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Huang Fei Hong Chapter 32
Huang Fei Hong That day when I was dancing you said I dance like a swimming duck. That was a joke. Dancing is not my innate talent. Actually dance and love are the same. They can not be reluctant. Your moves only fit with hers. About my brother-in-law, I will explain with him. Gui Lan, it is not like what you’re thinking. All right. If it’t not like what I’m thinking now you go and deny her. You… you really want me to do that? I’m just joking. Aunty, you came. I’m here to check on him. Ok, let me take you to find him. Thank you. Hua Sheng, could you do me a favor please. Brother, just tell me what you need. I’ll help you if I can. Remember Cen Hui Hui? Of course I do. One of the most beautiful women in Guangzhou. Your beautiful soul mate Unfortunately, she is suffering from amnesia. She became much quieter. I want to cure her but don’t want to make Gui Lan worry. So you want me to help? Also, I don’t want her, remember the Japanese spy stuff before. Using acupuncture can stimulate brain nerves, combined with hypnosis we could partially cover the memory. Is it really possible? I will try my best. Great. Miss, doctor Liu find you. Come outside. Yes sir. I’m Liu Hua Sheng from Bao Zhi Lin, be entrusted by doctor Huang, I’m here to check on miss Zi Yuan. Brother. (Japanese) Brother, long time no see. (Japanese) I am your sister. (Japanese) This is not for you. (Japanese) This is really not for you. (Japanese) I will buy you another one later. (Japanese) Brother, why didn’t you kill me that day? You can do that now? What a great luck. If not I remember the familyhood, added just a few toxic, how could you still alive now? You only think about Huang Fei Hong, how can you remember me as your brother? It was Zai Zhi who saved me. Brother, you really are well informed. That year on the mobile island, When Zai Zhi saw me just about alive. He immediately take me to treatment. He originally wanted to take more Japanese secrets from my place. Unfortunately, I survived but I don’t remember anything. He then went to Fujian to be a Admiral . He certainly did not expect that I would recover my memory. Moreover, that I can accidentally meeting you. How can you remember everything? Because of Huang Fei Hong. It goes without saying. I don’t care if you really remember or not, this time, I won’t have mercy on you. Don’t you want me to help you out? You must know for whom that I’m still with Yu Dan Mo. For me? My good sister, you’re too naive. Do you think I will believe you anymore? Our Great Japan Empire no need for traitors like you. If I tell you Yu Dan Mo is the leader of Guangzhou Revolutionary Party? That day at the medicine shop, he was not being robbed That year, the Shimonoseki Treaty was signed, he soon gathered a bunch of gangsters revolted in Fo Shan. When it failed, he returned to Guangzhou, to hide. All these years he always behaved as Long Xiang martial arts shop to disguise himself. But actually He soon connected with the foreign revolutionary party. He will take his big step soon. Do you think it is helpful to tell me these things? I originally wanted to see if these parties could really achieve anything. But if he could find out Lady Sakura, then don’t blame me for being impassive. Actually, Yu Dan Mo can be considered as a brave man. Should we pick him up he could helped you become the Emperor. Don’t you want to use this beautiful face to seduce others again? Huang Fei Hong still hasn’t finished with you. Hasn’t finished? He is getting married to Mo Gui Lan. Anything else to say? Brother, you’re right. If there is love, there is weakness. Right now I only regret didn’t listening to you that time, that I become so poor today. You really think it through? Love like flowing water, constant hatred. I gave my heart to Huang Fei Hong. I’m throwing away my life for him. But what about him? How did he treat me? He eventually noticed that I was Japanese. Finally he still stand by Mo Gui Lan. Huang Fei Hong, Mo Gui Lan. I just want to kill them myself. No need, Wong Fei Hung martial arts decline now, he is going to be a waste. Later on, his mind will also be controlled. Brother, why don’t we use the same way to deal with Yu Dan Mo. Bao Zi, don’t be mindful anymore I have people to take care of me on this trip. No need to pack all the house for me. I’m sorry. Before you left, I also lose control. It’s okay, I don’t blame you. Although we get married to hide our identity. But we are together for a long time, This time, we have to travel far away, you definitely have to be careful. There is general police. A thousand guns will soon arrive they could help Da Yu revolt in Guangzhou. I will keep moving forward, no matter how grave the situation Da Yu has summoned thirty provinces gathered in Guangzhou, is for them to see that revolution can be succeed. Guangzhou will be a pioneer, thirty provinces will certainly follow. Then The Great Qing will die. I’ve been waiting a long time. Do you know that everyday I see the corruption on the court Out of the court, they look so fierce flagrantly exposes our country. My heart is bleeding, but what about our owners? They only know how to cut off the land and give in. Who? Who is outside? It’s me sir. It’s all set. Please come quickly. Come on. Bao Zi, take care. Wait for my good news. Be careful. Hey, stop. Stop. What’s going on, mistress? He forgot to bring things I bring it to him. Sir is a little sleepy, he has rested. You can give it to me instead. Just out the door and you don’t let us meet. You are truly heartbroken. Just now, I shouted to stop the car, but nothing happened. What could have really happened? If you still stop me, I’ll cry out. See if your boss is out or not. Kill her. Send all the force go kill her. There’s more, the new that Li Bao Zi ran away must not be revealed. If His Highness know, we can’t bear the consequences. Yes sir. Rush to Guangzhou. Yes sir. Excuse me, coming through Coming through. Coming through. What’s up? Why you? Long story, please help me. What? Hey. Help me to stop them. Okay. Careful. What happened? What are you doing? What are you doing? What do you mean? What’s up? How dare you disturb the dead, are you guys responsible? Who dares to cause trouble? If it’s nothing, move. The dead is the most important, don’t you know? This way, come in, sir. Coming through, coming through. Please come in. Coming through, coming through. This banner is too big. What are they doing after all? Don’t you see that they has covered the entire building. Rich people trick, we can’t understand it. Come in, come in. Look. Even the governors come. Shaking heaven and earth Man Tang or Man Qing? It’s certainly a revolt. This is sir Na Lan Zhi Wei. Sir Na Lan. Please come in. I have followed Na Lan Zhi Wei for years, I know everything about him. Please stop. It’s fine if you wait outside. You wait here. Do not cause trouble for your people. Yes sir. I’m Na Lan Zhi Wei. Sir Na Lan, sir Na Lan. Please sit down, Sir Na Lan. Sir Na Lan. I have heard of brother Yu mentioned you a lot. Last time I told the news to sir Yu, I wrote his name wrongly. True. This name Yu is not common. Why sir Yu haven’t come yet? He’s on the way. Currently the martial arts shop’s is busy, The Yu open his martial arts shop Okay, I’ll wait for you here. Sir,when do we strike? Large fishes have not struck yet. Just watch it carefully. Waiting for people to come enough. If anyone fights, kill him. There’re spies at this place, that’s means it’s more enemies outside . No matter what, I can’t let anything happen to them. I will risk it. Bao Er. Bao Er, I tell you this. The restaurant has full already. You don’t believe me. Let’s go, I’ll take you to a really good meal. Let’s go. I have to tell you. We has lots of delicious food on the east. A bunch of detective like this, are you nuts? It doesn’t matter if we keep doing like this. There you go, sir. It’s not them either. If you want to catch a big fish, you have to be patient. Come. Fire. Get some water. Why is there a fire? What’s happen inside? The kitchen is on fire. I will check it out, get out. No, no. Deadly, deadly. Perhaps our actions have been exposed? Should we quickly withdraw. No matter what, we can’t stay at this place. This party has changed. True true. I’ve been waiting for so long shouldn’t I give up halfway? True true true. Before the revolution, let them live for a few more days. You go first, I will block behind. Thank you sir, thank you sir. Sir Na Lan, goodbye. So scared. Sorry gentlemen. Really sorry. Take it easy. Really sorry, take it easy. Truly apologize. Sorry gentlemen. Really sorry. Take it easy. Okay, okay, okay. Get out. Yes sir. Get out. The work is done, get out. Truly thank to sister Yu. Luckily we have this tunnel, if not, with such many detectives outside, we have burned to dead, before getting out. It’s because I accumulate many blessings. That year, It me who research feng shui for Hu Long. I told you to dig a long tunnel, didn’t I? Thank to Yu mistress, that our business has run so well. True true true. Okay, thanks, have a brisk business. Thank you. Have you been exposed? Yes. So why didn’t you hide yourself? Na Lan Zhi Wei’s identity was exposed if I could not make it in time Sir Yu must be in great danger now. Bad court is not as bad as me. Don’t worry, of course I have a way to deal with them. Helping you, to accumulate blessing. Stop, stop. No good, we still have trouble. Such careful preparation, you have destroyed it all. Sir Ngạc, please don’t be angry. This is all my fault. Do you know the little fish that you want to catch make y big fish run away. But Sir Ngạc, such many parties but you blindly let them run away, could it be you have your own consideration? You… But I thought quite good for you. Look I captured two people, even beheaded them, the court won’t blame you. You mean I have to thank you? No! No! The thing is we are all follow His Highness, we should take care of each other, right? Not only do I not need you to look after, I even want to take care of you. The rebel leader Yu, who opened martial art shop. This kick is for you. Sir, sir. Go go go. Yu Dan Mo. Come come. Very fresh. Give me half kilogram of ribs. Okay. Sir, sir. What do you think about my shop? I’ll be back in a bit. Forget it, master come with me. What are you doing? The one who kill Liang general has been arrested, currently executed at the market gate. Many people go to see such execution? Yes, everyone goes. Come with me, let’s go. Come, come. Brothers, please help me, I’ll be back later. Ok. Let’s go. Who is going to be slash? They said it’s the revolutionary party. Coming through, coming through. Imperial resistance. Confront the court. What court? Those opium sellers are truly sophisticate. I have treated people very kindly If you regret now, then maybe I can spare you a way of life. The court have such a bad governor like you, I have nothing to say. It is prohibited to smear the court. Smear the court? What we want to do is to overthrow this court. How dare you. I see that you’re young, a book reader, you can do anything, Why confront the king? Do you know? Confrontation with the king is the confrontation with God. Confrontation with God, won’t bring you any good thing. Isn’t it just dead? The halls of Guangzhou listen up. Today I die because of the revolution, for the people, for the country. If changing the country requires blood to be sacrificed, then start from me. Do you think you doesn’t say it, I can’t figure out who the person behind? Yu Dan Mo you dare you fascinate people, issue an arrest warrant for the whole city immediately. Yes sir. Kill him. Quick, quick, quick. Attack. Master, are you okay? It’s okay. Master is sorry to everyone. Everyone leave quickly. It’s too dangerous here. Master, we won’t go anywhere. Quick. Master, don’t tall anymore. I’ll change your clothes, then go out to get their attention. How can this be? Too dangerous! Master. Quickly, go. Master, stop thinking, there’s no time left. Quick. That’s right master. Master. Follow him. Over there. Get him, hurry up. Brother Huang. Follow me. Don’t worry. they just searchedBao Zhi Lin. Moreover, your brothers It’s already gone to the west of the city. This place is temporarily safe. I just accidentally meet you, I’m afraid to involve you. Accidentally Looks like brother Yu still haven’t considered me as a friend. You did it for Zi Yuan? No, she should be called Cen Hui Hui. Hui Hui and me are no longer have nothing between also, I have never wanted to steal her from you. Brother Huang, whatever the reason you offer to help, I am truly appreciate. But the blame of the revolution is too big I should leave now. See you later. You understand that you’ll be executed when you confront why do you keep doing it? Cruel governors, miserable people, there are rebels all over the country, not only me. But now the confrontation failed, the man who Hua Mei executed are also your brothers? He just said he wanted revolution. Revolution. Revolution to another life. Brother Huang, what’s this? This? The sickle. You… What about now? Weapons. Weapon, Sometimes it can become a life-saving tool. This is revolution from my point of view. I know with many people, revolution is a pointless sickle or a killing weapon, But this is the differences of perspectives. Brother Huang, I’m not good at saying lectures, But I believe you’ll understand. The meaning of the revolution is the cure for this country. Now the illness has worsened, it had to take strong medicine You deserve to be leader of Bao Zhi Lin. But you can’t make Hui Hui be in danger with you. How can you ensure her safety. Humans can have luck and bad luck nobody is absolutely safe. You’re talking big. If so, let’s fight a match. What is the point of doing it? Of course Hui Hui safety, should be protected by the best. Ok. What’s the rules? Old school. Whoever gets the check first will be the winner. But your legs can’t move. Are you kidding me? This distance, with stable legs Then how to reach? This distance is basically not accessible. Didn’t you get it? What are you doing? You won, Hui Hui’s safety was given to you. At the time I did the mission I took her to the suburban, right now she’s in the safest place outside the city, when everything turn to normal, you go with her Don’t you go? I’m a huge target, I will involve her. No, we cannot leave you here. First you stay here, I think of a way to take you away. Why are you helping me? You remind us of a person This person is the same as you also dream of great power. Who could injure me, rewarding thousands of silver. Anything new? 7.00 p.m tonight, at your palace, Easy, I can agree with you. Come on, bottoms up. Come, cheers. Cheers. What a servant. Really sorry. Get out. Sorry, both of you, I have a little work. Please, yeah. Who? Sixth brother, I have waiting for you, You’re… What? It’s only been half a year you’ve forgotten my voice already? It’s you? Aren’t you crazy? Let them back down. Get out. Long time no see. Third brother still has such good bravery. How brave as you passing the buck. stealing others home like you. What? Does living in my house comfortable? The one who cut your titles and took your home, was Lao Fo Ye, If you’re upset then go find him. The general who eliminate Yu Dan Mo Does Xue Zi Qing your people? Replace him by me. No. General Xue has glorious victory And you are a commoner now. Even he has glorious victory, he’s still a Han person. Although I’m are a commoner, but I have the name of Ai Xin Jue Luo. The Great Qing things, shoule be finished by ourselves. Makes sense. But no means no. Sixth brother, you can still think about it. Even when you killed me, no. I said. If you killed me walk out from this door you will be immediately wanted. That’s right, I almost forgot. You seem to be punished that permanently not be in city right? No wonder you can only use sneaky tricks like this. Shut up. Don’t you want to redeem yourself? Kill me then don’t expect this opportunity in your lifetime. So what do you want? Let me go first then I will tell you. Sir. Sixth brother, do you wanna die with me? Take all the sword back. Don’t you want to make a redemption? if you killed me and walked out of this door then you will never have this opportunity. Because only I can help you. In the face of brothers, we should make a deal. Your servants has dirty my clothes and shoes. As long as you kneel down and beat your heads three times to me, and then licked my shoes clean, I will agree with you. Don’t push me too far. Sir, sir.

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