【English Sub】Huang Fei Hong – EP 24 国士无双黄飞鸿 2017| Best Chinese Kung Fu

A Zhi. A Zhi, what are you doing? I know you hate me for sure. This is truly not my intention. But I don’t care. Today I’m staying here to wait for you. We have said that under the elm, be there or be square. A Zhi, this isn’t the elm. This is a cedar. What did you say? I’m saying this is a cedar. A cedar? Look, it’s cedar leaves everywhere. This is a cedar? I knew it. Today is the eighth, you’re definitely going to come. It’s just that I went to the wrong place. You didn’t break our promise. You didn’t break our promise. This is a cedar. A Zhi. You just continue to use medicine following this prescription. Twice a day in the morning and afternoon, after meal. After a process, you will see the result for sure. Thank you, doctor Liu. Fei Hong. Your Prince seems much better recently. That’s right, since the eighth last month, he hasn’t requested any edible bird’s nest or fin, also hasn’t ordered me like a maid or an eunuch, even has helped me sometime. Look. He like to play with those medicine. Xiao Huang Huang, we’re out of Chinese tuckahoe. I will get some from boss Wang for you. Okay, go. You just let him go like that? Aren’t you afraid that he will debit a whole bunch of expensive stuff home? He won’t. So delicious. Smell good. Let’s drink a sip of soup. That brat has come again. Didn’t I tell you not to let him come again? Boss. Isn’t that A Zhi doctor Huang’s people? We have to work with doctor Huang smoothly anyway. Moreover, that A Zhi doesn’t debit anymore. Nonsense. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking. It’s not. Smell good, what are you eating? Boss, this is what A Zhi gave us. Roasted donkey and donkey soup. Smell nice. How about you try some. Put that down. You bastard. Don’t you know he always aims at my Xiao Fu Gui? Boss, how can that be? That’s right. How can that not be? Let me tell you, he want to get my Xiao Fu Gui to make donkey skin glue from long ago. Boss, you’re misunderstanding. Let see how I handle him. Boss. Don’t stop me. Boss, it really is not. Boss. You really aims at my Xiao Fu Gui. It’s A Zhi ran across three streets to get that for you. But you, what kind of man do you think he is. To tell the truth, A Zhi has done so many hard works for Xiao Fu Gui. How could he eat it? If you wake up then go. What are you doing? What are you doing? What do you want? What are you doing? What? I… I have asked first. You say what you’re doing first? What are you doing? What are you doing? You step aside. You step aside. Don’t mess around. So, this is why I let him go get medicine at ease. I don’t know how he can bring back so many good medicine evertime. It’s not good, doctor Huang. Something happened with your A Zhi. What are you guys doing? He just owes you a little, doesn’t he? You have to order him around in broad daylight like this. Is there laws anymore? I’m not blaming you, but you see, you used your patrimony to help him, what’s the point? After all, doesn’t he love my donkey the most? What are you saying? Your Highness, stop pushing. Let’s go home. A Zhi. A Zhi, let’s stop pushing. Let’s go home, okay? A Zhi. Let me… A Zhi. │ Let me push it. What’s wrong? What have you done with him? Doctor Huang. You really misunderstand us on this. What your A Zhi wants to do, I can’t tell him what to do. Because he want to talk with Xiao Fu Gui, he volunteers to be a helper at our place. We can’t blame him because he was injured in the head. Let’s say pushing this mill is also his volunteer. That’s right, I volunteer to do. Xiao Huang Huang, I can’t always be by Xiao Fu Gui’s side. So I should bear this here. You don’t have to worry about me, you should go home. A Zhi. Doctor Huang, hear me out. If you’re worry, and we’re also uncomfortable. The medicine that I gave you more than usual is my offset for him without his knowing. A Zhi. If you decides to push this mill, then I will push it with you. Fei Hong. │ Come. Here… here… Stop it you two, go quickly. I’m not milling pea today anymore, okay? Here. You two, you two. Okay okay okay. I won’t let it do, won’t let it do anymore. Is this alright now? I’m begging you, please go quickly. How’s him? Did he sleep? Then everyone get back. Everyone get back to your room. Mr Liu, take your time. Wait. I think that A Zhi being like now may have something to do with a person named Xiao Fu Gui. Heroes think alike. But Xiao Fu Gui is a donkey. We can’t tell for sure. Don’t you remember that time you had to dress like a Gu Tong merchant? Xiao Fu Gui, we have money now, Xiao Fu Gui. And sometime you dress like a retailer. It’s okay that you don’t buy medicine, but you have to buy something else. I’m saving this money for Xiao Fu Gui. Just hearing you said it made me angry. Let not talk about this. I think the story is like this. Xiao Fu Gui is someone that A Zhi loves. She and A Zhi promised to meet under the elm. But Xiao Fu Gui broke their promise. But look like The Prince still misses her. If there’s someone who misses me like that, then how nice that is. There is. There will be someone who treats you like that. Really? I’m not young anymore. If that person existed, he should have shown up long ago. Maybe you’re just confused, that person was right in front of your eyes, it’s just that you didn’t realize. What? What’s in front of my eyes? Gui Lan, Gui Lan. I think it doesn’t have to be a love story. The famous Aisin Gioro Zai Zhi, who I have heard about long ago. Beside his Prince Consort, he also has 3 Prince Concubines. Compared to other members in the Royal Family, it’s considered not too many but not too little. It’s not that I don’t believe he is a lovebird. I don’t believe either. A Zhi keeps this country in his mind. Don’t he have the mood to play any love game? Could it be like this? Like what? This Xiao Fu Gui maybe A Zhi’s nickname. When he’s dreamy, he thinks that he has turned back time to when he was little. Treating Xiao Fu Gui kindly is the same with treating himself kindly. In his mind, he always sees himself as a precious little prince whose life is in wealth. So he gives Xiao Fu Gui any nice stuff that he gets. Brother in law, what’s wrong? So painful, The Price is so pitiful. If my Fei Hong was in this situation, it would have been strange if I didn’t die. Moreover, The Prince’s situation is totally because of Fei Hong. Brother in law. Wait a minute. That’s right, everyone look at that, look. Don’t look at me. Father, where did you get this much money? Son, I’m sorry. I’m worried that The Prince will get Huang family involve, so I hid all of our money. You hid money from me? There’s more, there’s more. There’s more? Brother in law. This much? Gui Lan, I’m sorry. But the situation has become like this, I can’t hide my money anymore. You also hid money? Brother in law, but you said just the sky, the ground, you and me know this, didn’t you? That’s right. But… but now… Alright, I hid it. But if I didn’t hid this money, this would have become fin already. There won’t be a thing left. You only cared about The Prince. Have you ever thought about this family? You… you… how can you be someone like this? Someone like what, say it clearly. Okay, okay. Everyone stop talking. Gui Lan, Mr Huang. This time I have to be on Fei Hong’s side. We’re all family, how can you not be straight with each other? Fei Hong, take all this money. I will go to Fa Lan Xi firm to borrow more later. We can’t do anything else, but at least we should help The Prince first. We should buy that donkey named Xiao Fu Gui back. Look, look. Xiao Zhai, only you’re downright. What’s wrong? Couldn’t borrow money? Even if we have money, it’s useless now. What’s wrong? I have just stopped by boss Wang’s medication shop. They moved. There’s only a helper left. What about Xiao Fu Gui? Of course, it’s gone with boss Wang. I asked the helper and he said boss Wang couldn’t stand The Prince anymore, so he decided to move. That’s it then. Fei Hong. Miss De. Da Hua Sheng. Have you seen The Prince? No. Wasn’t he at Bao Zhi Lin with you? We was together just a while ago. But he’s gone in a blink of an eye. I thought he came back. What day is today? The eighth, what do you ask so suddenly? It’s bad. Tell me, where is Xiao Fu Gui? I really don’t know. Please don’t mess with me, okay? You definitely know. If you don’t tell me where Xiao Fu Gui at… I don’t know. Tell me quickly. I have asked so many times. I really don’t know. You ask him. Xiao Huang Huang. A Zhi, hear me out. Stop looking for Xiao Fu Gui. There’s nobody named Xiao Fu Gui. Xiao Fu Gui was your nickname from childhood. You hid Xiao Fu Gui, didn’t you? You hid him, didn’t you? Your Highness, it’s not what you think. I have to look for Xiao Fu Gui. Xiao Fu Gui, Xiao Fu Gui, Xiao Fu Gui. How’s that? He’s not eating, but yelling and also breaking things. He also said he have to find Xiao Fu Gui and such. Let me go once more. Did you just go a while ago? Let me. Stop it Gui Lan. You don’t have any relationship with The Prince. It’s useless for you to go. You… Let me. Alright. A Zhi likes hearing your story. But be careful. He’s gone crazy, but he still remembers how to fight. However, I think it will be better after the eighth. Why is the eighth? I don’t know either. Maybe the eighth is his birthday. Or it’s any of his special days. Anyway, he becomes like this on the eighth each month. If you behave yourself, stop yelling and fighting, we will let you out. Tell me, what is the secret of your Great Qing? Secret? What secret? I don’t know. It’s okay if you don’t tell me. Then tell Xiao Fu Gui instead. Remember when you were young, you can tell Xiao Fu Gui everything. Xiao Fu Gui? Secret? That’s right. Tell your secret to Xiao Fu Gui. Just close your eyes and you will see. Tell him whatever you want to say. I can’t, I… I can’t tell Xiao Fu Gui. Why not? Listen. You’re Xiao Fu Gui, Xiao Fu Gui is you. That day, Xiao Huang Huang also said so. You don’t remember anything at all? Nickname, nickname. That’s right. Whether your name is Xiao Fu Gui, or a lady’s name is Xiao Fu Gui, you just have to think it’s the same person. A soul deep down inside your heart. There’s thing you can’t tell anyone else. But you can definitely tell him. I only tell him. Okay, then tell him now. It’s been so long. Maybe I should go check. It’s bad. Let’s go. What’s just happened? It’s nothing. I really didn’t have any other choice, so I gave him a sedative. It’s alright to let him sleep for a while. Gui Lan. He’s slept. Let him be. A shot of sedative can only last an hour. What if he wakes up and make a fuss? Just let him be. His injure hasn’t healed yet. It’s not okay. Gui Lan. When have you had sympathy like this? That’s right. It’s up to you guys then. Gui Lan, Gui Lan. Fei Hong. If he becomes like this at the eighth each month, then this can’t be it. Maybe we should tie him up. Just don’t cover his mouth. It’s alright. Come and play mister. Don’t rush, one at a time. What are you two looking at? It’s nothing, nothing. What’s wrong over there? Go, let’s see. Let’s me look carefully. We all have a chance. You’re… Excuse me, is this Huang household? I’m looking for the owner. The owner? Do you know who I am? You’re not the owner. You… Lady from Xiao Cui brothel is braver day by day now. You dare to come straight to a man’s house. Let me tell you. I’m the owner’s fiance. How’s that? Do you need me to invite you in? You’re his fiance? No way. Your Han language seems so fluent, he can’t marry a Han as his Consort. Anyone, release me. You dare to trap him in? Get out. Stop. Anyone, let me out. Let me out. Your Highness, Your Highness. Your Highness, how are you? I’m Xiao Fu Gui. Xiao Fu Gui? You get out. This insolent woman, how dare you insult Your Highness. Today I will handle you on his behalf. Stop. Gui Lan, are you alright? Who let you bring this kind of woman home? I… Xiao Fu Gui, Xiao Fu Gui, come here. Your Highness. Your Highness. Your really are Xiao Fu Gui? It’s me, Your Highness. I have come late. You’re Xiao Fu Gui? Thank sir Huang and lady Mo for helping His Highness. I don’t have any other way to convey my appreciation beside give you two a bow. Stand up quickly, stand up. Stand up. I have just misunderstood you. I should apologize instead. I’m sorry. I’m used to live in The Prince household at Sheng Jing, so I just thought naturally that The Prince must be the owner. I should have realized sooner that now is different from then. He’s like this now, it’s must be hard for you two. Don’t say that. A Zhi is my brother. Beside, he’s like that is also my fault. Gui Lan, you’re really… Don’t you know how to make it clear before fighting with a person. Then what did you go to Xiao Cui brothel for? I… No no no. Come in and play. What do you embarrass for? So I thought you’re also… My apologize, I’m just too dumb. How could you find Huang household? Since the news from Xue Jiao is spread out, I had gone from Sheng Jing to the Capital to look for some whereabout of The Prince. However, his old people were avoiding me for good. I’m just a maid without any acquaintance. Fortunately, the God blessed people with sincere heart. His Highness always talks about sir Huang, so an idea was just popped up in my mind, that’s why I came here for a try. Everything was planned by God. The Princess Consort and his 3 Concubines have all left him. However, a maid like you stays with him. And you even went all the way to Guang Zhou for him. I’m just a maid. His Highness is my master, so he’s my master for life. That day, I saw sir Huang at Xiao Gui borthel, I was about to come and ask you, but there were so many people. So… that’s why lady Mo misunderstood. Don’t talk about that anymore. Don’t talk about what, Fei Hong? Hua Sheng. Look, I have invited miss Xiao Fu Gui here. She’s Xiao Fu Gui? Hua Sheng, we don’t have to make efforts to find Xiao Fu Gui anymore. This is the real miss Xiao Fu Gui. It truly is what can’t be find even if you break your shoes, can now be find with no effort. What… what is happening? Gui Lan, hear me out. It’s Hua Sheng who reminded me, he said we should check if Xiao Fu Gui is The Prince’s nickname, or it’s the name of the woman he loves. I found a woman to pretend to be Xiao Fu Gui, that’s why we went to Xiao Cui brothel to hire a woman. You see, the truth is revealed now. Give me back my innocent. If we can’t find the real one, then the effort isn’t wasted. If so, I will send this lady home first. Farewell. Okay, you go. Xiao Fu Gui, His Highness’ mental illness can’t be treated for now. What would you do? I will be where His Highness is at. I won’t leave him anymore. Then I will find an inn in this neighborhood for you. No need. If you don’t mind, I will lay a rug in His Highness’ room. It’s like this. I’m used to serving His Highness since I was young, it’s not what you think. I understand, understand. I’m the fake one that meets the real one, your plan has failed. Get lost quickly. Are they alright? Beside missing you all day, everything else is alright of course. Come. This is what The Princess Consort told me to bring to you. The wild North Eastern ginseng. And this. If you see it, you will like it for sure. This is what the Second Concubine had newly made for half a month. She didn’t know that Sheng Jing isn’t as warm as Guang Zhou. Also these. Who is this from? This… actually this is also for you. This is when the Third Concubine missed you and wrote down randomly. Of course, Your Highness doesn’t have to read it. This… this is my name. That’s right, did you remember? But this handwriting isn’t from the Third Concubine. It’s your handwriting. I remember I taught you how to write. Zai Zhi, this is my name. Did you remember? I want you to call my name. I don’t dare. I tell you to so just do it. Zai… Zai… Zai Zhi. Louder. Zai Zhi. Okay. From now on, when there’s nobody around, you can call my name like that. I like that. My head. Your Highness. My head’s hurt. Your Highness. If you don’t remember those sad memories from the past, then just give it up. No, I remembered. You all think that after I have mental illness, I won’t remember a thing. These, also these. Your Highness. It actually is what you brought here. They don’t even miss me. It’s just you… it’s just you who treat me sincerely. Your Highness, if you don’t remember those memories from before, then don’t remember. However hard this road will be, I will always be there with you. Hey Your Highness. Huang Fei Hong, come help me quickly. What are you doing? Prevent the light, prevent them. Do you like it? I like it. I might have thought sooner. Thought what? Xiao Fu Gui’s fighting skill is so similar with The Pince, if you see it, you will know she was taught by him. Moreover, how many people in this world can call Zai Zhi’s name? Let’s go, go to the side. Sticking together like that, they definitely don’t have normal master and maid relationship. If they really are a couple, then why didn’t The Prince accept her in his harem to be a Concubine? But in contrast, let her be a maid. I think they do have feeling for each other, but that feeling isn’t too deep. If not, then why did The Prince continually got 3 Concubines? He’s a man, it’s normal for him to get a harem. Moreover, he’s a prince. Shi San Yi, I didn’t mean it. Prevent the light. I didn’t mean it. I don’t care what you meant. In conclude, I think the love that can’t be sacrificed for is not a real love. Miss De, what do you think? I can even find that person yet, how dare I demand that. Dismiss. Huang Fei Hong, do you dare to make a bet with me? I bet that The Prince isn’t sincere with Xiao Fu Gui. He won’t sacrifice everything because of her. Why do we need to make a bet like that out of nowhere? If you lose, you have to accept me a condition. Is there anything that I don’t agree with you. What’s wrong with him? It’s fine, he just slept. I don’t know why but now he’s always sleepy like a child. A Zhi could meet a good woman like you, who always takes care of him with all her heart, is his fortune. Sir Huang, you think that I take care of him. But actually, he is the only motivation for me to live this life. It’s not me, it really isn’t me. Gui Lan. You tell me where Xiao Fu Gui is at. Don’t make brother Huang worry anymore. I… I thought you were just kidding. I have never thought that you did it for real. I said I didn’t do it. Why don’t you believe me? Then why did you… Moreover, you knew that Xiao Fu Gui will go get the elm branch at that time everyday. You followed me? If you followed me, you should have known… I… I really didn’t mean it. But I have given up. What do you mean by having that idea but giving up? Because you wanted to prove that The Prince is sincere with Xiao Fu Gui, you have hurt her. What have you thought? You… I… Alright, stop fighting you two. Later when The Prince wakes up, we will… We have a problem. Release Xiao Fu Gui quickly. If not, I will kill you. Let go. If you want to revenge for your father, then aim at me instead. A Zhi, what are you saying? What did you just say? What did I say? Have you remembered? What did I remember? Want to revenge for her father. You remembered, right? My head. Alright, alright. There, there. What condition you wanted me to accept, just say it. I will accept anything. Please release Xiao Fu Gui. I said I didn’t do that. It’s better not be you. If not, I won’t condescend to you even though you have Xiao Huang Huang. My head. Alright, alright. Don’t say anything for now. The most important thing is to split up and find her. Xiao Fu Gui. Haven’t you figure out how to apologize to Gui Lan? It’s not that I haven’t figure out. It’s that she don’t even open her door now. How can I talk to her. It’s also my fault. It has nothing to do with you. It’s me who didn’t trust her enough. Say, this Xiao Fu Gui went out to get the elm branch, which has so many situations that could happen. But I still blamed her. Actually, it’s me who isn’t good. There’s a misunderstanding between you two, so of course you will think of something bad. What misunderstanding? This… you even have to ask? Say, which woman agrees to let the person she loves go to some places like the brothel? I have explained, haven’t I? It’s Da Hua Sheng’s idea. There’s no good man in this world. Let me tell you, I, Huang Fei Hong, am straight as an arrow. Is there anything that I can’t talk about? Madam blames me for drinking without asking. Such a pity. If this high class plum wine is left out of date, then it won’t have that taste anymore. If you want to say anything, just say it. Our boss is extremely unsatisfied with your behavior recently. Say, yesterday, you thought of a way to capture Xiao Fu Gui here, but you didn’t figure anything out. If you aren’t doing it right, we may get exposed. Even though I didn’t figure anything out, I dare to affirm that Xiao Fu Gui is the key to solve this problem. Moreover, my hypnotizing skill has never failed. Xiao Fu Gui basically didn’t know what had happened. So what if your hypnotizing skill has never failed? Your plans have failed continually, just like this plum wine. The boss is impatient. Sending message back Tokyo, in a month, I will definitely find out Zai Zhi’s secret. Gui Lan, Gui Lan. I have just gone to the bath room, and heard them talking. Their relationship isn’t normal at all. I never thought that it would be this abnormal. It must be a misunderstanding. I… I’m sincerely let this golden hair in. I have never thought she would stick to Fei Hong like this. Say, if they both give birth to a blue eyes monster for our Huang family, then I will be so sorry for you. Brother in law. Easy, ease your mind. I won’t let you be disadvantageous. You have to put your hand on my waist, and then come closer. A little closer. Who’s that? There’s nobody. Don’t get distracted. Come to my room, I will teach you. Brother, did you mistake? Look, there’s nothing. Are you alright? Telling straight lies. Alright, alright. I get it, I get it. I will give them one more chance to test them. Later you two… then tell them to go there… It’s not okay. What is not okay? If they really don’t have anything, then they definitely won’t go there. Right? You have to keep it a secret. Just like when we hided our own money. Pinky swear? Okay. Gui Lan, are you still mad at Fei Hong? I don’t need to. Your little heart can’t be hide from me. But ease your mind. You just have to keep your distance with Huang Fei Hong and you will get what you want. Keep my distance? It’s like willows are weak yet they bind other wood, or is this sallow? I don’t know either. It’s the idiom that Huang Fei Hong taught me anyway. You follow him and learn idioms now, so that’s why you’re telling me to keep my distance. What do you mean? There are words that don’t need to be said, right? Gui Lan. Do you still think that I have intention with Huang Fei Hong? It’s not? Gui Lan, I really like Huang Fei Hong. But I know that there’s only you in his heart. So we’re friend now. You won’t understand the meaning of friend. Friend? What kind of friend still plays go game with him at the middle of the night? Also says to play alone with him. What kind of friend helps him with everything. And also criticizes me with him. That friend also let him misunderstand that I captured Xiao Fu Gui. What kind of friend hugs each other like that. I understand. So you saw us tonight. Then… then like that. Won’t that mess me up? What are you laughing at? You’re laughing this much, is this that funny? It’s funny. You aren’t allowed to tell anyone this. Especially, don’t tell Gui Lan. Okay, I promise. Ease your mind. There’s this secret between us, so our relationship won’t be normal anymore. From now on, we’re best friend. Best friend? What does that mean? It’s a relationship that is above friend, but is under lover. Commonly, we can’t tell lie to our friend, but we can’t tell our lover the truth. This best friend is a person that you can tell both lie and truth. From now on, if you have anything interesting like the story you met at the brothel, you will have to tell me first. You make it so confusing. Whatever you say then. Now I’m thinking about how to clearly explain with Gui Lan. I’m afraid that the more you explain, the more she misunderstands. You said that you went to the brothel because of The Prince. Then this time you suspected that Gui Lan captured Xiao Fu Gui, is also because of The Prince. This is suitable with a Chinese idiom of your, brother is like hand, woman is like clothes. I have never thought like that. Okay okay okay. Hey best friend, don’t be so fluttered. Woman needs to be appeased. Let me teach you something.

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