Osu! I am Kenji Midori, from Shinkyokushinkai. These videos will introduce the athletes representing Japan
at the 12th World Karate Championship. They are training hard and giving it their all
in preparation for the tournament. We would appreciate your kind support for them. Please come see them to show your support
at the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza. Osu! I’m Junki Ochi, from the Okinawa branch. I am very grateful that I was chosen for the Japanese team
even though this is the open-weight tournament. As a practitioner of the martial arts –
I will fearlessly face foreign fighters, despite their size advantage. I will try my best so that I can encourage team Japan. I really appreciate your kind support – Osu! Osu! I am Tomikazu Yoshida,
the Okinawa branch chief. Junki will be competing
in this 12th World Karate Championship. I hope he can win through round by round,
competing against strong foreign fighters – And I hope that he can claim the title. I’d be very grateful if you could support him at the championship. We would appreciate your support – Osu! Your kind support will encourage them – To ensure Japan retains the men’s championship
and takes the women’s throne. Please show them your fullest support. Osu!

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