Zhangzhou, Fujian We have had sweet tofu pudding in Shantou And we have also had tofu pudding rice and tofu pudding noddles in Chongqing We will have another food related to tofu pudding In Zhangzhou Let’s see how it looks like. Tofu pudding and mung bean noodles seasoning Braised food and pickles Wow, there are so many kinds of ingredients. How much for a large bowl and a small bowl? What do you want to add? What can we add? Let’s add duck intestine and duck gizzards Duck gizzards are sold out. Tofu pudding? yeah What else you want to add except duck intestine And crispy pork We called this steamed pork You want steamed pork, duck intestine. How about chili pepper and cilantro? both This is 11 yuan Okay, paid You can see what’s going on here After you order tofu pudding, mung bean noodles and some ingredients You also can heat it with the induction cooker over there It’s more delicious while its hot Yeah, today is tofu pudding with mung bean noodles The difference is that, you can Add plenty of ingredients in Such as duck intestine and duck gizzards And pork offal, pork skin and so on On the top is what we ordered Mung bean noodles are in the middle Tofu pudding is at the bottom Tofu pudding is easy to break when scooping it Actually it’s hard to get a scoop of tofu pudding only So every scoop is mixed of tofu pudding and ingredients It not just sweetness and spiciness in one bite Also with bean aroma This mung bean noodle It looks crystal clear Relatively speaking, it is thicker It breaks when you bite The duck intestines are so al dente Tofu pudding with mung bean noodles is a local street food Because it is a Zhangzhou street food Everyone is used to it About 2 buckets of tofu pudding are sold everyday It was closed yesterday We close at every Monday Why Monday? Because fewer customers on Mondays Finished, let’s go Zhangzhou handmade mochi Do you want to add some mung beans? yeah Mochi skin is very bouncy Because mochi skin is made by beating sticky rice with a stick hello A taxi driver recommended your mochi to me And he said there is a mochi restaurant here… (paused) You are Xueyu yeah, do you know me? Yeah, I’m your subscriber Okay, thank you Do you want to buy some mochi, or “caitouke”? Two mochis with sugar on it Wait a second Bro, who is the “lao chen” on your doorplate? “Lao chen” is my father So you are “xiao chen” So you are taking your father’s business We are both working on this My parents and I are all working on this They are on break time So you are taking care of the business? yeah I heard there is a food called ”black eye”, what’s that? This is “black eye” What does that mean? We cook stick rice, mugwort and alkali together Inside is mung bean paste But why is it black? Because of the alkali and mugwort. Together, they turn the color black Alkali. Written as stone and salt
(explaining how to write the character in Chinese)
a I’m very curious about this Get us a box of “black eye” And two mochis and two “caitouke” How much in total? It’s free for you Please. I can’t take it for free no How much types of street food you have? About dozens of street foods in our restaurant I feel it’s a lot The most special ones are those made from sticky rice Do you want to add some mung beans? sure The skin of “caitouke” is bouncy Those street foods are handmade Made by hitting with those stone The skin is bouncy Got it And we also have “caitouke” today And mochi. And this is “black eye” It’s soft, but I think it looks like chocolate And the bro gave us two “aicaoke” It looks mashy, must be delicious This “caitouke” is mixed of rice milk and radish It’s steamed first And then deep fried And finished with some garlic sauce I want to know how “black eye” tastes I don’t know, let’s see how it tastes after one bite There’s filling inside Relatively speaking mochis are cheap here. The cheap ones cost one yuan each All are handmade Skin with filling And rolled in soy flour It feels soft outside, but with a hard core (crispy and hard) It is affordable to eat street foods in this place I want to eat all these colorful foods Let’s go. Or the bro will give us more free food I’m afraid of wasting. I can’t finish them bye

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  1. 這家很不喜歡,覺得雜亂髒,可能這裡都是這樣一起髒亂雜吧!習性問題。鱈魚吃完牽車臉上表情很落寞,一個人窮遊找的小食店九成以上髒亂雜噁貴,他也吃…尤其是那個塴肉!一蹋糊塗噁到爆!又貴。還是阿星合適,長得乾淨吃也乾淨挑選的也較優質,不太隨便找店唬弄觀眾,鱈魚有些些需要強力改進,不要用打發觀眾的心態作視頻。

  2. 出来上学已经吃不到家乡豆花里的粉丝了,小时候最喜欢了,会和老板说:”粉丝不要豆花。”

  3. 这跟重庆的豆花不一样,这个在重庆叫豆腐脑。广东管豆腐脑叫“豆花”或者“豆腐花”,重庆和四川的豆花是另外一样东西。

  4. 中国南方人不健谈,不要跟他们聊太久。更何况他们也不太听得懂普通话,对吗?哈哈。。。雪鱼妹,粤语闽南语会说吗?不会吧。多说两句,他们瞪着你看。

  5. 斷橋蛙停電蛙!空汗蛙!搶紙蛙!假新聞蛙!機車蛙!綠色井蛙!意淫蛙!詐騙蛙!核食蛙!瘦肉精蛙!樂色蛙! says:


  6. 🔴สวัสดีชาวโลก🔴เย็นๆ

  7. 在这里看不到受病毒的丝毫影响

  8. Very very nice videos! I have been following your food channel for sometime now everywhere traveled into places eating and describing each dish as served up by the owners and chefs preparing them. Fascinating to watch. And, wonderfully good. It produces an outstanding vantage point knowing more about Mainland China, which has such distinctive features in the town's to villages, or cities visited in these precise short synopses. Just enjoyable for many of is who've never seen a country as vastly different from other countries.

  9. 看到台灣先民從福建省漳州泉州來的痕跡

  10. 哈哈,麻糍还可以请老板再把它,捏成一小块一小块,哈哈,配着铁观音茶,一口麻糍,一口茶🍵

  11. 想請問的是,現在不是都封城了,怎麼還有辦法錄製呢?

  12. 雪鱼现在视频越做越好了呢 之前看的时候雪鱼还是只是安静的吃 吃完就结束了
    现在会点评会聊天 是很好的进步 赞赞的!👍

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