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Huang Fei Hong Episode 26
Huang Fei Hong The struggle in aristocrat family has never been stopped. If I really become your concubine, one day I’ll be drawn in the gyration of dirty struggle between females. By that time I will turn into a female with hateful appearance, making everyone disgrace. Actually, you don’t understand I just want to be your little handmaid my whole life, beside you, making your favorite ulmus pumila cake everyday. Why do you do that? I ask you do they force you or are you voluntary? I’m voluntary. That’s true. If you were not voluntary, Why you wouldn’t resist? Is it because I don’t treat you well? You give up being concubine then got married another man. Why? You don’t understand. We will never have result. I’m the Aisin Gioro of The Great Qing I marry whoever I want. If I become your Concubine will I live well? So what do you want? I don’t want anything. I tell you I marry whoever I want to marry please don’t destroy my happiness. Get away. I’m afraid that I owed you in previous incarnation. Later the Highness marries many concubines
and other concubines to rule and control you, but you always confuse, don’t you? Yes. I am not worthy with him. I can imagine that Highness’s concubines have your figure. But the Highness has never really loved them. So, there is no suicide, of course. What is the cause that make you are so cruel to Highness? He is Highness, I’m just a handmaid. This is unchangeable destiny. I don’t deserve him. Master Huang, it’s not early, please com back. All right. What’re you wearing for? I tell you about a moral standard. An interesting book you don’t like reading but there are people who like reading even lots of people like reading. Is this a moral standard? Why do you talk about book? A man Miss Cen likes him, A Mei also likes and me too. I agree with it. But you have to know the truth that My Shi San Aunt has you has Mr Liang, the elder Su so it isn’t strange, is it? I’m a man, you are a women, why can it be similar? Where isn’t it similar? I work as a errand in Mandarin’s office to earn money to make up for household expenses. A man like that is called gentlemanly, but woman is called lascivious. My Shi San Aunt is Georges Sand of East, isn’t calculating with you. No. You… You … You are careful of opening books too many times can turn into old books which cannot sell. No. Gui Lan being like this is so bad. This Liang Kuan is ugly his irises roll continuously, It’s surely a dishonest and cruel person. I definitely have to disclose his face. How? Owner, are you kidding me? This watch is made in America, why is it worthy just little money? This watch is a good watch but it cannot work now. Giving you this price is because you are a regular customer of us. You see. Ok. That’s all right. Here are silvers. Take care. Owner, do you remember me? Doctor Huang of Bao Zhi Lin. I can forget others but you cannot. A few months ago you brought all your properties to my store. What do you want to pawn today? No. I want to ask you something. Does the previous man come here frequently? Yes. People have three urgent circumstances. His father and he like coming here. You see. My repository by Doctor Huang and Mr Liang is going to be loaded up. How about this. Can I redeem my father’s blanket first? Yes. I take it for you. Doctor Huang, here is your blanket. Thank you, thank you, boss. Thank you. Take care. Xiao Fu Gui. Xiao Fu Gui. This is ulmus pumila rain made by me. Is it beautiful? Highness, you are scared me death. Xiao Fu Gui, we said before, on the foot of the tree, no see no go. I have promised you so I definitely do it. Are you sore? No. Am I talented? Do you love me again? Yes. Last chill water gun was also good. Torpedo as well. The Great Qing’s Marines can definitely spread winning flag. So…so do you agree to marry me? I am getting married. I am getting married. I am getting married. What’s wrong? He’s Highness. Afterwards you don’t let Highness run around in the yard. If you have time, take him out for a walk, see play which is better. Master Huang, you don’t know. The Highness heard people said that The Great Qing lost in the battle in Humen, he had will to enlist when he was small he doesn’t like elegant thing in play. Speaking is quite funny. When I was small, I read The Art of War with him. I can learn by heart. So are you hard, right? I’m a handmaid living with Highness
it’s not hard. Now you are crazy. Craziness is good, craziness can relax. Now you don’t take care of affairs of state among us don’t have Qin Han distance. This is the happiest time of us. Xiao Fu Gui. Come here, Xiao Fu Gui. Come here, Highness. I really don’t understand A Zhi. Other people think that he lives in luxury, hold the high office actually, he doesn’t know
how hard he has suffered. Doctor Liu. Doctor Liu, help me. Doctor Huang, Doctor Huang. Don’t hurry, don’t hurry. Now I divide for everyone. Everyone tries it. Whoever will have. Whoever will have. Whoever will have. Whoever will have. Slowly, whoever will have. Whoever will have. Don’t jostle. Don’t jostle. Whoever will have. Don’t jostle. Thank you, Doctor Huang. Thank you. Mr Liang asks for a meal, it’s an honour of Gui Lan. I’m seriously allergic doctor advised me o abstain from fish, meat. Miss Mo just can eat vegetarian food with me. No problem. Mr Liang normally eat delicacies sometimes eating frugal is not bad. Waiter, more bitter melon. Is there Miss Gui Lan upstairs? Are you Mo Gui Lan? Yes. Miss Mo, please go downstairs to receive flowers. Miss Mio. it’s Mr Huang who asks me to give to you. Huang… I’ll take leave. Gui Lan is very important in my heart. I heard that Georges Sand just get roses from a person. Your Chopin. Huang Fei Hong’s mind is artful. Huang Fei Hong, come here. Come here. Quick! Huang Fei Hong, come here. Huang Fei Hong, come here. You are… Huang Fei Hong is man’s face but beast’s mind he asks me to make breakfast everyday, how much he eat isn’t enough, yet give it to me. Huang Fei Hong, come here. Come here. Come here. Huang Fei Hong, quickly come here. I’m coming. If you come here to ask for payment of debt of A Zhi please postpone a fews days. Shi San Aunt, you’re back. I come here to ask for payment of debt. You said that how much I eat is not enough. No problem. But you have to pay after eating. Yet give it to me. What do you mean? You are nothing. Huang Fei Hong wanted to marry me properly. I had love letters you have written to me. Or I read for everyone to hear. Who are you? I don’t know you. You don’t remember me but it’s ok don’t you remember your son? Dad, where is your promised candy floss? You…you….are really. What is dad? What is candy floss? What are you saying? Huang Fei Hong, you are so base. It has come too far but you don’t admit. I don’t know them. I ask you do you give this bunch of flower? Or you give it to too many people so you don’t remember? It’s me who give these flowers. Xiao Ze asked me to give these flowers. But I don’t know who bought those things. Moreover, baby, how old are you? Eight years old. Eight years old. This boy is eight years old. 8 years ago, I was still childish how could I have a son. I’m errand Mo of mandarin’s office. You rebel and spiteful libel, who command you to do? If you don’t say clearly, escort all to prison. Errand Mo, spare my life. Errand Mo, spare my life. Finally, what happens? Speak out! Speak out. Had it not been for a lady-killer like Huang Fei Hong making Errand Mo couldn’t resist. I spend thousands of gold to pursue her but it isn’t as good as a rumpled flowers. In olden times, sentiments have ended in regret, which last forever without an end. You are… I sell pork. You can call me king of pork. You can also call me Rong Pork. I think if I help you to support the weak it won’t equal. Or we can chastise Huang Fei Hong together. Don’t hide you. I have been stuck for money recently or you find other people to help you. I don’t come to earn money, you know? Just seeing the dissatisfied thing, I support. You think last time did Huang Fei Hong find
a mass of girls to disgrace you? We have to make a rob for his own’s back. What do you mean? I mean… Quick! Go down. What’s hurry for? Rong pork, what do you look for us? If you are not busy Can you help me? Yes. This is a little sincerity. Divide for others sisters. You’re welcome. Ok. You can go, But remember. If you continue cause trouble for Huang Fei Hong I won’t eat vegetarian food anymore. Thank you, Errand Mo. Thank you. Go. Quickly. Errand Mo, thanks for your sagacity, augustness. They defame you like this where can I put my face? Next time, I have to handle carefully. Aren’t you angry with me? Having consideration for this bunch of flower. Moreover, do you think that I don’t know what type of people Liang Kuan? I’m errand. I just want to borrow his hand to make you angry. You have reduced anger is ok. You clearly know that they come here to rebel but you still scold me for being a asshole. Do you think I did it because of this problem? So why? You have paid up for Highness then you bought this. You don’t know how to live. So I won’t buy anything in the future. You dare. Huang Fei Hong, haven’t you been handled? Hey. Thank you. Rong Pork doesn’t seem to like us. Since I become errand and investigated Iron Monkey case he have always spoken badly of me with neighbours. I took his appellation San Lang Quan Wang so he still keeps his discontentment in his heart. We are decent so we don’t need to mind about it. You don’t see the main point of this matter. What is the main point? The main point is Mr Liang and Rong Pork collude with each other all of them are not good people. I promise you. From now on, I will not go with him. You don’t aim at him. I will take you to a place tonight. Ok. What is that place? That’s the place where I and Xiao Ze came in the past. Jian Die House. The owner doesn’t know how to do. He opened the house, gave a name I know none of the two words. Tonight… No meet, no go. Do you see me? Do you see me? Miss De, when you were small, you were adored by lots of people, yet I seem like a man. I can ask why is it being like that? Gui Lan, honestly you are good, but you still lacks of something. Lack of something? I can’t say it clearly. Lack of bust or waist? Not because of lacking of bust or waist. It seems to be in bones. But it isn’t a problem. What women lack can be made up by others. I often make up. I say to you I have a great thing. If men see that
bones can also be limp. Didn’t I wash it a moment ago? How does it wear? Just a night for happiness all life of me and Huang Fei Hong I accept. Quick. What are you doing? What is your posture? Don’t ask. Go, quickly. No. What’s wrong with you? You are just normal why can be like that? Why is the front door? Is there no back door? Why do we go through back door? Is it possible that isolated man and women go through front door? Where to go instead of front door? Fortunately, you are errand, not straightforward at all. Go. Owner, rent a room. Get comfortable. Son, with your skill although you really come to a impasse opening a massaging store is not a problem. Dad, had it not been for your being cheat to invest to American railway compensate all money to them we wouldn’t be writhed to come here. No problem. The fortune-teller said that three generations of Liang Shou Cai is stormy. In spite of losing thousands of gold, we still regained fate. Son. This time, we gather up in you must be careful. Entrust me with it. Dad, dad you don’t know. Guangzhou citadel now who don’t know young master Liang Kuan who is generous and has broad relationship. Moreover, women who like Xin Shi Hu can queue from | Bao Zhi Lin to pork store. We can broaden resources next few days and rebuild Liang family’s enterprise. All right. Honestly, the simplest way to earn money is to stuff on the left hand, slip out on the other side. It have to be seen whether you are brilliant or not. You are right, Dad. As far as I’m concerned Huang Fei Hong, Rong Pork to compare with me are all refuses. I hear that you are sincere with Mo Gui Lan, aren’t you? At first, it was a bit reluctant but after that the more I see, the more pleasant I am. Not too bad. Earning money isn’t skill, stealing heart is your real skill. You’re right. You’re right, Dad. Iron Monkey. You. Dad. If you come here I will kill him. Don’t do it. No. No. Master Iron Monkey I hear that you have never killed good people. I and my father are good people. please let him free. Normally, I don’t kill good people but it’s different when I am itching. Itching… Itching? People have 3 urgent circumstances, itching is also an urgent circumstance. Do you understand? Master, do you want to rob from the rich and give to the poor? No problem. Master, if you let me free providing me 3 days I’ll gather all. Is one thousand taels enough? one thousand taels? Gather one thousands taels and then come to redeem your father. Ok. If you stuff on the left hand and split out on the other side… Ok. I see. Go. Son. Save me. I strike his acupoint. I imprison him a few days to release my hatred. Thank you, master Iron Monkey. Be careful. Gui Lan, finally I can find out you. Why do you find me? Do you want to find some women to disgrace Huang Fei Hong? Feng Feng, can you lend me 30 taels of silver? 30 taels of silver? You haven’t paid me 30 taels back yet. Did you say that you bring Long Yan Incense from Hainan? Where is incense? Catastrophe cannot be predicted. My ships met the storm which was difficult to see in hundred years they are sticking in the harbor and will be back few days later. How about this? You pay me 30 taels I give you special treatment two Long Yan incenses. I don’t think so, Mr Liang. If today you lend me 3 thousand taels I’m sure you do big business. 30 taels? You can go with grace. Chun Cao, next month Guangzhou Xin Shi Hu meeting starts. I will keep the best position for you. You see, how about this price? You are wrong. My mom likes Xin Shi Hu but I lilke you, Mr Liang. You like me? It’s so easy. Unfortunately, my mom passed away few days ago. But the matter that I like Mr Liang is now different from that in the past. So, this ticket you keep and use it yourself. Miss Zhu, save me. Please lend me some money. My father’s life is in your hand. Mr Liang, don’t think that I don’t know this large area do you borrow in a circle but still borrow? Do you forget it? Three days ago, you lent me 10 taels. Is that? Three days ago? I’m sorry, Miss Zhu. My memory is not good. My surname is Han, not Zhu. Please, if you want to cheat people will you practice first, ok? Gui Lan, what are you doing? I see Xiao Fu Gui is busy all day I want to help her. Thank you. For taking care of me and also taking care of A Zhi. Anyway, he is still the enemy killer of your father. I and you have come over lots of things so don’t need to say that. Once I always forced you to say that I was the most important person It’s me that I’m too superficial. Hey. What’s wrong with you? Are you ok? Let me see. Is this eye? Let me see. Are you better? Now I can see you clearly
Liang Kuan, am I silly? You’re silly, of course. If you are not silly, why can I take care of you. So arrogant. Yes. How will you deal with Liang Kuan’s father and son? Liang Kuan is really bad. But you have good eye for people you like Huang Fei Hong’s woman. I… don’t make difficulties for him. Who is your woman? I don’t know who wanted to go in Jian Die House from back door with me? What? Huang Fei Hong, you bad guy. So hateful. Master Iron, I just can gather 50 taels. But I have tried my best. it’s real. I have tried my best. Please spare my life. 50 taels. Your father and you went and spent money like fairy spreads flowers yet 1000 taels cannot gather. I know. You want your father die early then inherit the property, right? Ok. I help you. Master Iron. Please don’t. Please don’t. To be honest my father failed to invest we haven’t had any money left for a long time. The money spending while going along half is lending with high interest rate and the remain is the money which we gain from capital. But my plan was not favourable. Since Huang Fei Hong destroyed the dishonest Xin Shi Hu, that women, have come to ask money back asked for debt payment, I haven’t had any money left. I just still hide my father. Son, you don’t want to make me worried, do you? Dad, I’m useless. Liang Kuan betrayed your belief, and made you to live in this torn place. We are father and son so don’t say thing like that. Don’t worry about me. Son, go quickly. Finally, you admit. You are definitely a cheater not only make me jump from the roof but also carry you on my back. I’m going to break my arm. How can we deal with this debt? What Master Iron says is ok. Just release my father what you do to handle me is ok. Ok. An arm which has martial arts changes your father’s life. How about it? Is it worthy? Please don’t. Please don’t. Son, don’t worry about me. Go quickly. Run right now. Run right now. Quickly. No. I hope that Master Iron will keep your promise. Huang Fei Hong. Although you father and you deceived everywhere I see your two feelings are deep-rooted it seems that you are not a person without heart, I agree to give you a chance. What do you mean? I know you have pledged all the precious things. If you agree you can live in Bao Zhi Lin temporarily. Although we usually make annoying for you you still help us. So sorry for a few moment ago. Don’t take notice of it. Thank you, Master Huang. Thank you. Thank you. Ok. Huang Fei Hong, this time, I really admire you. In term of righteousness I cannot compare with you. Son, we cannot eat the bread of idleness. We can help Bao Zhi Lin. Thank you very much. Master Huang. Master Huang. Come back. Come back. Master Huang. Master Huang comes. Master Huang comes. Master Huang, save me. I’m going to die. Master Huang, please take a look at us. How? Master Huang. Look at my arm. What should I do? What’s the matter with you? Recently, I have felt headache and weak I think that I’m just tired but these days… You see, my two arms were injured. In one night many people in Guangzhou citadel caught strange disease. What’s happening? Master Huang. So many people like this we ask them to queue to have medical checkup in the yard. Dad, we come to help them. Everyone, keep silence. Everyone, please queue neatly. This side. Doctor Liu comes. Doctor Liu, take a look at us. Hua Sheng, come to see quickly why it happens. It looks like Dong Bei bunonic plague. Bubonic plague? This is old story happening 10 years ago. Ten years ago, I came to Dong Bei to collect Ginseng, facing with serious bubonic plague which happens once in more than ten years. Finally that small town turned into unhabituated citadel loaded with dead body, just mice raged everywhere to rodent the body. Doctor Huang, please save me. Stand up. Master Huang, save us. Save me. Master Huang, save us. Do you have any methods? This is Dong Bei bubonic plague why can it spead to the South? We have to find out the root of the bubonic plague. This disease comes from mouth Everyone thinks carefully about what you have eaten recently. What do I eat? Eating rice as normal. Yes. A few days ago, I had salary I came to Rong Pork to buy thigh. I have to tell you that I hid my wife a few days ago to eat caramelized pork. I say to you. What you say must be take responsibility for it. You know? Saying that has everyone eaten pork? Yes. Buying at his store. We all ate pork. Huang Fei Hong, what do you mean? If I sold ill pigs to everyone, why can I stand here safely? Why do you come to Bao Zhi Lin? Why do you come? Is it your business? Speak out! Why do you come? My hand has a splinter take it out for me. Rong Pork, I don’t have that intention. But this bubonic plague can only pass from animals. Just at that moment, everyone has eaten your pork. so we cannot eliminate the possibility that your pork has root of bubonic plague. Yes. Is it right? My pigs were brought up at home and didn’t go out of Guangzhou citadel. The person who went out of Guangzhou citadel is him. He has gone to Dong Bei he had possibility to catch with the bubonic plague. At last who? Everyone doesn’t panic. They have their own consideration in their mind. What they say we will do it. Don’t stop me. They are all fresh porks. Be careful. They are all fresh porks. Don’t burn my pigs. They are all fresh. Rong Pork. | Why do you burn my pigs? I receive command, blocking the disease. Rong Pork, I hope you will think about great prospect, co-ordinate with mandarin. Or else, don’t blame me for not being formal. You are so indifferent. I co-ordinate with mandarin? You see. What are these pigs? They are all fresh pigs. Are these ill pigs? Fei Hong said if the root of disease isn’t blocked Guangzhou citadel will turn into Dong Bei ghost town 10 years ago. Huang Fei Hong said that? Is that Huang Fei Hong’s saying? Huang Fei Hong. Mo Gui Lan. You keep a grudge with me so you want to use the pretext of this matter to avenge me, don’t you? Ok. From now on, we are archenemies. I say to you we are archenemies. Burn it. This matter doesn’t end. Burn it. Burn it. Xiao Fu Gui. There’s a big deal. There is a big deal. There’s a bit deal. What’s wrong? Everyday I just eat vegetables and vegetables. You see, does my tip of tongue | turn into green? Come on. You… do you have inventory? If you like, I can cook for you every. Ok. A Zhi. What’re you eating? Anyways, I am not eating pork. Not eating pork? What are you eating instead of pork? I am eating green pepper. How is this tray of roasted pork? You…you spit it out. No. No. Why do you eat pork? Don’t you need your life? Master Huang, he has eaten. Please let him free. No. Spit it out. Run. Run. Ok. Master Huang. Did you swallow? I don’t eat pork. Do you spit it out? No. I don’t want… to spit out. I don’t want. Ok. Highness. I want to eat pork. Come here. Master Huang. Master Huang. If today I didn’t pull it, my surname wouldn’t be Huang. Help me. How is it? Highness, do you feel uncomfortable? I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. I’m fine. I can eat and sleep. No problem. It’s so strange. So strange. Highness’s countenance is ruddy, pulse is stable he looks very fine. He has no symptoms of bubonic plague. But He surely ate some pork. Life is pre-settled, wealth is up to God. Not eating pork, is there any pleasure in this life? Right? Or the root of disease isn’t in pork. Hey. Make way. Make way. Be careful. Make way. Make way. Be careful. Everyone. Rong Ji’s pork store has big preferential treatment. Tasting on the spot. Who are not scared of death to eat pork? Yes. Mo Gui Lan. Huang Fei Hong. What are you doing? On behalf of mandarin, I declare that Doctor Huang of Bao Zhi Lin has eaten pork for 10 days. Everyone can see. Does he have matter now? His countenance is ruddy. Not only countenance is ruddy but his strength is also great. What do you mean? How is human is you but ghost is also you? Rong Pork, to control the epodemic I killed a lots of pigs, my heart was anxious. Today I want to eat on the spot is to return the purity of Rong Pork. Why can bubonic plague have in pork? If pork really has epidemic, it must be called bubonic pig. Right. Rong Pork, how are your pigs? I haven’t eaten pork for a long time. Please wait a moment. Two days ago, I kept 2 pig afterwards I will provide you with pork, ok? Rong Pork, this is my deposit, keep me two pork thighs. Ok. I want too. Ok. Each of you. Whoever will have. Whoever will have. What’s the matter with you? No problem. Maybe because of eating too much, I have ingestion. Don’t scrare me! No problem. Highness, what are you doing? I’m making fireworks. Making fireworks. Making fireworks for? I have promised you I wanted to marry you properly. At that time, I surely need to be extremely great and romantic. I want to let everyone in the world know don’t I? Being busy for a long time must be tired. Let’s eat. I have a headache

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