. That Na Lan Zhi Wei is fake. Fake? It was their plan. My mission was becoming Li Lian Ying’s adopted daughter to approach the revolutionary youth, including the real Na Lan Zhi Wei. He supported the revolution, even provided us with weapons. He came to Guang Zhou to deliver guns. But just as he arrived, E Yong An killed him. Who is E Yong An? It’s the fake. They are targeting Yu Dan Mo. I have to find Yu Dan Mo quickly. If he comes to rescue, he will fall into their trap. But where can we find Yu Dan Mo? I know. You know how to find Yu Dan Mo? I know you’re in the rebellion party. You just know? I’ve known for a long time. Yu Dan Mo told me. Then why didn’t you tell me? You didn’t let me. Stop fighting. How could I ask? Stop fighting. Then where is Yu Ling Long? She’s looking for the secret communication station of our revolutionary party. She knows the streets, maybe she already found it. It’s useless. I already did, the station staff left. Can’t find Yu Dan Mo, Master and he can only wait for death. Bao Bao, so you are in the revolutionary party. Why don’t I know you’re in the revolutionary party? When did you join the revolutionary party ? In my mind you’re really great, do you know that? Fortune telling, fortune telling. Fortune telling is 10 guan, physiognomy seeing is 1 liang, free of charge if it’s wrong. Fortune telling is 10 guan, physiognomy seeing is 1 liang, free of charge if it’s wrong. Sir, are you hoping for luck or for love? My future. Na Lan Zhi Wei is caught, will be execute in 3 days. Tell the others to lay low, we can’t have any more casualties. I will rescue him. Sir, don’t you want to see your physiognomy? I don’t have time. You shouldn’t go, you will die. I have soon stopped caring about life and death. Sir, a life is linked to others, it’s never that simple. Especially a master of the house like you. What happened in the house? Sir, your physiognomy is three parts chaos. Something big is happening in the house. A beam breaking through the sky, time moving, uncertain. Are you telling me to stop my revolution plan? Is this your idea or everyone’s? Physiognomy is always changing. How can only my words decide that? Do you have no faith in the revolution? In life their is suffering, why should we force ourselves through it. So fate first, movement second, feng shui third. Fate, the court is still standing. The people turn their backs to us, what does that say? The people are not on our side. Movement, our person is caught, who know where have the guns gone to? Whether we can revolt or not is unknown. Feng shui, Hua Mei Tu is guarding Guang Zhou, there are other influences. Assume the revolution succeeded, how certain are you that the victory would last? Then we have to wait until the people are dead, our nation is taken over? Sir, now it’s not the time to rise up. Hold onto your life, and everything will work out. I don’t need it. From now on, I’m handing over the commander role. Sir, why do you have to kill your own happiness? Bonds are not easily forgotten. Where are you going? Buy food. Food? You think you can trick me? Are you eating Yu Dan Mo’s chopped head? There’s not much time left, if I’m not hurry to the execution grounds, Yong An’s plan will succeed. Then Yu Dan Mo will die. Bao Bao. You once said to me, you could not control your fate. Now I’ll help you control it. Don’t go. You don’t understand, Yu Dan Mo cannot die. Is Yu Dan Mo’s life important, or is yours? If I can trade my life for his, that means saving thousands Chinese lives. I don’t care. Your life is the most important to me. If he is dead, then what will I live for? If you go, then your life is also lost. Without you, what is the meaning of my life? I’ll go in your place. It’s not your place to give up your life,
I won’t let you die. Brother Rong, you don’t understand. We have no home if the country is lost. Forget that thought. Then we can be brother and sister. Promise me this, live well. Behead him. Wait. Who are you? If I say I’m here for the drama, will you believe it? Sir, I recognized him. He is Huang Fei Hong’s student, pork-selling Rong. Another small fry, where is Yu Dan Mo? How can I know? He won’t come. Yu Dan Mo is here, who dare to touch. Just in time, kill him for me. Be careful, that Na Lan Zhi Wei is fake. I will fight you with my life. Who told you to come? Bao Er, one of yours. How is her? She is fine, don’t worry. This is not your business, hurry up and go. No, I’m here to save you for Bao Er. How can I leave? Then I’m sorry. I’m not leaving. Go. I’m not. Is your dignity more important or your love’s life? Go. The guns are in my hand. Your life is worthless. You are? Ai Xin Jue Luo Zai Zhi Mister Yu, we’ve finally met. So the crazy royal member in the stories is you. What do you want? E Yong An is dead. In the world, only I know where the guns are. Follow me if you want to have them. This is what you want, you can take it. About what I want, you must have known. The court no longer favors us, it’s time to change the court. You and I are actually playing the same game. However, there is only one winner, and it’s me. You give us guns, because you need our help. Such a shame that you are wrong. We won’t help you. Our revolution is for the people. I don’t need your help. I just need chaos. Only when the world are in chaos, I can win. But you, losing these guns, then your game ends. State your price. I want your head. You are a sitting duck. No matter what happened today, I want your head. However, I can promise you, after you die, I won’t make troubles for your people. Praise to the Iron-hat Royal member, Strategic and calculating. Regretfully, you’re born to the Royal family. Your spirit is terribly distorted. Since long ago, the heroes shape the time, my fate is my decision, not heaven’s. You still have time to consider it. Before that, I will let you see one person you really want to see. Fei Hong. Brother Yu. Apparently, we’re both held captive in his hand. He was once my good brother. I didn’t expected that he would change. I can’t make him turn back. Brother Yu, did he make you do anything? He gave those guns to me. How can it be that simple? What is his condition? You really know him well. But he was right, this is the only to continue the game. But I didn’t lost. I’m one step ahead. What game? Fei Hong. You have to believe me. I can see our victory ahead of us. And this victory will belong to you. Brother Yu. I’m poisoned, can’t even keep my life, I can’t promise you anything. Fei Hong. Without martial art, and we just lose our spirit like that? Life can’t last much longer, and we just give up? A tiger losing its teeth, what do you hope it can do anymore? Fei Hong, you said that without your martial art, you’re just a toothless tiger. Then is there only one kind of martial art in your eyes? There isn’t only one kind, but they all depend on inner force. I’ve lost all mine, I… Wait. Do you mean there is a kind of martial art that doesn’t need inner force? Fei Hong. Your Tiger Punch values strength, using physical attacks. My White Claw Crane values using the opponent’s strength to attack them on one point. Use techniques. This style suits someone who lost their inner force like you. I can teach you. But you have to promise me one thing. What? Be a witness in my final fight. You really want to go? In this world, there is only one thing that can end a martial art learner’s mission. I had promised His Highness. At the horse hour tomorrow, we’ll have a fight to death. Fei Hong, White Crane Claw value techniques, only in a real fight can it truly reveal its power. His Highness is a concealed master. So this fight is an once-in-a-lifetime chance. You have to single-mindedly remember every moves. Watch with your eyes, we knowing each other in this life is not in vain. Fei Hong. Fei Hong. Remember everything, this is your only chance. Patient, patient. Wicked people will be taught by Dod, blind God wil be taught by people. It’s the natural cycle. Too bad, justice is not in people, moral is not in heaven and earth. It depends in your ability. Bring out your true spirit. The true power of Xie Di Zi, I’ll let you verify it for me. The first move, White Crane Wings. In your eyes, there are only moves in martial art? Martial art is obsolete, only by throwing away the past can we see a new world. If you can do that, then why haven’t you discarded your swords? Under the ulmaceae tree, I’ll see you there. If I die, you’ll get Xie Di Zi, can easily move heaven and earth. Even those great causes cannot faze you. This is not a sword. It’s a promise. A promise traded by a life. If there is no way to to come back, then I need to focus on developing the big plan. But I believe you’ll understand, the meaning of revolution is to cure the society’s illness. Understand? Brother Yu. You won. You’re my strongest enemy, and the opponent I respect the most. Brother Yu, Brother Yu. Fei Hong. My path has ended, but yours has just started. Don’t forget, there are still many brothers and sisters suffering. And don’t forget, the martial arts learner’s mission. I know. Brother Yu, I will remember everything you said, never forget. Be careful. Where is he? Slow down. Where is he? Where is he? Brother Yu. What did you say? What did you say? Fei Hong. Fei Hong is that you? What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Regretfully, I can’t see you anymore. Hui Hui. Fei Hong. I’m here. You are Fei Hong?

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