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Huang Fei Hong Episode 27
Huang Fei Hong I have a headache. Your Highness, what’s wrong with you? What’s going on? Rui Highness Zai Zhi, stole the Fo Xin, lied the Emperor. Now cut off all your positions bring to prison. Xiao Fu Gui, I remember it. I am Highness, I am Ai Xin Jue Luo Zai Zhi. Good things, Your Highness, you have remembered it. Not true, not true. I am Zai Zhi now, I’m not a Highness
of Ai Xin Jue Luo families. Your Highness, you’re in my mind, always be Your Highness. Really? That’s right. If so, you have to make the emperor and the queen use palanquin to carry by eight people take me comback to the palace. You know, I am Highness. As a stone in the middle of the stream of The Great Qing, glories can’t mention all. They dare to abandon me, I may not be able to investigate later but should be make a sense, right? Yes, Your Highness. Definitely have to act a bit. Come on, eat somethings. By and by, I will make the Dowager Queen kneel down to greeting you, shall we? Okay. Okay, there’re nothing to do, going to do your job. It seems that Zai Zhi’s memory is about to recover. Definitely have to get The Great Qing’s secret before he recovered his memory. The bonde hair, where’s my wallet? Did you hide it? Wallet money? I didn’t touch your wallet. Where did you put it? That Huang old man, throw away somewhere even blames me. Hi Miss De, You came at the right time I’m almost done. I’m really sorry Miss De His Highness only eats my food. Didn’t say that. We have to say thank you. You know the days you didn’t stay here, everyday His Highness needs to
a table of Man Han Quan Li, I and Gui Lan really can’t serve him. You came, we are also relieved. I have heard by them, It is hard for both of you. I’m almost done. This is all in Xiao Fu Gui gossip. Sir Liu, is there anything else today? No more work, all of you can take a rest. Let me close the door. Thank Your Highness. Huang Fei Hong, you would never expect that the largest plague of in Guangzhou city not from anyone else it is you. Nice. The countryman and old man, I am Pork Reng, the meat store can reopen all thanks to everyone’s motivation and support. So from today the one who comes to Reng’s store to buy pork will receive a three-part discount. Sounds interesting. Now please enjoy the performance elaborately chopping ribs. Great. Very good. Great. Huang master, my pork store can reopen it’s all thanks to your help. Don’t say that, that’s what I should do. Thanks for Pork Reng have discounted us. Thank you. That’s right, it is safe to eat. Everyone, keep silent please. Keep silent for a moment. Although we have proved that meat from Rong’s pork is not a problem, but we also can’t lose our guard down. The bubonic plague is increasingly spreading so many patients have died. So we still investigate the cause clearly. Where is the cause of the disease? That’s right, where is it? Right, where? This cause definitely from the Northeast. So everyone please note that Is there anyone from the Northeast coming here? Bao Zhi Lin, did you have a person who come from there? Don’t say miscellaneous. What the heck are you saying? Fei Hong, some relatives didn’t say wrong. We cannot overlook any possibilities. Miss Xiao Fu Gui, indeed came from the Northeast. I am not sick. Is the disease from the Northeast? Sir Liu, you have no evidences then can’t say miscellaneous. Miss Mo, How can I speak without a evidence? Everyone try to look. Rat disease. You, you let me go. I tell you noone is allowed to touch Xiao Fu Gui. Don’t touch her. Everyone don’t be confused it’s still under investigation everyone don’t flutter. Fei Hong, people made medicine with kindness but we also have to take the thing as important. We have investigated before Reng’s pork is problematic buried all his sick pigs. We now discover the cause of the disease can from Miss Xiao Fu Gui. We cannot cover our people. I feel he said that is reasonable. If so, isn’t our pig dead in futile? Burn the cause, prevent disease. Burn the cause. Burn the cause, prevent disease. Everyone listen carefully who dares to touch on Xiao Fu Gui I will slash that person noone excepted. Your Highness. Ok, calm down. who dares to assault don’t blame me heartless. In the past, the pork incident you was definitive Why is it your friend’s turn then you hesitated not to decide? What do you mean? That’s right, how is this? Listen to me. The countryman, Come on. Everyone takes a look, she’s an individual a lady. She also has parents. Everyone who hasn’t parents? If your parents got bubonic plague, did everyone want to
burn them alive like this? Fei Hong, let me know
how to solved it? Give me three days within three days I categorically find out the cause of this disease. If after three days what if you can’t find it? If after three days
I could not find the cause so the life of Xiao Fu Gui, will be decided by everyone. Okay, then everyone is the countryman or oldman, Let’s respect Bao Zhi Lin once time. If after for three days, we can’t give a satisfactory answer so just come here to have it in for Liu Hua Sheng. Hua Sheng, this… you didn’t get involved in. Fei Hong, we’re close friend. We’re going to find the way together. Don’t say kind words. Alright. So we are temporary give Master Huang and doctor Liu an opportunity. If three days later this disease is not resolved so that I… Hey Hua Sheng, when did you find out on Xiao Fu Gui body has been spots from the disease? Here here’s the thing. Here is your medicine. Thank you. Doctor Liu. What did she get? She said she wanted to help her friend. This is prescription. It is an analgesic, more can be seen that the patient has been taking medicine for a long time. Because to counteract the medicinal properties so the dosage each of these flavors is huge. So lady Xiao Gui it seems that the disease has eaten into your bone. Is the Highness here? Are you Liu? Mr. Huang and His Highness came out here. Lady, are you sick? I’m just flu, nothing to worry about. So on I knew Miss Xiao Fu Gui was infected. I just wanted to take care of you. Unexpectedly, today I said it everyone was excited just want to kill her. Hua Sheng, you don’t need to blame yourself. Plague became the most urgent task in the city. Urgent mission ahead is to quickly find medicine to treat this plague. Do you have any way? This plague is normal
comes from the rat. People mostly have to kill rats to prevent this poison. But if on people we can’t do like that. This is hard to resolve. So, we can try it Is it possible to make a poison-reducing medicine to eliminate this plague? So can just treat plague may not damage the liver and kidneys. I’ll give you a prescription later but it cannot be cured completely can temporarily stop the illness, alleviate the pain. You should take this prescription first. Actually, I don’t really like eating pancakes. I just feel it has a strange taste. But why you kept following me all time demanded me make pancake for you. Because the first time we met, is under this elm tree. At that time you fled so I just met you. At that time, I still thought that you are the royal guard. It was just your thought. The Princess Consort, I can’t find Bei Qin Highness. Slap the mouth. There is imperial edict. After the death of old Highness following our The Great Qing rules Zai Zhi is Rong Highness. Yes, that’s my fault. Today we can’t find out Rong Highness. The time for the old Highness mourning is coming soon find quickly. Yes sir. Sounds good. Why are you eavesdropping? Dare you? Today, the Rui Wang palace entered the funeral why don’t you go to the servants? That’s right, the Rui Wang palace entered the funeral The whole people in palace are servant. My father dedicated himself to saving His Highness, only I remember. Today is also the day he entered funeral. Because of your father death, His Highness have been saved. Then you deserve a reward. Reward? If there’s a reward, my father won’t see it. He is gone don’t be so heartbroken. My father died because of his job, I also have no regrets. The life of our slaves always rely on the owner to live. Hope that Rui Wang palace can forever prosper just doesn’t make my father miserable. Thanks for God, did Xiao Highness stay here? Follow me back. The Prince Consort can’t find you, our servants can’t stand this punishment. Time is coming let’s see off A Ma the last road. Yes sir. Turns out there is also this? That’s so lucky and thanks you to take care of me. I feel my head is much better already, have remembered a lot of things before. So Your Highness, because respect for the past just help me in front of those bad people? But I soon decided you’re my girl so I will definitely help you. A ten-year-old who has already thought wildly. It’s not miscellaneous. What’s wrong, I touched you already? No problem. Anyway, I also like you when we were child, the skeletal bones are solid. Are you not afraid of being contagious? Xiao Fu Gui, we are one life. What am I afraid of? Your Highness, do you still remembers what you said before the big day? I remember. That day I said, Under the elm tree, no meeting no comeback. Unfortunately, we have failed. The last thing we do not mention anymore. No matter where we are also have to remember, Under the elm tree, no meeting no comeback. Alright, I will definitely remember it. Don’t think about it anymore. I will definitely let Xiao Huang Huang cure you. You agreed with me first. Okay, I agree with you. Who’s that? Madam. Come on, the play at the pork store you did very well. It is all thanks to the upbringing of madam. Madam, I’m not understand, Why are you aiming for that girl? I investigated through her origin. Her family still a slave to the Rui Wang palace. I heard that crazy Highness is a faithful man. Because of her, but also broke with concubine. Want to hear the secret from Zai Zhi, we have to take action from her. How insight you are! That’s right, How about the things I told you to investigate? Madam, let you see. This is the Italian word. It translates to mean, “Truth is the mother of time”. What does it mean? I don’t know. It seems that this woman is not that simple. Gui Lan, what are you doing? I see the His Highness and Xiao Fu Gui are not here so I’m watering this spot. But it seems that the root has dried up. It does not wither but die. Xiao Huang Huang, Xiao Huang Huang, we are back. Xiao Huang Huang. Slow down. Gui Lan sis, We can make pancakes again right here. Xiao Fu Gui come over here. Take a seat. Your illness not only did not turn out well but more serious. Doctor Huang, I know you have made your best efforts. If I have tried harder patients who don’t take medicine are useless. Do not take medicine? She poured all the medicine on the tree. Three times a day watering it such enthusiasm that why they died. Xiao Fu Gui, you didn’t obey. Why dit not take the medicine? I know, is it too bitter? Just like that later before you take medicine I’ll prepare some honey for you. Not good. Not good. Have a problem. What happened? Bao Zhi Lin is surrounded by people. They said if they didn’t hand over Xiao Fu Gui then they will burn Bao Zhi Lin. Hand over the person. Hand over the person. Pork Reng, what are you doing? I am only for the safety of the people in Guangzhou. What else to do? The countryman, We have a three-day appointment. Do you guys forget? Three-day term hasn’t come yet. Fei Hong, there are only six hours left until the deadline. Our antidote is not yet available. I have said how three days you can it be turned into an antidote? You considered the doctor in the city
in Guangzhou all idiots? Moreover, I have heard that you want to escape to Fo Shan how can? Not what you said. All are rumors don’t believe in it. Is our patient still here? I have said. Would you dare try to touch a strand of her hair? Everyone look at this man always stay with patient, definitely also infected,
like a crazy dog. Who do you say is a crazy dog? A Zhi, A Zhi. I will kill you. A Zhi. Lady Mo, you quickly go to the yamen, call for help. Firstly, I lead Miss Xiao Fu Gui
refuge in other place. Come on, let’s go. Your Highness, Fei Hong. A Zhi, let’s go. No way, come back. You must not go. Come back. Xiao Fu Gui, how do you feel? Fei Hong, Your Highness, everything is out of control we quickly lead Xiao Fu Gui leave here. Hua Sheng, I know you still don’t approve of this but still help us. It is really hard for you. Humans must be compassionate nonetheless. How can I mercilessly looking at Lady Xiao Fu Gui is burned alive by them? Okay, so we go first. Give here to you. Hua Sheng, what are you doing? Fei Hong you are too affectionate people. Because the life of the whole city this bad guy just let me do it. Lady Xiao Fu Gui, follow me. Hua Sheng. Hua Sheng, stop. Hua Sheng. Surely buried already? Why don’t you mean anything? What about? A Zhi A Zhi A Zhi, wake up. A Zhi Where is Xiao Fu Gui? Getting caught by Hua Sheng. Xiao Fu Gui. Xiao Fu Gui, I’m not protecting you. Xiao Fu Gui. Xiao Fu Gui, Xiao Fu Gui. Xiao Fu Gui. Xiao Fu Gui, Xiao Fu Gui. Come to find me. Where are you? Xiao Fu Gui, where are you? Xiao Fu Gui. Xiao Fu Gui, where are you? Xiao Fu Gui? Finally found out you. Xiao Fu Gui, Xiao Fu Gui. A Zhi. Lady, are you awake? Mr Liu? Doctor Liu, come over here. I have a word to say to you. It’s about to die If you have something to say, come down and tell Pluto. You came a little closer. That person who sneaked into my room that day was you? You guessed right but unfortunately it is too late. So what you want to know, only this life can never know it. Threatened me? If you don’t believe we can bet it. Only fear you do not dare to bet. Bury her. As expected you opened my eyes wider. Just in such a short time that can trick people into leaving. Save me in time. Say less quickly tell me how the chest is opened. I did not expect that Mr Liu interested in with women’s things. Don’t pretend in front of me. I know what is in this chest. Xie Di Zi. What is the Xie Di Zi? No need to pretend to be fake with me anymore. The inscription above “Truth is the mother of time”. is the saying of the Italian, Leonardo da Vinci. Who is Leonardo da Vinci? I don’t know. Leonardo da Vinci is a follower of many people in Europe. The most famous of which is the truth. And the commandment of that truth is, “Truth is the mother of time”. Qian Long period, Truth teacher come to the capital interview with the Emperor stayed in the palace for more than three months, at the same time Xie Di Zi went missing without a trace. I think this is absolutely
no coincidence. Mr Liu is so intelligent. You are just an ordinary person that can understand the history of the court like that that’s make me so impress. The Truth is notorious, is because the engineering
of the Western design agency. People said that they changed the Xie Di Zi, into a form that no one
expected to spread in folklore. Mr Liu if you had investigated that much then we should be also frank. Lady as my expected. I used to have something to force you to say but I’m afraid you can’t stand it. Because to thank for saving my life I’ll tell this story to you. Story? Story about Xie Di Zi. First, tell the opposite side the struggle for the greatest throne of the pre-dynasty, The nine sons won the battle Finally, the fourth prince of Si Zi Yu succeeded is Emperor Shi Zun. Xie Di Zi. Someone said that it was a strange weapon. Other said it is a poison of sui tree. But people have met it noone has ever survived. People said that it is an incredibly wonderful thing Just get it will get the whole wanderer. Like the people said. Thirty years after that time they killed non stop just because want to rob something called Xie Di Zi, noone has ever seen. Where are Xie Di Zi? Mr Liu should have asked What is the Xie Di Zi? If you already know will definitely be disappointed Your mean? Because it is in fornt of your eyes. What? Xie Di Zi is the name of a group of assassins under the Shi Zun family. That means murder without blood. Our family that day in the time of Yong Zheng, extreme flourishing, countless victories. But to the Emperor Gao Zong instantly turned into a hot sweet potato. Perhaps the true meaning of the sword is not to be used but hide it? So you guys always follow to Li Dai Rui Highness? A helmeted monarch with the flag of Xiang Bai, it has always been revered. Not only because of the merits of chasing the enemy out of the country but more importantly, it is possible to control the Xie Di Zi. At the most appropriate time possible protect The Great Qing country. Sounds good but I think It’s like daydreaming. His Highness didn’t know anything about this. Ten years ago Zai Zhi’s father and my father went out hunting unintended, but lost his lives. He still could not understand his responsibility but I soon got it. Xie Di Zi is my fate. As you said if you are a member of the Xie Di Zi, you must be a very skilled master. Let’s fight. Xiao Fu Gui. Sir Liu not be afraid to die under my hand? The sick is eating to your bone already inherently did not win me. I just want to see it by myself what is the real master? Are you Japanese? So you know what? Today, only one person can go out. What’s mean? I despise the thing so-called skilled master. If today you kill me, then you will never be able to open that chest. Let you open the chest. I know Xie Di is insided Open it for me quickly. Not by a jugful. Turns out your blood can open the chest. The heaven helps me. Xie Di Zi has finally fallen into my hands. What’s this? What’s wrong? What? What is this? This powder is worth for your a thousand miles brought from Sheng Jing to Guang Zhou? What is this? Don’t. These are all the ashes of the Xie Di Zi previous generation. I told you long time ago. There is no such thing as a magic weapon. The moment I became Xie Di Zi we have become one
do not leave, life and death have together. I waste effort to achieve these useless things? What do I need it for? Xiao Fu Gui, Sir Liu, my story is finished. There is no magic weapon in the world named Xie Di Zi. Why did you get sick? The whole city got plague so much, What is strange about me? You and they are not the same. They are poisoned by me and you? Originally, these are all your traps. It seems I didn’t kill you then you won’t always know the answer. Xiao Fu Gui, Xiao Fu Gui. Xiao Fu Gui.

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